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FIR filters

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FIR filters. ELG6163 Miodrag Bolic. Outline. FIR filters Structures Polyphase FIR filters Parallel polyphase FIR Decimated FIR Implementations of FIR filters. Sequential application specific processor. A processor tuned only for a particular application

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fir filters

FIR filters


Miodrag Bolic

  • FIR filters
    • Structures
    • Polyphase FIR filters
    • Parallel polyphase FIR
    • Decimated FIR
  • Implementations of FIR filters
sequential application specific processor
Sequential application specific processor
  • A processor tuned only for a particular application
  • Can be used for low-power implementations
  • Word lengths can be adjusted to the current problem.
  • Example: FIR filter
direct form fir filter
Direct form FIR filter

Copied from [Wanhammer99]

transposed fir
Transposed FIR

Copied from [Wanhammer99]

  • Design an N-tap transposed linear-phase FIR filter as a sequential application specific processor. Use only one multiplier and show how processing time can be decreased twice.

Hint: design a transposed FIR filter structure as in the previous slide but allow for generating the sums in reversed order PSN-1, PSN-2, …, PS1, y(n).

Copied from [Wanhammer99]

general purpose processor architecture
General purpose processor architecture
  • FIR example
  • We will study RISC architectures
  • Single-cycle processor
    • Implementation of add and load instructions
  • Pipelined implementation
    • Why do all instructions have the same number of cycles
example digital filtering
Example: Digital Filtering
  • The basic FIR Filter equation is

Where h[k] is an array of constants


For (n=0; n<N;n++)


For (k = 0;k<N;k++)

//inner loop

y[n] = y[n] + h[k]*x[n-k];}

Only Multiply and Accumulate (MAC) is needed!

In C language

Copied from Rony Ferzli:

mac using general purpose processor gpp
MAC using General Purpose Processor (GPP)






Copied from Rony Ferzli:

mac using dsp
MAC using DSP
  • Harvard Architecture allows multiple memory reads




Copied from Rony Ferzli: