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Xylo : A Utopian Society PowerPoint Presentation
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Xylo : A Utopian Society

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Xylo : A Utopian Society - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Xylo : A Utopian Society. By: Naush , Reese, Anna, Quinn. Questions Brave New World 21 st Century America What’s the relationship between morals and rights?

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Xylo : A Utopian Society

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xylo a utopian society

Xylo: A Utopian Society


Naush, Reese, Anna, Quinn



  • Brave New World
  • 21st Century America
  • What’s the relationship between morals and rights?
  • Individual morals do not exist in this society. The morals are shared by the entire society. These morals include liking their own class and that everyone belonging to everyone else. The rights that the society members have reflect this. They have the right to promiscuous behavior and to take soma when feeling unhappy or stressed out.
  • Many of the morals shared by Americans reflect the rights that we have. We don’t believe in murder or stealing and therefore we don’t have the right to do those things. Americans have the right to vote at 18, and all citizens are treated equally. This is because we believe that everyone should be treated the same and everyone should have a voice in government.

What is the distribution of wealth and jobs?

  • It appears in Brave New World that the alphas have the highest quality jobs and earn the most money. The epsilons have the lowest quality jobs and earn the least amount of money. However, each class are conditioned to like their jobs and be happy with their position.
  • In America, the upper class has the most money. Their jobs typically are of high quality. Many high paying jobs are given to the most intelligent people. The better the jobs are, in importance, the more money the workers receive.

What is the form of government?

  • In Brave New World there are 10 world controllers. Each world controller rules over a specific area. For example, Mustapha Mond was the leader of Europe. These W.C’s get the final say on decisions made by the state.
  • In America, we have a republic. Politicians must win in an election before taking office. There are three branches of government. The executive executes laws, the legislative makes laws, and the judicial interprets laws. Each of these laws has ways to check each other.

How does technology drive the development of the society?

  • The World State has total control over new and powerful technologies. The biological technology allows the state to have rigid control over reproduction. The World State also has the ability to control the opinions and morals of the people through conditioning. Also, the creation of harmless leisure and soma keeps the society members happy and stress free. These inventions allow the society to remain stable because everyone is kept happy and individualism is taken away.
  • The technological advances in America allow for easier communication. Many people in America rely on technology to make their lives easier. Technology is also used to influence other people. Our society allows us to perform tasks much more efficiently. However, the increasing use of technology leads to the decline of exercise and love of nature.
human rights
Human Rights
  • Human Rights
  • One can follow any religion he/she wants to but can’t express it outside his/her home.
  • All religions stay at home and away from the public
  • There are no public religious structures or buildings, such as churches.
engaging in political activity
Engaging in Political Activity
  • Only the purples can participate in the Senate and become governors of specific regions.
  • Everyone else must accept the laws and policies set forth by the Senate and the World Controllers.
  • Everyone must consider themselves as part of a whole society rather than as an individual
  • Fitness and strength are very important to the society members
  • Everyone is conditioned to like their social class and job
  • Everyone is conditioned to like the government and trust the system
  • Exercising and doing yoga for an hour a day keeps the members happy and less stressed out.
  • The religion of one person is no one’s business but their own
rights of society members
Rights of Society Members
  • Everyone has the right to practice their own religion inside their homes
  • Everyone can exercise or perform yoga as much as want to stay healthy and happy
  • Everyone may travel as much as they want during off days.
distribution of wealth
Distribution of Wealth
  • The purples and golds will receive the most compensation for doing their jobs. The bottom classes will receive the least.
  • The upper classes will have an income tax at 20%. The taxed money will be used to improve infrastructure and improve sports facilities and education facilities.
  • The upper classes will traditionally live in big houses whereas the lower classes will live in small apartments in the cities.
distribution of jobs
Distribution of Jobs
  • The people put in the lower classes will work in factories and work in the distribution of goods. These jobs will not require a lot of intelligence or thinking.
  • The upper classes will work more complicated jobs. Some will work in the government. Some will work in technology. These members will constantly be thinking of ways to improve the world.
  • All children start school at age 3.
  • Take 100 question test at age 5.
  • Can get a 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, or 10.
  • Scores of 3 or less are Bronze. Stop going to school and are assigned a job to learn.
  • 4 or 5 are Platinum. Continue school until age 8, then stop going to school and are assigned a job to learn.
  • 6 or 7 are Silver. Continue school until age 10, then stop going and are assigned a job to learn.
  • 8 or 9 are Gold. Continue school until age 16, then stop going and are assigned a job to learn.
  • 10 (very few kids get this) are Purple. Continue school until age 20, then take a 1000 question test. 950 or above then they are put into training to be a Senator. Below 950 then they are a Gold and assigned a job to learn.
ranks jobs
  • Purples: Highest class/WC’s /Senators/Court Judges
  • Gold: Second highest class/Tech Support (Help Quinn come up with new technology)/Supermarket owners
  • Silver: Middle Class/Managers of Factories/Managers over construction/Law enforcers (NO violence)
  • Platinum: Second lowest Class/Game controllers (Make sure everyone plays country sports correctly)/Game Coaches/Bank workers
  • Bronze: Lowest Class/Construction workers/Factory workers/Lawn Keepers (work on country sports fields)
government setup
Government Setup
  • WCs: The highest of Purples. They made everything and control everything. When the Senate makes a law, they have the power to Veto it.
  • Senate: They are the second highest of Purples. They come up with all of the laws.
  • Governors: They make sure that the people of their region are following all laws.
basic laws and penalties
Basic Laws and Penalties
  • No discussing of Religious views. Your rights of religion will be taken
  • No cheating; on tests, sports, or spouse. Become servent to person who your cheating effected.
  • Exercise for at least 2 hours each day. If not you will work at gyms without for for 1 month.
  • No intermarriage with classes 2 ranks under or above you. Possibility of being down-ranked temporarily.
  • You will be assigned a Sector/Region based on the temperature that you like the most. Every Region has about the same amount of people.
  • Sector 1: Coldest Section
  • Sector 2: Warmer
  • Sector 3: Medium Temperature
  • Sector 4: Hot
  • Sector 5: Hottest/Most Humid Section
  • All sections provide other sections with needed supplies.
  • Each society member will be conditioned to love their social class and he happy with their jobs. For example, a lower class citizen may be happy because he is glad that he doesn’t have to do all that thinking and work that the upper class citizens do.
  • Each society member will be conditioned to like sports, travel, and agriculture. These things will help the economy because many people will use their money to travel or to play and watch sports, or to view different forms of agriculture.
medical technology
Medical Technology
  • A pill may be used to numb the entire body. This is only done for medical reasons.
  • For example, this pill can be used to help remove the pain from surgeries and during birth.
  • A helmet will be placed on each student’s head. This helmet will place information into the kid’s brain.
  • It will up to the intelligence of the student to process the material and be able to make connections with this material.
  • This helmet will increase the student’s knowledge but will not improve the student’s skills such as reading comprehension.
  • No one is allowed to try to make advances in technology unless sponsored by the government.
  • No one is allowed to try to make advances in science unless approved by the government.