pronto4 retroreach existing platform utilization for current future eod l.
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Pronto4™ / RetroReach ™ Existing Platform Utilization for Current & Future EOD PowerPoint Presentation
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Pronto4™ / RetroReach ™ Existing Platform Utilization for Current & Future EOD

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Pronto4™ / RetroReach ™ Existing Platform Utilization for Current & Future EOD - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pronto4™ / RetroReach ™ Existing Platform Utilization for Current & Future EOD. An Optionally Unmanned Approach. Given That……. The levels of autonomy that are achievable in the future (5-10 years) will be significantly greater than today.

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Pronto4™ / RetroReach ™ Existing Platform Utilization for Current & Future EOD

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Presentation Transcript
pronto4 retroreach existing platform utilization for current future eod

Pronto4™ / RetroReach ™ Existing Platform Utilization for Current & Future EOD

An Optionally Unmanned Approach

given that
Given That……
  • The levels of autonomy that are achievable in the future (5-10 years) will be significantly greater than today.
  • Comparison of Manipulators and Vehicles today vs. 30 years ago
    • Consider the difference in an arm and vehicles built in 1977 and 2007, not so much outside several key areas
  • Future Consists of New and Existing Vehicle
    • Add value to existing platforms
    • Leverage phasing of new into fleet
we make a future prediction leverage technology growth path
..We Make a Future Prediction..(Leverage technology growth path)
  • Large Change
    • Power systems
    • Communications
    • Autonomy
      • Software, Sensors, Processor
  • Minimal Change
    • Materials
    • Actuators
    • Mobility
    • Manipulation
a criteria developed
….a Criteria Developed
  • Don’t bury what will change in the device
    • Modular Autonomy
    • Modular Communications
    • Modular Power
  • Assure Ease of Integration into Systems of Systems
    • Communications/Radio system Agnostic
    • Vision System Agnostic
    • Authentication Agnostic
w jaus interoperability
/w JAUS Interoperability
  • At a System Level
    • Multiple environments working together ex. UGS & UAS
  • At a Sub-System Level
    • Multiple vehicle acting together
  • At a Component Level
    • Addition of components on arm or vehicle
      • Cameras, effectors, sensors
we suggest an element of the sos
We suggest an element of the SOS
  • A Non-Dedicated Mobility Platform
    • Adhoc Match of mobility platform to local requirements
    • Can provide a Stronger, More Stable base
    • Achieve Various Configurations
      • Scaled Arm Sizes
      • Multiple Arms
    • Usage of Existing Vehicle and Platform
  • Optionally Unmanned System
    • Operable by a human occupying the vehicle
    • Operable by computer with tele-operation or semi-autonomous
optionally unmanned system
Optionally Unmanned System
  • Existing supply chain utilization
    • Spares, Maintenance, Training
    • No Need to “Ship New Oil Filters to the Field”
  • Easily Deployable
    • Built in manual mode
    • Natural operation “side-by-side” with humans
  • Lower Cost
    • Ability to test large groups of unmanned systems Now
    • Common training and logistics across branches
  • Multiplier
    • Not necessarily on-to-one approach
    • Reduce need to store unmanned systems and manned systems
  • Industry Driven Specifications
    • Capable of lifting in excess of 260lbs
    • Precise backlash free, locking joints
    • Independent joint speed/operation control
  • Common Mission Platform
    • SWAT and EOD Operations
field manipulator retrofit
Field Manipulator Retrofit
  • JAUS Interoperable
  • Installs in standard vehicle hitch receiver
  • Uses vehicle power/trailer connection
  • Man portable / Installable
  • Shippable UPS anywhere in world
  • Low tech field installable and qualify-able
  • Companion to Pronto4 Vehicle retrofit kit
vehicle platforms of interest
Vehicle Platforms of Interest
    • General usage
  • Transport Vehicles
    • Convoy operations
  • Commercial Vehicles
    • Base operations, perimeter
    • Low cost operations
  • Indigenous Vehicles
    • Covert operations, lower cost
  • Harbor Class Vessels
    • 7 or 11 Meter RHIBs
    • Harbor Patrol
pronto4 retrofit kit

Pronto4™ Retrofit Kit

The Pronto4 can render any steering-wheel based vehicle capable of unmanned travel with our unique four-four-four process:

A four-person team …

With four backpack-sized modules …

Can field install and qualify the Pronto4™ retrofit kit in four hours.

This installation can take place anywhere in the world, specifically at the point of use.

Installation as UGV or USV

pronto4 retrofit kit13

Pronto4™ Retrofit Kit


JAUS Interoperable

Field installable and qualifiable

Ideal for steering-wheel based vehicles / vessels

Weighs less than 100 lbs.; 12 vdc source

Semi-autonomous and Tele-operation

Compact, modularly-constructed hardware

system with adaptable software capability

Capable of standard driving speeds >60mph

Minimal power and computing requirements

Scalable manufacturing to match build standard

of the vehicle; best commercial practices to MIL-


Low initial cost and low total ownership cost

pronto4 retrofit kit14

Pronto4™ Retrofit Kit


Fits any vehicle or vessel with a steering-wheel

Utilizes existing vehicle supply chain

Reduces total cost of unmanned vehicle ownership

Seamless dual-use — human / drive-by-wire

Optionally Unmanned

Designed and manufactured with multi-source COTS technology

Simple, cost-effective unmanned implementation

common retrofit approach
Common Retrofit Approach

Manipulator Plugs&Plays with existing OUGV

Optionally Unmanned Ground Vehicle



Retrofit Manipulator

Standard Vehicle

retroreach usage
RetroReach™ Usage
  • JAUS Interoperable
  • Tele-operate using captive vision system
    • Vehicle and arm mounted cameras
  • Semi-autonomous operations
    • Tool change, trunk open, unload, etc.
retrofit manipulator installed capabilities
Retrofit Manipulator Installed Capabilities
  • Clearance for trunk/tailgate opening
  • Ability to open/close trunk
  • Reach to top of vehicle
  • Reach into trunk/hatchback for loading and unloading
mission capabilities
Mission Capabilities
  • Render safe explosive device
  • Loading/Unloading trunk or materials stored in the back or on top of the vehicle
  • Inspection of objects
  • Simple assembly of delivered components
  • Collection of samples and data
  • Retrieval/Recovery
  • Winch cable attachment
  • Excavation
  • Deployment of Other platforms
  • Weapon Usage
total system benefits
Total System Benefits
  • Self Transporting at highway speeds
  • Commonality among all branches
  • Field configuration to match immediate requirements
  • Usage by covert or special teams
  • Significantly lower total cost of ownership
general discussion
General Discussion
  • We won’t be static over next 3 years
    • What are some tenants to work by?
  • Will this be a standards driven approach to leverage the most of all companies?
  • Will the OSD model of trialability and experimentation be followed by AEODRS?
  • What are some of your concerns with this approach?
action items
Action Items
  • What requirements community can we share this technology with such that requirements may be outlined for as a migration funding source with a future leverage path for AEODRS.
  • How do you expect non-traditional companies to migrate from the early production (TRL7) into a "trialability" period were military assets are available for integration? What is the proper process?
for more information
For More Information
  • 215-822-2525
  • 801-947-5729