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  1. Wikipedia

  2. What is Wikipedia? Wikipedia is an encyclopedia written collaboratively by many of its readers. It uses a special type of website, called a wiki, that makes collaboration easy.

  3. What is Wikipedia? Lots of people are constantly improving Wikipedia, making thousands of changes an hour, all of which are recorded on article histories and recent changes. Inappropriate changes are usually removed quickly.

  4. How can I help? Don't be afraid to edit—anyone can edit almost any page, and we encourage you to be bold (but please don't vandalize)! Find something that can be improved, either in content, grammar or formatting, and fix it.

  5. How can I help? You can't break Wikipedia. Anything can be fixed or improved later. So go ahead, edit an article and help make Wikipedia the best information source on the Internet!

  6. Who writes Wikipedia? Unlike other encyclopedias, the volunteer authors of articles in Wikipedia don't have to be experts or scholars (though some certainly are). They can be anyone, including you! Volunteers do not need to go through any formal process before creating an article or editing an existing article.

  7. Who writes Wikipedia? It is Wikipedia policy to add to the encyclopedia only statements that are verifiable, and not to add original research. The Wikipedia style guide encourages editors to cite sources. Sometimes Wikipedians do not follow these policies, because they forget or because they are not aware of the policy. Then readers of the article cannot be sure that a statement is verifiable

  8. Who writes Wikipedia? Many people have created or edited articles in Wikipedia. They come from countries around the world and are of all ages and backgrounds. Anyone who contributes to this encyclopedia is called a Wikipedian

  9. Wikipedia Exercise Go to In the Search window on the left type in your home town