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Gerontology in Your Career PowerPoint Presentation
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Gerontology in Your Career

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Gerontology in Your Career
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Gerontology in Your Career

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  1. Careers in Gerontology Gerontology in Your Career The Major for the Millennium (or the Minor that enhances all Majors!)

  2. Program Mission Gerontology is an applied interdisciplinary program that fosters study of the aging process along the life continuum; particularly the years after 65, focusing on individuals, families, and communities. It is designed to promote an understanding of gerontological issues within scientific biological, psychological, socio-cultural, life long learning, and political contexts.

  3. True or False All seniors suffer from depression. Most seniors live in poverty. Seniors are stuffy and cantankerous. Elders are crabby because they don’t have any friends. All senior citizens are senile and forgetful. At retirement, most seniors become frail and reclusive. Most seniors live in retirement homes. Older adults dislike teenagers. Young people don’t like seniors. There are only a few careers that incorporate senior issues.

  4. Careers in Music

  5. *Radio DJ What kind of music would you play? *Music lessons Why would a senior want to take music lessons? *Performance Music that caters to senior preference. *Music Therapy How can music help heal emotional wounds?

  6. Home Service Careers Caseworker In-home Supportive Services Architect Interior designer Carpenter Safety advisor Medical Equipment Supplier Real Estate Agent

  7. Elder Advocacy Careers Lawyer Detective Crime Scene Investigator Ombudsman Adult Protective Services Worker PublicPolicy Advocacy

  8. Medical Careers

  9. Nutrition/Dietetics Vision Specialist Doctor Hearing Specialist Hospice Worker Home Health Nurse Pharmacist Physical Therapist Psychologist Occupational Therapist

  10. Business Careers Marketing Financial Planning Insurance Management Actuary CPA

  11. Economics Journalism Art Recreation Music Tourism Theatre

  12. Bachelor of Science Degree Course Work 48 Units Minor Course Work 21 Units

  13. Special Masters A unique opportunity to design your own Master’s Degree Combines the Gerontology Certificate with another discipline of your choice Gerontology Certificate Enhance Any Career

  14. Certificate in Gerontology • GERO 200 Adaptation to Age Related Changes • GERO 221 Models for Successful Longevity • GERO 222 Managing Disorders in Elders • GERO 295 Internship/Project • GERO 101 Elder Care continuum Services & Strategies • GERO 102 Social Policy for an Aging Society or • GERO 103 Applied Care Mgmt in Gerontology Practice • GERO 299 Special Problems

  15. Gerontology College~Career~Life Formatted by Nancy Murrish and Jen Silmaro for the Gerontology Student Ambassador Program: Fall Semester 2008