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Discipleship In the Church

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Discipleship In the Church. Coming to maturity in Christ. Discipleship. Discipleship is not a church program but a spiritual journey that leads to maturity.

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discipleship in the church

DiscipleshipIn the Church

Coming to maturity in Christ



Discipleship is not a church program but a spiritual journey that leads to maturity.

By providing sound Biblical teaching and facilitating transparent supportive relationships within the body, the church can help believers grow and develop on this journey.

making disciples
Making Disciples

Mt. 28:19

“Making disciples” involves both an individual and group mentoring effort, in which those who have greater maturity in Christ encourage and serve those who have not traveled as far.

Small groups provide a safe environment where believers can grow during the seasons of their discipleship walk.

our discipleship walk 3 seasonal areas of growth on the road to spiritual maturity
Our Discipleship Walk3 seasonal areas of growth on the road to spiritual maturity

Conversion period

  • Learning the basics of salvation

Process of Sanctification

  • Growing in holiness to become strong in the faith

Coming into Completeness

  • Deeper walk of dying to self to live for God
following christ a spiritual journey
Following Christ: A spiritual Journey

The Basics

When we repent and believe, we are:

  • Delivered from the power of sin & death
  • Redeemed: forgiven
  • Justified: made righteous
  • Cleansed from the guilt of sin
  • Consecrated: set apart as holy to God
going beyond the basics
Going Beyond the Basics

“Therefore let us leave the elementary teachings about Christ and go on to maturity, not laying again the foundation of repentance from acts that lead to death, and of faith in God, instructions about baptisms, the laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment.” Heb. 6:1

the way of discipleship
The Way of Discipleship
  • The kingdom of God operates on the spiritual principle of sowing and reaping. Receiving the “implanted word,” we produce a spiritual crop through the transforming power of the Spirit.
  • The pattern of seasonal growth is found in the harvest festivals of Israel’s worship.
  • The feasts of Israel provide a thematic model or pattern for spiritual growth. Because Jesus fulfilled the feasts, and since we are in Christ, we also fulfill the themes of the feasts in our discipleship walk.
the feasts
The Feasts

The feasts were divided into three seasonal harvest festivals:

  • Passover, the spring barley crop
  • Pentecost, the summer wheat crop
  • Ingathering, the fall crop of grapes & olives

These three festivals correlate with the seasons of our growth as disciples:

  • Conversion, Sanctification, Completeness.
the seasons of christian growth
The Seasons of Christian Growth
  • Conversion: Coming into the relational knowledge of God
  • Sanctification: Persevering in trials through the power of the Holy Spirit
  • Completeness: The season of self-denial, of taking up our cross and serving those in need, bearing mature fruit for the kingdom of God.
scriptural basis for the themes of discipleship
Phil: 3:10: “I want to:

Know Christ…………..

The power of his resurrection…………..

The fellowship of his sufferings………………”

Conversion: Coming to know God

Sanctification: Overcoming in power

Completeness: Taking up the cross of Christ to bear kingdom fruit

Scriptural Basis for the Themes of Discipleship
themes of the feasts a model of seasonal growth
Themes of the Feasts: a Model of Seasonal Growth

Theme: Conversion

Growing in the relational

knowledge of God

Growth Area: Appropriating the initial blessings of Salvation by faith:

Deliverance, Redemption, Forgiveness,

Justification, Cleansing, Expiation, Consecration.

themes of the feasts a model of seasonal growth1
Themes of the Feasts: a Model of Seasonal Growth

Theme: Sanctification

Wielding the power of the Holy Spirit

to persevere and overcome

Growth Area: Walking in the power of our salvation that edifies the body and overcomes the world, evidenced in dual form.

• The gifts of the Spirit (Rom. 12)

• The armor of God (Eph. 6)

themes of the feasts a model of seasonal growth2
Themes of the Feasts: a Model of Seasonal Growth

Theme: Completeness

Sharing in the sufferings of Christ

Growth Area: Coming to maturity in Christ

• Repentance from works of the Old Man

• Self denial: Taking up the cross and developing the character of Christ in service to others

• Rejoicing and peace in the Presence of God

some points to consider

Some Points to Consider

• For believers to grow beyond the basics, there needs to be teaching on the armor and the gifts.

• Small groups are the appropriate forum to discover and exercise one’s spiritual gifts, and to recognize and respond in authority to spiritual battles; so the body can be edified, encouraged, and strengthened.

• Anyone who knows the basics of salvation can teach them to another. Those discipling others beyond the basics should be mature: knowing God, strong in spirit, overcoming the world and consistently expressing the love of Christ.

More on the themes of the feasts

and discipleship can be found at: