campus collaboration to build a series of information competency workshops n.
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Campus Collaboration to Build a Series of Information Competency Workshops PowerPoint Presentation
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Campus Collaboration to Build a Series of Information Competency Workshops

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Campus Collaboration to Build a Series of Information Competency Workshops - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Campus Collaboration to Build a Series of Information Competency Workshops. Nancy Getty and Deborah Moore Glendale Community College LOEX 2007. Components of Our Library Workshop Program. Pedagogy Content Administration Assessment. COLLABORATION. Overview of GCC.

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campus collaboration to build a series of information competency workshops

Campus Collaboration to Build a Series of Information Competency Workshops

Nancy Getty and Deborah Moore

Glendale Community College

LOEX 2007

components of our library workshop program
Components of Our Library Workshop Program
  • Pedagogy
  • Content
  • Administration
  • Assessment


overview of gcc
Overview of GCC
  • Approx. 37,648 students
    • 14,025 FTE students
    • 23,371 credit students (f/t & p/t)
    • 14,277 non-credit students (f/t & p/t)
  • Many non-native English speakers
  • Librarians:
    • 5 F/T librarians
    • 2.8 FTE in P/T librarians
information competency ic instruction at gcc
Information Competency (IC)Instruction at GCC
  • Standardized, one-hour IC workshops
  • Two-unit Introduction to Information Competency course (LIB 191)
  • One-shot IC instruction sessions
  • Online research guides
our workshop program
Our Workshop Program

Eight workshops currently offered:

  • Research Strategies
  • Searching Online Catalogs
  • Locating Journal & Newspaper Articles
  • Internet Essentials
  • Academic Research on the Web
  • Critical Evaluation of Web Resources
  • Improving Library Research
  • Government Resources
more under development
More Under Development
  • Citing Sources
  • Keyword vs. Subject Searching
  • Versions for ESL students (planned)
workshop details
Workshop Details
  • 27-computer instruction room
  • Standardized content
  • Handout and online materials
  • Active learning exercises
  • Core IC skills stressed
  • 1 hour of instruction
administrative features of the workshop program
Administrative Features of the Workshop Program
  • Workshops taught by both F/T and P/T library faculty
    • provide outlines for instructors
    • provide training for instructors
  • Workshops offered 11 times per week on a rotating schedule
    • web database for registration and statistics
program collaboration
Program Collaboration
  • Program built through grant funding
  • Use of Workshop Program
    • more than 50 classroom instructors regularly require or recommend the workshops
    • total attendance in 1999/2000 was 3254 students
    • total attendance in 2005/2006 was 4452

= increase of 36.8%

workshop program pedagogy
Workshop Program Pedagogy
  • Started as lecture/demo sessions
  • Revised to include active learning exercises
  • Revised again to include:
    • a more constructivist and conceptual approach
    • small group discovery and problem-based exercises
pedagogy collaboration
Pedagogy Collaboration
  • Library colleagues
  • Conference attendance and presentations
  • Regional library instruction group participation
workshop program content
Workshop Program Content

Core competencies:

  • address only a few in each workshop
  • can make changes without overhauling the entire program



Internet I:

The Basics

Academic Research

on the Web



Internet II:

Searching & Eval.

Critical Evaluation

of Web Resources

content collaboration
Content Collaboration

Development of:

  • core competencies with Research Across the Curriculum (RAC) committee
  • new content with English faculty
  • content and revisions with GCC library colleagues
workshop program administration
Workshop Program Administration
  • Recruiting/training workshop instructors
  • Scheduling
  • Workshop database for registration and research
administrative collaboration
Administrative Collaboration
  • Instructional Technology Services (ITS) for database
  • Library faculty as workshop instructors
assessment of workshop program
Assessment of Workshop Program

Quantitative Research Project:

  • Done by Research & Planning Unit & Library
  • Measures students in ESL151, ENG120 & ENG101 courses
    • compares students who attended workshops with those who didn’t in the same course
    • statistical significance determined by chi-squared tests
assessment con t
Assessment (con’t.)

Measures student success


% of students enrolled at census who receive A, B, C or credit in the target class


research project what it shows
Research Project: What It Shows

Students attending workshops were more successful in targeted courses.

2000 – 2005

Average success rate for students enrolled in

English 101 who take the workshops is 15% higher.

For English 120 the average rate is 14% higher.

For ESL 151 the average rate is also 14% higher.

assessment collaboration
Assessment Collaboration
  • Assessment written into grant
  • Conclusions reported to faculty to promote interest in IC and collaboration
    • statistical evidence increases credibility of workshop program
    • helps maintain funding for program
  • Instruction librarians at forefront of Student Learning Outcomes assessment
transferability to other settings
Transferability to Other Settings
  • Flexible size of program
  • Adaptable pedagogy
  • Independent content
  • Assessment can be done in any setting
strategies to apply this ic approach to your library
Strategies to Apply This IC Approach to Your Library
  • Write a grant with non-library colleagues
  • Develop an IC instruction program with non-library colleagues
  • Revise the program collaboratively
  • Fit IC into broad institutional goals
  • Assess and share the information
  • Publish/present with non-library colleagues

Presentation and resources available at: Getty(818) 240-1000 x5795 ngetty@glendale.eduDeborah Moore(818) 240-1000

Presented: May 5, 2007 @ LOEX, San Diego, CA