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Power-Sharing Institutions of Federal States PowerPoint Presentation
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Power-Sharing Institutions of Federal States

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Power-Sharing Institutions of Federal States - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Power-Sharing Institutions of Federal States
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Presentation Transcript

  1. Political Science Faculty Master course Compound System of Governance Thomas Fleiner Power-Sharing Institutions of Federal States

  2. Basic Elements of Federalism Constitution Shared Rule Self Rule

  3. Constitution Making Common Law Function Civil Law Function Big Bang Continuity Pouvoir Constituant – Pouvoir Constitué – Legislature Amendment process USA, Canada, Australia Eternity Clauses Federal States

  4. Democratic Governance Federal Governance Good Governance

  5. Principles Democracy Rule of Law Fundamental Rights

  6. Three Governmental Systems: Semipresi- dential Directorial System Westminter Type System Presidential System

  7. In Parliament Centralized Sovereignty Head of State Cabinet Parliament

  8. In Parliament centralized Sovereignty Head of State Cabinet Parliament

  9. In Parliament centralized Sovereignty Head of State Cabinet Parliament

  10. Crown Lords Commons

  11. Crown Commons Lords

  12. Crown Commons Lords

  13. Westminster Commons Lords Cabinet Crown

  14. Elements of Influence Political Rights One man one vote one value Electoral System Major. Propor. Constituency Volonté Générale Borough Major. relative absolute Volonté de Tous Propor. Whole Country

  15. Position First Chamber Status of Members of P Governmen- tal System Position of Parties Electoral system Electoral concept

  16. Presidential System USA

  17. USA Sover. Judiciary Sover. Legislature Sover. Executive Congress Supreme Court Represen- tatives Senate President

  18. Governments Of States Federal Government Ges Exe Jud Leg Exe Jud Federal Affairs People Citizens States

  19. One Person One vote One Nation Each Canton Two votes National- council Cantons (semi)Direct Democracy Initiative - Referendum Challenge for all Institutions Fed. Assembly Confl. manage. Lobbies Federal Council Education Parties

  20. Federation Vollzug Implement. Canton Vollzug Election Referendum Implement Municiplali. Election Referendum Vollzug Eölect. referendum Implement People and Cantons

  21. Forms of Federal Executives and Legislatures in Selected Federations

  22. Variations in Selection, Composition and Powers of Second Chambers S. Watts

  23. States European Union Peoples Council Head of States Parliament President Presi- dent Council of Ministers Commission Foreign Aff. People(‘s?) of the Union?

  24. Concluding Remarks

  25. Major Issues Democratic participation of the people Participation of federal units and People’s Democratic accountability Horizontal and vertical Checks and Ba- lances / Separation of powers Transparency including participation Rule of Law

  26. Major Challenges Nation and Nation-Building Democratic governance versus Federal governance One or two chambers? Checks and Balances Independence of Judiciary local and federal Parties, Parliament and election