solar energy for the win n.
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Solar Energy For The Win!

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Solar Energy For The Win! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Solar Energy For The Win!. Corey Pierce And Matt Rabold. General description of the number one alternative fuel source. Solar energy can be converted into electrical energy a few different ways, the simplest and easiest to understand is through the use of solar panels, so lets focus on those.

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solar energy for the win

Solar Energy For The Win!




general description of the number one alternative fuel source
General description of the number one alternative fuel source
  • Solar energy can be converted into electrical energy a few different ways, the simplest and easiest to understand is through the use of solar panels, so lets focus on those.
  • These panels are called Photovoltaic panels and they convert the sun’s rays directly
  • They do this by absorbing the sun’s rays were the solar energy excites the solar cell’s electrons, the electrons give off friction resulting in a direct electrical current.
  • However this direct current or DC current can not be used right away it must first be converted to an alternating current or AC current at around 120 volts by an inverter before it will be suitable for most house hold applications.
solar thermal power plants
Solar Thermal Power Plants
  • What about these things called “Solar Thermal Power Plants” you may be asking yourself, well for the sake of this assignment we’re glad you asked! 
  • This one is a little bit different so stay with us. This process uses one unique fact about solar rays, they’re warm!
  • This process uses solar panels to collect solar energy but instead of converting it into electricity it uses its warmth to heat water or non toxic anti- freeze liquids that circulate through tubes, the liquids then once warmed are carried to large tanks of water where they transfer their energy heating the water.
  • This water is then used for a multitude of purposes, like making electricity or taking a warm shower.
  • Remember Solar thermal power simply heats liquids, it doesn’t necessarily create electricity!
  • 1.) Solar energy is everywhere! As long as the sun shines we can collect its energy.
  • 2.) Solar panels will operate even in the vacuum of space, where they can be set up and used in earths orbit out of the way.
  • 3.) Photovoltaic technology is rapidly evolving, new and more efficient panels are being developed every year.
  • 4.) The Sun’s Rays are powerful just ask this guy!
advantages of solar power

Advantages of Solar Power

Solar cells are totally silent

Solar cells require very little maintenance

youcan save money in the long run

solar powered products are also very easy to install

more information
More Information

Most solar cells are made from silicon, and are fairly expensive to construct

There is little chance that silicon solar cells will be very popular in the future of alternative energy

Alternative materials as abundant as silicon could reduce the cost of solar cells

Recent studies at Berkley have shown that nine semiconducting are abundant enough to meet or exceed annual worldwide energy demand, with significant raw material cost-reduction.

s olar h ouses
Solar Houses

A robust solar electricsystem will cost about $20,000

For a remote cabin, the cost is generally much cheaper than hooking upto the grid

A solar energy system big enough to power a computer and a few other small items might cost you between $700 &$1000

A full solar-system could pay for itself after 11 years

Electric Companies pay for unused electricity sent back into the power grid

The government often gives incentives to those investing in renewable energy sources such as solar energy