snowy nights and days
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Snowy nights and days

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Snowy nights and days - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Snowy nights and days. 6 th grade classes homerooms 16 & 18. Elijah. Last night the frosty cool air outside pounded on my glossy window and seeped into my room, making me shiver all night long. Kohl.

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snowy nights and days

Snowy nights and days

6th grade classes

homerooms 16 & 18

  • Last night the frosty cool air outside pounded on my glossy window and seeped into my room, making me shiver all night long.
  • Last night it snowed all through the night, leaving the ground as white as a crisp sheet on a bed. I stepped outside and became buried up to my eyeballs with snow. It was great!
  • When I went outside it seemed like buckets of pearly white softness made mountains of snow. However, when a car passed through the pearly softness, it instead turned a silvery grey.
  • When I went outside, it felt like it was snowing huge clumps of ice. It felt awful. It would not stop snowing- like someone kept throwing buckets of rocks and ice. Plus the wind was blowing really hard, making me fall.
  • It was snowing all night, so hard that it broke a branch off my chestnut tree. It was so loud that I could not go to sleep. My head was pounding with fear that one of the branches from the tree would break through my roof.
  • The diamond pellets poured down from the sky like an army tank sent to destroy. All night I heard glass breaking, dogs howling, and people screaming, “Why me?”. By the time night was over, I looked out the window to check the damage.
  • As I walked in the shiny and icy snow, I fell because the snow was slippery.
  • It was as if a greater power was dumping buckets of pearly whiteness all over. Barrels of colorless, fine snow were drifting down so turbulently that when I took my dog out, I couldn’t find him because the snow was hovering over him.
  • I never thought it would pour blankets and blankets of white snow from Heaven. When I went outside to dig up snow, the shovel was screeching and it hurt my ears. The wind was howling while white snowy bullets hit my face. The brisk air made icicles so sharp my window would not open. Last night it was silent as a mouse.
  • A massive mountain of snow fell from the shivering night. The brisk air whistled around my house. The snow looked like shiny pearls falling from the chilly clouds.
  • Last night the wind was picking at me in my room and there were white little pearls running into my room. I got out of bed and all I saw was a white shiny blanket down on the ground.
  • The wind howled t me as if it were very angry in the ashy, icy night. The next morning I woke up to find the breathtaking surprise, as if the whole world was covered by a milky blanket. The snow was crystal clear in the translucent chilly coldness.
  • As I slid through the pearly snow it seemed as if the snow got stronger every second. It rushed over my feet as I walked.
  • When I stepped outside, I could feel the brisk breeze waving my hair from left to right. As I walked along the sidewalk, it started to snow. When I looked down I could see ashy snow in the street. When I got to the mailbox, I couldn’t open it because it was as frozen as an icicle. I could hardly wait to get inside because the storm had just begun.
  • As I stepped outside for school in the morning, I slipped and fell on a pearly blanket of ice and snow. When my sister and I walked on the slushy grass, I heard the pitter patter of her tiny feet.
  • At night, it looked like Jack Frost came for a visit and covered the ground with an ivory fluffy blanket. He crept up to my room and made the fine snow show up on my window, then quietly went outside again, knowing he had much more work to do. He had to make translucent icicles, and make the ground glimmer. He had to make school cancellations and cause car accidents. Jack Frost was on the move.
  • It snowed with powerful wind that crept up on my face. I didn’t know where I was going because it was so pitch black outside. All I heard was the stomping of my heavy boots in the ivory snow.
  • As I walked home from school, icy bullets pelted my face. When I walked, ivory slush stuck to my stiff boots. Once I was within sight of my house, I could just picture myself on the warm, cozy rust-colored couch with a cup of hot chocolate and a bowl of Mama’s hot, homemade chili.
  • In the dimming sable night, it had begun to hail, then the bleach-white snow began to drizzle down as if cut pieces of blankets were dropped from the heavens above. All I heard through the freezing night was the hail as it tapped on my window.
  • One freezing cold day I was at my house playing in the pearly white snow. It was also sparkly white. My sister was wearing a shiny jet-black coat and I was wearing a shiny maroon purple coat. The street had a blanket of snow covering it.
  • The pearly white snow was so bright it hurt my eyes. I hiked up the hill to slide down with my snowboard.
  • The milky snow was forming a blizzard. The shallow water of the pond was frozen. As we walked on the pond the ice began to crack. As the sun came out the ice began to melt.
  • The cloud was slate colored as the snow fell on my retractable-roof car. The jet sky was filled with gray stars.
  • The snow fell so heavily that it knocked out the cable wires. The snow was milky. The sky was pitch.
  • It snowed so hard it knocked out the cable wire.
  • One snowy day my brothers and I ran through the cold milky snow stopping to make a sparkling snowman and snow angels from the clear and white snow. The frozen shallow pond was impossible to break and the heavy storm covered everything with white tissue. The snowflakes made it impossible to see.
  • Everything was white outside. Cars were stuck in the snow on the street. Do not go outside in the snow because you can get sick and get a fever.
  • The snowy night was glistening because the ice was so white. The sky was jet black with dusky clouds and bleached snow. It was very chilly and intense.
  • The pearly white snow made an ice dessert with royal blue and blush red and evergreen. It made a rusty snap of the storm over the dusty black night.
  • Last night it snowed like never before. The weather forecast called it the hardest snowfall of the year. With the jet black sky, crystal clear icicles, and bleached snow, it was awesome.
  • As I woke up in the morning, I looked out my window and spotted six feet of ivory snow on the auburn ground. They cancelled school that day and I was super jolly happy. So I put my apricot PJ’s back on and took a two hour siesta. Then I woke up and there was an extra two feet of snow on the ground and from that point on I slept the rest of the day.