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  1. ASTRONOMICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE This project is supported by NASA grants NNX07AR16G and EPO-07-813

  2. 50 inch Telescope Project 50” Telescope Design 50” Grinding Machine

  3. 50 Inch Telescope Project Engineering – Bill Bowser Mirror Blank – Wangsness Optics Optical – Michael Lockwood Machining – John Pratte Fabrication– Bob Holmes Funding - ARI

  4. ARI 0.81m and 0.61m Astrograph

  5. NEO Observations Statistics OBSERVATIONS OF FAINT NEOs 2007- 2008

  6. NEO Observations Statistics Top NEO Observations Worldwide - ARI with 5835

  7. NEO Observations Statistics Top 22nd Magnitude NEO Observations Worldwide

  8. NEO Observations Statistics Top 23rd Magnitude NEO Observations Worldwide

  9. Killer Asteroid Project Participating Schools Northern Oklahoma College, OK - United States North Salinas High School, CA - United States Institute of Theoretical Physics - United States Eastern Illinois University, IL  - United States University of North Texas, TX - United States Deer Valley High School, CA- United States Hardin Simmons University, TX - United States Ranger High School, TX - United States Lawrence Hall of Science, CA - United States Technische Universtat – Germany Pulkovo Observatory – Russia Renmin University of China Beijing Normal University – China China Hands-On Universe- China Beijing No. 4  High School- China Beijing No. 35 High School- China Beijing Huiwen High School- China I LO im Adama Mickiewicza, Olsztyn – Poland Zespó³ Szkól nr 10 w Toruniu – Poland LO im H. Sucharskiego, Sierpc – Poland XXVII LO im Czackiego, Wwie – Poland Zespol Szkol, Libiaz – Poland VIII LO, Katowice – Poland Akademia Pedagogiczna, Krakow – Poland ZSO nr 7, Szczecin – Poland Czacki High School – Poland Center for Theoretical Physics – Poland Lake Highlands High School, TX - United States Haskell High School, TX - United States Al Akhawayn University Ifrane University - Morocco   Escola Secundaria – Portugal Escola Secundária Anselmo de Andrade – Portugal Escola Secundária de Alvide – Portugal Escola Secundaria da Cidadela – Portugal UAI Minor Planets Section – Italy Keio Senior High School – Japan Kanova High School - Japan Shizuoka University – Japan American Fork High School, UT - United States Broad Run High School, VA - United States Ball State University, IN - United States CCCCD Spring Creek Campus, TX - United States TCCCD NE Campus, TX - United States Cedar Valley Community College, TX - United States Mountain View Community College, TX - United States Jesuit College Prep, TX - United States Cape Fear High School, NC - United States Holton High School, KS - United States JFK High School - United States Belmont High School, MA - United States Brookhaven College, TX - United States Cordova High School, CA - United States Cranston High School East, RI - United States Meredith College, NC - United States Northfield Mount Herman High School, MA  - United States South Anchorage High School, AK - United States Thomas Jefferson High School, VA - United States

  10. Team 1 - HOU China

  11. Team 2 – HOU China

  12. NEO Research in Poland Bogdan Sobczuk and his students

  13. Bogdan’s Student Photos from Poland June 19th 2008 12 students from Torun Schools Team No. 10, along with the teacher Bogdan Sobczukiem, NASA received an award for taking part in measuring objects that might strike Earth.

  14. Tomasz Skowron – NEO Research in Poland Szczecin zabłyśnie na niebie Odkrycie planetoid przez szczecińskich uczniów zostało docenione przez amerykańską NASA. - opowiada Robert Holmes, naukowiec i badacz z NASA Near Earth Object Observations Program.

  15. HOU Japan – Shizuoka University

  16. HOU Japan – Shizuoka University

  17. NEO Research in Portugal

  18. Cape Fear High School Top Student Award Kristopher Flanary 144 Near Earth Object Observations

  19. Cape Fear School H.S.

  20. Star-gazing students on lookout…Four from Cordova H.S. honored for spotting 'Killer Asteroids'

  21. Broad Run H.S. Ashburn, VA In the Sky, Broad Run Students Find 'Sparta' Spartans spend part of semester confirming asteroids, lending a hand to science! The students were credited with the discovery of asteroid 2007 TW04, which they have begun calling "Sparta" in honor of the Broad Run Spartans.

  22. Thomas Jefferson H.S. Alexandria, VA Lee Ann Hennig awarded outstanding teacher of the year in NEO Observations Local students at Thomas Jefferson High School recently received NASA research awards for measuring Potentially Hazardous Asteroids for NASA and the Killer Asteroid Project.

  23. American Fork H.S. - Utah Bryce Tholl looks at a stellar image on a laptop in the astronomy classroom at American Fork H.S. A.F. students discover asteroid!

  24. Killer Asteroid Project • Schools, teachers and students receive NASA awards. • Real hands-on research in the classroom. • User friendly software has a rapid learning curve. • NEO observations using near real-time images. • Published results in the IAUCs and MPECs. • 89% success rate using ARO near earth object images. • Teachers and students observations help NASA safeguard the Earth from potentially hazardous asteroids.

  25. School and Student Awards Over 450 Awards Presented to 60+ Schools in 9 Countries

  26. Killer Asteroid Project Outstanding Teacher and Top Asteroid Discovery Awards

  27. Killer Asteroid Project The Future of Near Earth Object Observations

  28. Tunguska Blast 15 Pak A powerful dietary supplement developed as a result of the miracle of 1908 in Tunguska, Russia. A powerful event creates a powerful product. Tunguska Blast is made from thousands of herbs, roots, and fruits reborn from the ashes of the mysterious Tunguska Event, scientists identified the ten most concentrated with therapeutic properties and natural nutritional benefits.

  29. The Tunguska Event Evidence of the mysterious blast 13 years after the cataclysmic explosion Early on the morning of June 30, 1908, a massive explosion shook central Siberia. Tunguska asteroid may have been only 30 to 50 meters across, had air shock waves which toppled 80 million trees.

  30. In 1989 a killer asteroid 300m in diameter missed the Earth by only 6 hours… And we never saw it coming!

  31. Killer Asteroid Project In 2029 Apophis will miss Earth by only 2.08 hours! When Apophis returns in 2036 Will the clock tick down to zero?

  32. Killer Asteroid Project Will your students take up computers to DEFEND the HOME PLANET?