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Skills Block

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Skills Block. Week of 5/16/11. LA. : Understanding spelling patterns LA. : use meaning of familiar roots and affixes derived from Greek and Latin to determine meanings of unfamiliar complex words. Objectives. Identify and sort ambiguous vowel patterns

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skills block

Skills Block

Week of 5/16/11


LA. Understanding spelling patternsLA. use meaning of familiar roots and affixes derived from Greek and Latin to determine meanings of unfamiliar complex words

  • Identify and sort ambiguous vowel patterns
  • Identify words with the root “pac” and “cap”
  • Practice sorting words, and hunting for new ones.
  • Typing practice
essential questions
Essential Questions
  • What do we know about ambiguous vowels? What do the root words “pac” and “cap” mean?
  • What additional practice do we need to improve our typing?
day 1closing
Day 1Closing:
  • What did the root word mean?
  • Homework discussion
  • Spelling: sort the words into the original columns. Write a sentence to explain why the words belong in each column.
  • Vocabulary: Complete the final column of the KIM chart for each word.
day 2 intro sorting the words together
Day 2 Intro: Sorting the words together
  • Write the sound sorting categories onto the board, and sort the words with student help.
  • Explain that students will need to hunt for new words that fit this pattern. We will replace words we know with these new, harder, words.
day 2 closing and homework
Day 2 Closing and Homework:
  • Add words to the chart above.
  • Homework:
  • Spelling: Sort new words into columns.
  • Vocabulary: Write sentences with the 1st 5 words. Be sure to include a context clue to help the reader understand what the word means.
day 3 intro working with word
Day 3 Intro: Working with Word
  • Explain that we will be learning how to create graphs using an on-line graph builder. This will really help out with science fair.
  • Next, click on the link below, and follow the steps, using the sample data from the practice Excel file.
day 3 work create the autosummary
Day 3 Work: Create the autosummary
  • Using the Excel file from the class website, create a graph like the one we made in class together. Then, use the data you have collected to create a graph for science fair.
  • Conversation: Level 1 to work with your partner
  • Help: Partners raise their hands to get help
  • Activity: Create an auto-summary like the one in the video
  • Movement: No movement at all.
  • Participation: Save your completed graphto the new folder on the server with both names in the file.
day 3 closing
Day 3: Closing
  • What do you still need in order to complete your graphs?
  • Homework
  • Spelling: Clap and Snap your spelling words.
  • Vocabulary: Write sentences with the other 5 words. Be sure to include context clues.
day 4 opening
Day 4: Opening
  • Review spelling and vocabulary procedures.
  • Review expectations with the Senteo clickers.
day 4 work period closing
Day 4 Work Period & Closing:
  • Complete the vocabulary test using the senteo clicker.
  • Complete spelling test with partner.
  • Place the completed spelling test into the wire basket.