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State Actions to Address Global Climate Change

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State Actions to Address Global Climate Change - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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State Actions to Address Global Climate Change. Steve Brown Executive Director The Environmental Council of the States April 10, 2007. What are the States doing about Climate Change?. Overview of Massachusetts v. EPA and impacts on State Actions

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state actions to address global climate change

State Actions to Address Global Climate Change

Steve Brown

Executive Director

The Environmental Council

of the States

April 10, 2007

what are the states doing about climate change
What are the States doing about Climate Change?
  • Overview of Massachusetts v. EPA and impacts on State Actions
  • Individual State Initiatives addressing Global Climate Change
  • GHG Registries and Inventories
    • Reporting methods
  • Regional Initiatives
  • ECOS GHG Resolution
  • Illinois- Recognition for Best Practices
massachusetts et al v environmental protection agency et al
MassachusettsET AL. v. Environmental Protection AgencyET AL.
  • 14 States and Environmental Organizations file suit against EPA
  • Main Issues
  • Outcome and Findings
impact of massachusetts v epa on the states
Impact of Massachusetts v. EPA on the States
  • EPA to review California’s rule on Greenhouse Gas and mobile sources
  • Does not effect states’ actions taken outside of Clean Air Act
states with greenhouse gas emissions targets
States with Greenhouse Gas Emissions Targets

States have set emission targets for 2010, 2020, 2050, etc. in an effort to curb the amount of greenhouse gases being emitted state-wide

states with greenhouse gas inventories
States with Greenhouse Gas Inventories

These states have completed greenhouse gas inventories, which estimate total greenhouse gas emissions from all sectors in the state

example of a climate registry
Example of a Climate Registry

CA Climate Registry responsibilities include the following:

•Enable the voluntary recording of GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions in a consistent, certified format.

  • Maintain a record of all certified GHG emissions baselines and emissions results.
  • Adopt industry-specific reporting metrics.
  • Encourage voluntary actions to increase energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions.
  • Recognize, publicize, and promote participants.
  • Recruit broad participation from all economic sectors and regions of the state.
  • Provide additional services for participants such as workshops, training seminars, and "best practices" exchanges
regional initiatives
Regional initiatives can be more efficient than programs at the state level, as they encompass a broader geographic area, eliminate duplication of work, and create more uniform regulatory environments. Regional Initiatives
western regional climate action initiative
Western Regional ClimateAction Initiative
  • Formed in February, 2007 by the Governors of AZ, CA, NM, OR and WA
  • Joint effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change
  • These 5 States will jointly set a regional emissions target within 6 months and by August 2008 will establish a market-based system to aid in meeting the target
  • Built on the already existing Southwest Climate Change Initiative (2006) and West Coast Governors’ Global Warming Initiative (2003)
regional greenhouse gas initiative
Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
  • Signed by the Governors of CT, DE, ME, NH, NJ, NY and VT in December, 2005
  • Agreed to implement the first mandatory U.S. cap-and-trade program for carbon dioxide
  • RGGI cap-and-trade program sets a cap on emissions of carbon dioxide from power plants, and allows sources to trade emissions allowances
  • Begins by capping emissions at current levels in 2009 and then reducing emissions 10% by 2019
ecos resolution on ghg
ECOS Resolution on GHG

• At the March, 2007 Spring Meeting of the Environmental Council of the States the Air Committee passed a resolution calling for a Reduction in Greenhouse Gases

• The resolution calls for EPA and Congress to work with the States to develop a national program to address the impact of Greenhouse Gas Emissions of climate change

• It also calls for EPA and Congress to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy practices as well as clean coal technologies in an effort to reduce GHG emissions

illinois recognized for innovative practices at ecos meeting
Illinois recognized for Innovative Practices at ECOS Meeting
  • During the ECOS Spring meeting in March, Illinois EPA received an award recognizing their “thinking outside the box” in developing the Illinois Conservation and Climate Initiative
  • The program helps farmers earn money when they trap CO2 and reduce methane emissions by using conservation tillage and planting grasses and trees; this keeps carbon in the soil and plants rather than allowing it to be released
  • More than 200 landowners enrolled 67,000 acres in the program in the first year