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Truck Division

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Truck Division Forwarding Division Train Organization Our History In 1980 the various family firms devoted to transportation merged, and created Nordossola Trasporti Srl

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Truck Division

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Truck Division

Forwarding Division

Train Organization

Our History

In 1980 the various family firms devoted to transportation merged, and created Nordossola Trasporti Srl

Up to 1990, the main work of Nordossola Trasporti Srl concerned national warehousing and transportation of building materials and blocks of granite from the Ossola valleys.

From 1990 to 2007 the company Nordossola started to increase international transportation primarily in Spain, thus creating a full load import/export market for itself.

In April 2007 it started to expand in Europe by opening a branch in Brno in the Czech Republic and increasing its full load road-train transportation from the office in Crodo to Europe, thus being able to greatly satisfy its clients.

In February 2008, the opening of a branch in Verona with professional and qualified staff capable of satisfying the enormous number of clients in Veneto by using Jumbo trucks in addition to the the classic full load and part load, represents a further possibility of development for Nordossola Trasporti Srl

In Oktober 2009 we have open the new activity in Tavazzano (25 km from Milan) with warehouse possibility and a new forwarding office with qualificated person and specialized dor Est Europe transport.

At start from the January 2010, we begin the New Division “Train organization” from the Terminal in Domodossola to Germany and Holland.

First Transport company who make Train organisation for other Transport Company

a transport company who transports transporters
A Transport Company who transports Transporters
  • During a particularly difficult period for European transports societies, Nordossola Trasporti with current departures from Domodossola’s Terminal, will start off with a totally new service as railway’s promoter which will have remarkable benefits in all fields: organizing, technical, timing, but especially economical benefits.
  • Train will have daily frequency from Monday to Friday and when you decide to ship your trucks with daily frequency from 3 up to 6 Units on our train, Friday’s departures are free compared to your actual service suppliers.
  • We can offer you the 20 % discount in comparison to your actual freight rate.(by showing proving document)
  • Moreover with our departures and arrivals timetable, you won’t lose anymore the departure on the same loading day.
  • You will have time until 10 p.m., either in Domodossola or in Köln, to handle to us your unit so that it can depart on the same day and collect the units which arrives on the same train so that you can arrive on time for opening at unloading site practically anywhere you wish to go, re-load your truck and so creating a round-trip from 1 up to 6 units on our Terminal.
  • This way, with limited places, we can guarantee a service and an homogeneous spare towards all companies and the train won’t belong in majority to one haulier, but it will be the train of all TRANSPORTERS.
  • We will organize and manage it for You, but the real benefits will be all for You!
  • Forward, in the next slides you will find more about this service…….

Train Services with LOW COSTS

  • No waiting time in the Terminal to load and unload truck’s
  • From 1 to max 6 unit’s for each Company with one year contract
  • 20% discount from the price that you pay now!
  • Innovation system to move with the Train through Europe
  • ADR possibility in transit

Nordossola Trasporti Srl

Train & Transport Organisation

Via Molinetto, 50

I-28862 Crodo

Telefon +39 0324 61239

Fax +39 0324 61298

For info

Alexander Gieren

Mobile +39 345 2321780