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  1. Bonjour! Hello! Ni hao! Buon Giorno! Al salaam a’ alykum!  Guten Tag! Konichiwa! Hola! Zdravstvuite!

  2. Be the AP teacher’s best friend:AP-style Assessments in Level I and beyond… SWCOLT- Salt Lake City February 2008

  3. Session Documents may be accessed at Young,World Language SpecialistMesa Public SchoolsMesa,

  4. Disclaimers: • "communicative, comprehensible, meaning-based, embedded grammar, using the 4 skills naturally, proficiency, fluency, etc....." • presentation style matters • mix it up • use technology • attitude matters • teach… and have a life!

  5. AP Exam Break-down • Listening • Reading • Writing • points for fill-ins • points for verb fill-ins • points for essay • Speaking l

  6. Writing Assessments • Purpose • Not a mathematical equation • Coming from an inner dialogue • Look for structures rather than individual words • Four Tools • Free Writing • Focused Writing • Fill-Ins • Timed Writing

  7. presentation matters Free Writing • No prompt or a simple prompt • Regular class activity • Students should be familiar with expectations

  8. Focused Writing • Choose one (or two max.) topics of focus • Have students underscore their use of the focus topic • Meta-cognitive • Ease of grading • Students should be familiar with expectations • Quick turn-around

  9. Fill-Ins • Use for bellringers, listening comprehension, & exams • Excellent assessment of the internal fluency • Word bank for beginning students or complex structures

  10. Fill-ins • LOW-TECH APPROACHES • Create your own (i.e. who/ which) People _____ live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. The term “glass houses” refers to the reality of people _____ have fragile egos. As for “stones”, this is a metaphor, _____ may be translated to mean criticism or judgment. • Copy a passage and white out words

  11. Fill-ins Continued • HIGH-TECH APPROACHES Shrek:Dragon & Donkey’s First Meeting (i.e. imperfect vs. perfect past tenses) The dragon ___ (be) angry and ___ (roar) at Donkey. Donkey _____ (fear) the dragon, but he ___ (tell) the dragon that she ___ (have) nice teeth. The dragon ___ (fall) in love with Donkey. Donkey ___ (be) not interested in Dragon and ___ (try) to escape!

  12. Quick Tips for Saving Youtube Clips PC: save as .flv or .avi MAC: save as .mov ideas include: commercials, music videos, movie clips *always ensure that clips and searches are “school appropriate”

  13. Fill-ins Continued • Quia- • requires Java • Cloze • Word Games/ Activities • individually • group work

  14. presentation matters Speaking • Story Re-tell • Spontaneous Speaking

  15. StoryRetell • Speak for a designated time after a story has been presented • Begin with participation assessment, then increase accountability

  16. Story Retell Continued • LOW-TECH APPROACH • Write a sequenced word bank for beginning students, then remove key words Once upon a time, Starbuck’s closed its doors for 3 hours. All over America, weeping could be heard, and people were reported wandering aimlessly in neighborhood parking lots. Alas, a new day dawned, and Americans forgot their woes with their first cup of joe. • Read or discuss a story, then retell with partners, in groups, as a class, with teacher

  17. Story Retell Continued • HIGH-TECH APPROACH • watch a video clip, clip 2 • listen to a news clip or story (example from, “The Chinese Years of the Animals”) • retell with partners, in groups, as a class, with teacher

  18. Spontaneous Speaking • Series of related events • Students can create if there are no suitable masters available • Students should be familiar with expectations • Prep time • 1-2 minutes recorded or in person • Schedule a self-driven activity for class if conducting assessment one-on-one

  19. The Montillation of Traxoline It is very important that you learn about traxoline. Traxoline is a new form of zionter. It is montilled on Cerostamma. The Ceristannians gristeriate large amounts of fevon and then bracter it to quasel traxoline. Traxoline may well be one of our most lukized snezlaus in the future because of our zointer lescelidge. Sure you can! • What is traxoline? • Where is traxoline montilled? • How is traxoline quaselled? • Why is it important to know about traxoline? Can you fake comprehension?

  20. Listening • Class Culture • Procedures • TPR • i.e. Weekend Update • Traditional Listening Activities • Realia/ Media

  21. Classroom Procedures/ TPR • Classroom procedures in the target language • Total Physical Response • Psychomotor thinking skill • Berty Segal chart • • Materials-> Test/Continuum • First six weeks for listening foundation

  22. DialogueCompleters • Listen to a dialogue, then conclude the dialogue with an appropriate statement -Hello, Ma’am. How may I help you? -Yes, one ticket for Salt Lake City, please. (A) Will that be round trip or one-way? (B) I will have to see about that. (C) You haven’t punched your ticket yet. (D) That’s at gate 30. • Many textbooks use this format. • Have students write one or two sets.

  23. Realia/ Media • Commercials (preview for school-appropriateness!) • Video Series • News links

  24. LocatingReadingMaterials • Anything in the textbook: in addition to the main readings, SCRAP for cultural notes, descriptions of graphics, signage in pictures, even instructions.

  25. Children’s books, short stories, novels, theater pieces • Magazines, newspapers, postcards, letters, product labels, CD covers • Online resources: online newspapers/ magazines, tourism websites, museum websites, services websites (i.e. airlines, passport agency), & E-BOOKS (see below) • •

  26. Reading • General Education Reading Assessment • Knowledge Level • matching, true-false, multiple choice • Comprehension Level • short answer, translation • Application Level • fill in the blank • Analysis Level • sequencing

  27. Rubrics • Purpose • Communicate expectations to students • Set parameters for grading • Speed the grading process • Provide concise feedback to students • Resources • AP Rubrics for Writing & Speaking • Rubric Generators

  28. Ultimate Have a life Tip Use the internet to search for all kinds of rubrics, activities, ideas, reading materials, etc. think specific textbook specific targeted structure join a listserv exploit their files be selective about reading posts

  29. Be your own best friend! • Take away one or two ideas, and make them your own • Belief check • relax about grammar • enjoy the language and your students’ giftedness • Congratulate yourself for already being an effective teacher