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integrated facility management ifm for nsls ii n.
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Integrated Facility Management (IFM) For NSLS-II PowerPoint Presentation
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Integrated Facility Management (IFM) For NSLS-II

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Integrated Facility Management (IFM) For NSLS-II
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Integrated Facility Management (IFM) For NSLS-II

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  1. Integrated Facility Management (IFM) For NSLS-II October 6, 2010 Chris Johnson Facility Complex Manager Facilities and Operations

  2. What is IFM? • The Integrated Facility Management project will restructure the Lab’s facility management processes • This new model will ensure that the Lab’s some 350 facilities are: • mission-ready • more effectively managed and maintained – to provide operational excellence for Laboratory growth • IFM model will drive the creation of appropriate processes across the Laboratory in configuration management, technical authority and WP&C

  3. Integrated Facility ManagementDelivering Mission-Ready facility capability through enhanced operations and management of facility assets • Dedicated Full-Time Facility Management Team • Improved Accountability for Maintenance & Services • Craft and Engineering talent assume increased facility ownership • Optimized Personnel Resource Allocation • Enables optimized blend of dedicated and central resources • Facility-Level Work Planning • Needs driven work planning based on customer and scientific requirements • Ability to optimize investments for mission readiness - local prioritization of work orders and PMs

  4. Other Battelle Labs with IFM • Oak Ridge National Laboratory • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory • Idaho National Laboratory • Workshop at BNL where reps from these labs helped us design BNL’s Integrated Facility Management Program • Very supportive at upper management level • Heard about same challenges at lower organizational levels

  5. Complex Map • BNL Divided into Five Complexes • North, East, South & Central • Utilities • NSLS & NSLS – II in East Complex • IFM model went into effect 10/1/10

  6. Typical Complex Organizational Structure Facility Complex Manager Administrative Support ESSH&Q Support Business Operations Facility Project Manager(s) Craft Resources & Supervision Material Coordinator/ Expeditor Facility Engineer Planner / Scheduler Facility Mgt_04Jun09

  7. East Complex Structure Facility Complex Manager C. Johnson Facility Project Manager J. Stanisci Facility Project Manager J. Giambalvo Facility Project Manager J. Biemer Multi-Craft Supervisor J. Stanisci Planner / Scheduler Facility Complex Engineer Facility Manager for NSLS-II

  8. Landlord Function Customer Service Provider Mission Ready Facilities Trades Support Facility Work Planning Facility Work Control Facility Safety Facility Regulations & Requirements Operational Approval Complex Communication Reporting Execute ISM Principles FUA ownership Annual Work Plan Store Front for Customer Needs Maintain Buildings Custodial Support Building Steward Building Safety Facility Configuration Management Complex Engineering Technical Authority Building Operations Staff Qualification & Training Budget Facility Funding Requests GPP, GPCE, IGPP for Facilities Deficiency Correction The Complex Team provide a wide range of Facility Management Functions

  9. So, What is IFM? And What’s Not IFM? • IFM manages the Facility infrastructure to enable Program Operations • Buildings, warehouses, conference centers, etc. • Includes “bricks and mortar”, utility services, custodial services, etc. • Analogous to leasing a building in a research park • Program operations continue to be managed by the Program Organization • Research laboratories and machines • Research-specific equipment • Manage waste generated by R&D operations • Store materials • Office work, etc.

  10. Role & Responsibilities • Complex Manager • Deliver Mission Ready facilities to enable Science • Manage a complex area to ensure the availability of effective, efficient, safe, and secure facilities, infrastructure, and support systems • Responsible & accountable for ensuring facility needs of building tenant are addressed • Facility Manager • Manage specific facilities, related equipment and systems within a designated complex area • Significant involvement in development and execution of work • Plan, prioritize, and initiate (authorize) work; accept/approve work upon completion

  11. What does this mean for NSLS-II? • Early IFM implementation issues should be worked out before NSLS-II BORE’s begin • NSLS-II will have dedicated facility maintenance team support from the outset • IFM team will grow with NSLS-II • IFM team will be integrated in the NSLS-II start- up and commissioning process • Held joint IFM/NSLS-II CF start-up planning meeting • Reviewed CF Systems List • Currently working on plans to support start-up and initial beneficial occupancies • Working with NSLS-II team to coordinate with other F&O divisions not part of IFM

  12. Conclusions • IFM implementation is in its infancy but offers an opportunity for enhanced mission support for NSLS-II • Timing of IFM implementation is good for NSLS-II • Enables growth and parallel development of IFM and NSLS-II • Dedicated IFM team will have firsthand knowledge of NSLS-II systems & facilities • IFM and NSLS-II CF team working jointly to support BOREs starting February, 2011