Essentials of art
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Essentials of Art. Space unit. Clay project requirements. You will make 2 out of the 4 following projects. Your choice. All projects must be made solely of clay. Fired projects may be glazed or hand painted.

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Essentials of art

Essentials of Art

Space unit

Clay project requirements
Clay project requirements

  • You will make 2 out of the 4 following projects. Your choice.

  • All projects must be made solely of clay.

  • Fired projects may be glazed or hand painted.

  • Use pinch, slab, drape , coil methods to create forms. You may use one or any combination of these methods.

  • Clay walls should be no thicker than 1 inch and all clay must be pounded before use.

  • All clay pieces must be slip and scored together.

  • Your grade will be based on both craftsmanship and creativity.

11. Canopic Jars- in ancient Egypt) one of four containers with tops in the form of animal heads of the gods, for holding the entrails of a mummy

  • You will create a personal or Modern version of a Canopic jar.

  • Object must have a body and separate head lid.

  • Design of lid must be a head form. This head must be an original design and not based around Egyptian imagery or pre-existing concepts.

  • Lid must on fit on jar and contain a ridge on the bottom to prevent toppling over.

  • Both jar and head must be hollow.

2 master copy plate
2. Master Copy Plate

  • You will create a plate through the drape method.

  • You will need to bring in a plate to drape. Make sure it is a dinner size plate. Cover with newspaper and press a slab into the plate.

  • Plate must be removed when the clay is leatherhard.

  • You will create a relief sculpture and relief carving on the draped plate.

  • The image will be a copy of an existing “masterpiece”. You will depict a section of this painting.

  • You will be able to choose your painting from a masterworks ppt.

  • You may pick your another famous work of art but it must be approved by the instructor.

3 matryoshka dolls russian nesting dolls
3. Matryoshka dolls ( Russian nesting dolls )

  • Create a series of at least 4 nesting dolls.

  • All containers must have lids and enough space to fit together.

  • Series on dolls must be based on a theme of your choice.

  • Figures can be built from slab, coils ( smoothed out ) or pinch methods.

4 three dimensional copy of a still life object
4. Three-dimensional copy of a still life object

  • Copy a functional object from observation.

  • Object could be a tool, shoe, toys, food, etc.

  • Copy proportions, textures, etc. from observation.

  • Clay sculpture must be completely in the round.

  • Sculpture must be a similar size to original object.

Clay project contract. Fill out this form to plan out 2 clay projects.Pick 2 of the 4 projects. 20 points

Project 1

Project 2

  • Canopic jar- above sketch out design for jar, include original lid.

  • Plate- print out masterwork painting and circle detail section with a compass.Attach ( staple ) image to this handout

    3. Nesting dolls- above sketch out all 4 dolls with theme.

    4. Still life object - Quick sketch from observation of still life .Draw in space above or attach sketch to this handout.