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Literary Theory

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Literary Theory. Valerie Leang 4 th period. What is “Literary Theory”?.

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literary theory

Literary Theory

Valerie Leang4th period

what is literary theory
What is “Literary Theory”?

Literary Theory is the foundation of ideas and methods used in reading literature. It formulates the bond between an author and their work. It can help you interpret literature and understand the various ways that people view it.


  • Marxism – an idea that utopian society would be a “classless” society with no oppressions, boundaries, or any kind of hierarchy.
  • Feminism – focuses on gender differences and politics such as gender studies, cultural feminism, etc.
my literary theory
My Literary Theory:


Travelology is a theory that is derive from the concept of time traveling. It recognizes traveling through dimensions and time. It believes in the idea of a parallel universe, also known as a tangent universe. This theory believes that there is not only one universe, but many universes that exists parallel to each other.

relations to literature
Relations to Literature

Donnie Darko by Richard Kelly

Time traveling is part of a literary genre associated with science fiction. Themes contained in science fiction works mirror the scientific theories of the time.

  • A jet engine created from another universe spontaneously appears and crashes into Donnie’s bedroom
  • A tangent universe is then created
  • Mysterious telekinetic powers were discovered
  • Manipulations of the dead and the living