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تكنولوجيا الإدارة للحاسب الآلي Management Technology Group PowerPoint Presentation
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تكنولوجيا الإدارة للحاسب الآلي Management Technology Group

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تكنولوجيا الإدارة للحاسب الآلي Management Technology Group - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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تكنولوجيا الإدارة للحاسب الآلي Management Technology Group

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  1. تكنولوجيا الإدارة للحاسب الآلي Management Technology Group MiPower Power System Application نظام التشبيه الالي إعداد وتقديم قسم الأبحاث والتسويق

  2. MiPower Features • State-of-the-art Power Systems Analysis Software. • Highly interactive, user-friendly software for analysis, planning, design and simulation of Power Systems including geographical representation. • Designed to enhance and empower the power system laboratory of the institution. • Effective tool for Control system Laboratory. • Effective tool for transmission and distribution networks analysis. • Effective tool for carrying out research work in the areas of power systems.

  3. Application Modules Single Phase Load Flow Three Phase Load Flow Short Circuit Transient Stability Over Current Relay Co-ordination Distance Relay Co-ordination Voltage Instability Harmonic Analysis • Single Phase Load Flow • Three Phase Load Flow • Short Circuit • Transient Stability • Over Current Relay Co-ordination • Distance Relay Co-ordination • Voltage Instability • Harmonic Analysis

  4. Areas of Simulation • Power System Planning Studies • Power System Planning studies is essential to ensure a reliable and quality power supply. • Planning studies involves long-term load forecasting, sizing of equipments for present and future load growth, system stability, fault level assessment. • Power System Operational Studies • Power System engineers face a number of operational problems like increased transmission and distribution losses, nuisance tripping, instability due to sudden change in generation or load, voltage regulation, over loading / under loading of lines, islanding, load shedding and management. • Design / Modeling and Verification • Design / Modeling and verification of complex control systems, harmonic filters, protection system (over current and distance relay settings), Static Var Compensator, shunt compensation, series compensation, surge arrestors.

  5. Whom we serve …….? • Transmission utilities (Planning and O&M sections) • Distribution utilities (Planning and O&M sections) • Generation companies • Industrial Sector: • Steel plants and Alloy plants • Cement manufacturing industries • Textile mills • Sugar and paper mills • Petroleum refineries and Chemical plants • Any major manufacturing industries with CPP (Self generation). • Power consultants • Engineering institutions

  6. Power companies • Carryout existing T&D network study , loss evaluation and dynamic compensation requirement . • Analyze both steady state and transient behavior of the T&D network during various contingency cases. • Comprehensive planning tool for the Transmission utility network. • Balanced and unbalanced power flow studies . • Planning the distribution network of the utility / planning the city power distribution network . • Long-term demand forecast studies. • Power evacuation studies . • Energy Auditing for Distribution feeders. • Carry out short circuit and protection co-ordination studies for the T&D network. • Effective tool to carry out insulation co-ordination studies.

  7. Industrial Sector • Study plant distribution network (both existing and planned network ) of the plant. • Carry out pre feasibility studies for the plant network. • Study both steady state and the transient behavior of the plant network. • Assess the dynamic compensation requirement for the plant network. • Study the behavior of the CPP (Self generation) with or with out grid support both during normal and abnormal operating condition. • Conduct power quality analysis and identification of optimal location of filters to suppress the PQ disturbances like Harmonics etc. • Conduct detailed short circuit and relay co-ordination study for the plant network.

  8. Consultancy field MiPower software can be effectively used by the consultants in the following areas : • Power system planning studies covering voltage level from 11kV to 800kV. • Power system performance simulation covering Load flow (LF), Short circuit (SC), Transient Stability (TS), Motor starting, relay coordination , insulation coordination and over voltage studies. • Specialized consultancy services in the field of power systems. • System studies involving industrial systems, captive power plant(CPP), harmonic measurements, filter design etc. • System loss evaluation and reactive power optimization studies. • Conducting pre-feasibility studies. • Power engineering education and training. • Power engineering consulting.

  9. Power Engineering Education Training on power system engineering to under graduate and post graduate students. Training on power system engineering to power engineers working in Electricity utilities, Generation ,Transmission Distribution companies and industries.

  10. MiPower Academic benefits • Pre loaded with more than 100 solved standard text book and IEEE case studies and their solutions for both Power & control systems. • Authors textbooks includes : • Hadisaadat • P. M. Anderson and Faoud • J. Duncan Glover • Wood & wool berg • William DStevenson • Kimbark • Glenn W Stagg & Ahemd El-Abiad • MA Pai • P S R Murthy • P.Kundur

  11. Contd….. Academic benefits • Effectively used by the students to carry out their academic project works. • Effectively used by instructors to initiate and assign project work to students on various power system topics (i.e. load flow, Short circuit, EMTP and Transient stability Analysis,..etc.) • Provided with a professional student manuals which includes real life experiments and case studies with solutions, supported with theory and simulations.

  12. Contd….. Academic benefits • Effective tool for the students to understand the practical problems and basics of power system operation and control. • Provides an opportunity to staff and students to work on real-life power system problems (like on part by part utility transmission / distribution network, College campus, consulting job etc).

  13. Training Methodology Phase 1: Explanation of concepts by experts in different areas using video lectures. Phase 2 : Computer aided case studies based on practical systems that illustrate the concepts explained in Phase1. Phase 3 : Solve your system problem , where the trainees try to apply skills learnt from first two phases to their own systems . Phase 4 : Summery and Conclusions

  14. Training Modules

  15. Training programs Conducted Power system protection training to Saudi Electric Company DOP training conducted at Thimpu in the year 2002 for one month DOP training conducted at Bangalore in the year 2003 for 10 days DOP training conducted at Bangalore in the year 2005 for 10 days BPC training conducted at Bangalore in the year 2006 for 20 days Workshop conducted on Power system over voltage & Mitigation in the year 2006 Workshop on Intra State ABT& ABT mechanism for Distribution Company in the year 2007 Training conducted for Power Grid Engineers at Bangalore in the year 2007 for 10 days Induction Programme for Probationary AEEs of Mangalore Electricity Company. 4 weeks Training program for BPC Engineers in 2009 at Bangalore. More than 50 trainings have been conducted on power system for various Industries, state electricity boards and academic institutions in India and abroad. PRDC experts are guest faculty for Power system training to Engineers of National Power Training Institute.

  16. Training And Support • Extensive local training program directed by the developers is provided to the teaching staff using course material/Theory classes/Hands on sessions. • Support and software updates are provided • Extensive Manuals are provided including: • Step by Step how to simulate manuals. • Lab Experiments Manuals • Instructors Manuals • Power systems theoretical Manuals • Blue Book • Software technical Manual

  17. THANK YOU Management Technology Group Gulf Commercial Center- Suite 123 King Fahad Road- Riyadh Tel: +966-1-4654028, 2934027 .Fax : Ext 104