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FDMS Overview FDMS and SuperFDMS Nancy Soreide and Eugene Burger April 23-24, 2003, Silver Spring, MD FDMS Designed to meet NOAA Research financial data management needs Development based upon requirements solicited from all NOAA Research operating units

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Fdms overview l.jpg

FDMS Overview

FDMS and SuperFDMS

Nancy Soreide and Eugene Burger

April 23-24, 2003, Silver Spring, MD

Fdms designed to meet noaa research financial data management needs l.jpg
FDMSDesigned to meet NOAA Research financial data management needs

  • Development based upon requirements solicited from all NOAA Research operating units

    • Administrative staff inputs budget/administrative information

    • CAMS data imported directly from CAMS Data Warehouse

    • Management data available via customized reports or dynamic queries

    • Data and reports available on-line in real-time

    • Supports NOAA business practices

    • Operational since January 2001

  • Support

    • Web site, system status updates, User Documentation, Help Desk

    • Updated to accommodate CAMS changes and user needs

  • Envisioned as the “core” element of the NOAA Research Science Management Information System

Slide3 l.jpg



















ARL Field Offices



Supporting all NOAA Research Operating Units

Fdms technology l.jpg
FDMS Technology

  • Microsoft Access based system with database for each laboratory/program office

    • 22 units for entry, management and retrieval of financial information

    • 2 databases: CAMS and FDMS commitment data

  • Users access FDMS through Citrix

  • Security

    • Desktop system/network physical security and login

    • Isolated on a secure network

    • Accessed through CITRIX

      • Specification of IP addresses

      • User account and login

      • System and network security

    • FDMS/Microsoft Access security

      • User verification at user and group level

Features for aos managers l.jpg
Features for AOs & Managers

  • Supports NOAA business practices

    • System updated to accommodate CAMS changes and user needs

  • Budgetary control and oversight

    • through Allowance Advice unit

  • Fiscal control

    • through reports at the Line Item and Project level

    • with labor and Other Objects summarized

  • Units customized for AO, Project Manager

    • Reports provide commonly required information

    • Specific questions are answered using the query capability

  • CAMS

    • AO can verify the data in CAMS

    • Facilitates transition to the new accounting environment

      • All CAMS tracking data, General Ledger account information, etc. is formatted to be consistent with CAMS

  • Fdms cams data loop l.jpg
    FDMS – CAMS data loop

    Entries into CAMS Travel ManagerLabor DataBankcard Data

    CAMS Data Warehouse

    CAMS Data Warehousedata downloaded to FDMS

    CAMS data available in FDMS

    Slide7 l.jpg
    FDMS instrumental in identifying problems… resulting in corrections to CAMS … and savings for NOAA Research

    • Lead to revision of CAMS treatment of prior year downward adjustments

    • Identified that a subsystem_code/trans_source of EA//EA wasn’t reflecting the correct affected document identification - Impacted data for all NOAA LOs

    • Identified that CAMS was not linking PY travel accruals to FY2003 payments, resulting in overstatement of costs ($30K for one OAR FMC alone) - corrected through NOAA Budget Office.

    • Identified large number of records missing from CAMS B&E Query application – CAMS office applied corrective patch.

    Features for administrative staff l.jpg
    Features for Administrative staff

    • Data entry is streamlined

      • Screens intuitive and easy to navigate

      • Defaults selectable from popup menus, etc.

      • Twenty-two functional units

        • Commitment data (Travel, Requisitions, Credit Cards, BPO), Project funding functions, Labor, CAMS reconciliation

  • Forms

    • Requisitions and Allowance Advices generated in hardcopy for signature as information is entered

  • Data queries

    • Data sorts, searches and queries for each module

  • Support

    • On-line documentation

    • Help Desk and email contact form

    • Web site with status, documentation, help, etc.

    • System updated to accommodate CAMS changes and user needs

  • Slide9 l.jpg

    FDMS Websitehttp://fdms.oar.noaa.gov


    User Documentation

    Common Questions

    Support – Help Desk

    Fdms team responsive to user needs l.jpg
    FDMS team… Responsive to user needs

    “Thanks for the quick service, once again, you guys prove you are the best.”

    “Just wanted to let you know how great I think the Other Objects viewer is – it

    has helped greatly with matching document numbers – it has so much

    information – Thank you”

    “Thank you for all of your help today. I learned a lot.”

    “Thanks so much. This will make the report so much easier to review.”

    “I really appreciate you taking the time you did to help me out and give such a

    detailed explanation as to the exact problem.”

    “It is rare to get such great customer service and a logical reason for

    something happening.”

    Slide11 l.jpg

    FDMS Usage FY02 – Apr 03

    Based on Logons

    • Some offices have a small number of users

    • Some staff logon for each transaction

    • Some staff logon for a day that includes many individual transactions

    Superfdms l.jpg
















    Consolidated Financial Reports available through Secure Web pages







    Consolidates Financial Data across all of NOAA Research

    Fdms modules and units l.jpg

    FDMS modules and units

    FDMS has 22 unique modules

    Comprising 3 Maintenance units, 7 Commitment units, 4 Report units, 1 Project unit, 2 Funding units, 2 Tool units, 3 Miscellaneous units

    Slide14 l.jpg





    Employee Unit: Contains employee-related information for use in other Units

    Allowance Advice (OR&F Commitment) Unit: Addresses the movement of Congressionally appropriated NOAA funds into FMCs and between projects in each FMC

    Projects: Allows user to set up new OR&F / Overhead and Reimbursable Projects


    Maintenance Unit: Contains FMC-specific information for use in other Units

    Reimbursables (A&R): Tracks the allocation of non-NOAA funds for specific projects

    Groups Unit: Allows admin staff to set up FDMS Unit Groups and select which Units a User can access


    Requisitions: Creation and tracking of Requisitions to purchase goods or services not procured by BPO, Credit Card, etc.


    Blanket Purchase Orders (BPO): Creation and tracking of Blanket Purchase Orders to purchase goods and services associated with specific projects


    Other Objects Viewer: Allows user to view CAMS data (other than Labor)

    Reports Unit: Contains printable reports with data from both individual Units and combined data from more than one Unit

    Other Objects Notes Unit: Used in conjunction with Reports Unit

    Shop Charges: Entry of shop staff charges for Engineering Services. NOTE: This unit may not be needed in all Labs.

    Division Reports Unit: Contains printable reports with data for a User’s Division from both individual Units and combined data from more than one Unit

    Quarterly Budget Monitor: Allows users to track spending for specific Line Items.

    VAX Charges: Entry of costs associated with use of the central computer (VAX). This unit may not be needed in all Labs.

    Miscellaneous Expense: Entry of documents from a source other than the CAMS download or other FDMS Units.


    Historical FIMA Reports: Contains historical FIMA data from 1991 to 2002

    Labor Overhead Edit Unit: Allows User to adjust Overhead Rates and re-calculate Employee Labor data

    Credit Card: Tracks credit card spending)

    Query Tool: Allows User to query FDMS database and CAMS data to create ad hoc reports not included in Reports Unit.

    Download viewer: Allows users to view when new data has been downloaded from CAMS

    Travel: Tracks employee travel expenses

    Allowance advice l.jpg
    Allowance Advice

    • Manage resources at FMC level

      • Not possible in CAMS, as allotments are at LO level

    • Maintains distinction between permanent and one-time funding

    • Manage funding so that project allocations do not exceed their FMC’s Line Item/PPA allocation

    • Readily track project allocation history

    Commitment data entry modules l.jpg
    Commitment data entry modules

    • Blanket Purchase Order module

    • Requisition module

    • Shop module

    • Miscellaneous expenses unit

      • Can enter internal documents as well as CAMS documents which are not in other FDMS units

      • Can project everything from labor costs to proposed grants and/or contracts

      • Can export data directly from CAMS downloads into this unit

      • Can create document numbers to reserve funds for specified purposes

    Download modules l.jpg
    Download modules

    • Credit Card data

    • Travel Manager data

      • Note: we download travel orders from CAMS

      • Voucher data is NOT available from CAMS via Travel Manager

      • Users must edit the travel order data once the vouchers are submitted

      • Problematic, but stems from CAMS not FDMS

      • Coming soon:

        • Travel order data will be downloaded directly from the CAMS Data Warehouse (but Voucher data is still not available from CAMS).

    Download viewer l.jpg
    Download viewer

    • System users can quickly see when new data has been downloaded for their FMC

    • Download history is documented by

      • Employee labor (data by employee)

      • Summary labor (summarized at project level)

      • Other Objects data (nightly)

      • Credit Card files

      • Travel

      • OAR_Down (salary data by employee)

    • Information includes

      • Date of download, relevant PP (e.g. for labor files), and file size (e.g., number of records).

    System maintenance modules l.jpg
    System maintenance modules

    • Maintenance module

      • Allows updating of tables and default values common to FDMS modules

        • Strategic Plan codes

        • Sponsors (OR&F and reimbursable funding)

        • State/Country codes

        • Type of agreement (MOU, MOA)

        • Vendors

        • Appropriations

        • Custodian (Property)

        • Default values (Requisitions)

        • Division codes

        • Lab/Operating Unit organization codes

        • Legal Authorities

        • Line Items

        • Object Class codes

        • Procurement categories (EQUIP, HAZD, SOFT, etc.)

      • Initially populated as part of FDMS initial deployment

      • Now maintained by each OAR operating unit

    System maintenance modules20 l.jpg
    System maintenance modules

    • Project module

      • Used to set up new projects

      • Used to close projects in FDMS to preclude additional costs from hitting

        • FDMS does not allow users to reopen projects if management needs so dictate

      • Projects can be linked to specific organizational divisions for report purposes

    System maintenance modules21 l.jpg
    System maintenance modules

    • Employee module

      • Used to maintain a listing of Federal and non-federal staff

      • Includes data for

        • Position title

        • Appointment Type (FTP, PTP, Joint Institute, etc.)

        • Organization code

        • SSN

        • Salary (scale)

    System maintenance modules22 l.jpg
    System maintenance modules

    • Groups module

      • Allows system administrators to define FDMS users for their operating unit

      • Establish their viewing and/or access rights

        • I.e., assign access to specific modules

    Tools modules l.jpg
    Tools modules

    • Other Objects viewer

      • Powerful tool for querying the CAMS Other Objects database

        • by FY, Organization Code, Download Date, document type, object class, project number, etc.

      • Access summary level information

        • Click on detail to bring up relevant CAMS data by transaction, including General Ledger Account number, CAMS tracking information, etc.

      • Critical because there is no one place in CAMS to get full document information

        • Current CAMS query capability forces user to pull data by individual project number or object class or FY, resulting in multiple query results and the potential to overlook relevant data

      • Data can be copied directly to the FDMS Miscellaneous Expenses unit, saving data entry on the part of system users

    Tools modules24 l.jpg
    Tools modules

    • Quarterly Budget Monitor

      • Enables users to plan expenditures by line item/PPA by object class

      • FDMS tracks commitment costs by the budget category to enable users to monitor spending

      • Facilitates BOP planning and obligation tracking

    Tools modules25 l.jpg
    Tools modules

    • Query tool

      • Enables users to customize queries for labor, FDMS Other Objects and CAMS Other Objects

      • Query results can be printed or exported to Excel, Lotus, etc. for use in reports

      • More powerful Query tool is under development in FDMS

    Tools modules26 l.jpg
    Tools modules

    • Labor OverHead Edit unit

      • Includes pay period downloads of labor by employee

      • Users establish the overheads for their FMC, then run the download labor data using the specified overheads

      • System notifies users when there are labor records requiring the application of overheads

    Historical reports l.jpg
    Historical Reports

    • Users have access to historical FIMA data through this report

    • Enables users to pull up FIMA document histories through 9/30/02

    Reimbursable module l.jpg
    Reimbursable module

    • Allows users to adjust funding levels on non-NOAA funded projects and track the funding history of Reimbursable projects

      • Contains information relevant to the specific project,

        • E.g., Legal Authority, Type of Agreement, etc

      • Allows user to input

        • Project Summary information, Project Objectives and Research results

    Reports unit division reports l.jpg
    Reports unit/Division reports

    • There are 62 reports for managers and administrative users

    • Report units

      • Division Report unit

        • User can pull up reports only for division they are assigned to

      • Standard Report unit

        • User can pull up reports for the entire organization (e.g., FMC), for a specific Division, a specific project or a specific project leader

    • Users can pull up reports from previous FY by changing FY criteria field

    • Reports provide data at summary and detail levels

    • Reports were developed in response to user requests since FDMS initial deployment