american and french revolutions n.
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American and French Revolutions

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American and French Revolutions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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American and French Revolutions. Day 1. American Revolution Prezi. Day 2. American Revolution Prezi. Day 3. French Revolution Prezi. Day 4. French Revolution Prezi. Day 5. Napoleon. DO NOW. LOOKING FORWARD. Recap. Estates General National Assembly Republic Reign of Terror

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Presentation Transcript
day 1
Day 1
  • American Revolution Prezi
day 2
Day 2
  • American Revolution Prezi
day 3
Day 3
  • French Revolution Prezi
day 4
Day 4
  • French Revolution Prezi
day 5
Day 5
  • Napoleon
  • Estates General
  • National Assembly
  • Republic
  • Reign of Terror
    • Guillotine
  • Directory
napoleon bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte
  • 1804: France’s first emperor
  • 1802-1805: Increased the efficiency of the French government
    • Napoleon’s Code: made all citizens equal before the law, provided for trial by jury and religious freedom
    • Public school system
    • Legion of Honor: honor society for people who performed important services to France
    • Fair tax system
  • Gave France order, stability and equality
napoleon bonaparte1
Napoleon Bonaparte
  • 1805-1815: Napoleonic Wars
    • Led the French to victories over Austria, Russia and Prussia
    • Invaded Portugal and Spain
    • Controlled most of the continent of Europe
maps before and after
Maps: Before and After
  • Open “4.Napoleon.Maps” from the Unit 4 folder of Edmodo
  • Write down/ take notes on three similarities and three differences between the maps
napoleon bonaparte2
Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Continental System: European countries were ordered not to buy goods from or sell to Britain
  • 1812: Invades Russia (BAD idea!)
  • 1814: Exile to Elba
  • 1815: Hundred Days Campaign
  • 1815: Battle of Waterloo
  • 1815-1821: St. Helena
hero or tyrant
Hero or Tyrant?



A cruel or oppressive leader

A person who is to be admired for his courage or noble qualities

exit ticket
Exit Ticket
  • What was one quality of the Napoleonic Code?
  • What title did Napoleon give himself in 1804?
  • What was the goal of the Continental System?
  • Who did Napoleon invade in 1812, with disastrous results?
  • What was the result of the Hundred Days Campaign?
day 6
Day 6

Unification of Italy and Germany

looking forward1
Looking Forward
  • French Revolution Menu Project due tomorrow
  • Unit 4 Test: TUESDAY
    • Review Day: Monday
  • Why did the Americans revolt against the British?
  • Why did the Third Estate revolt from the Estates General?
  • What were the goals of these Revolutions?
  • Today: Other Revolutions
the congress of vienna
The Congress of Vienna
  • Post Napoleon: How can Europe keep this from happening again?
  • Klemens von Metternich (Austrian) organizes a conferenceThe Congress of Vienna
  • Goal: Establish a balance of power
    • Restore legitimacy
    • Ethnic groups should not rule themselves
    • Redraw the map of Europe
european revolutions in 1830 and 1848
European Revolutions in 1830 and 1848
  • Conservatives: Want to conserve their way of life (back to the pre-Napoleon, “old” way)
  • Liberals: Welcome changes, try to bring about more, democracy
  • 1830
  • French: even more turmoil
  • Belgians: Win independence from the Dutch
  • 1848
  • Frankfurt Assembly
  • Reform Bills in Britain
group work
Group Work

1. Research your group’s revolution online OR in your textbook

2. Create a three-slide KeyNote presentation to teach the rest of the class

  • Who was involved?
  • What did they want to happen?
  • Where did this take place?
  • When did this take place?
  • Why were they rebelling?
  • How did the Revolution end? (Was it successful?)



do now2
Do Now
  • Write your name on the post it note on your desk
  • Read this question:

Which of the following best describes the goals of the American Revolution, French Revolutions and Belgian Revolution?

a. Establish a limited monarch

b. Reestablish absolute monarchies

c. Ensure protection of the rights of all people

d. Build up armies

3. Put your post-it note on the poster that corresponds to what you think is the correct choice

looking forward2
Looking Forward
  • French Revolution Menu Project due today
  • TEST on Tuesday
    • Study Blue up!
    • Notes
    • Edmodo
unification of germany
Unification of Germany
  • Germany: lots of different states
    • Goal: create one, strong German nation (nationalism)
    • Prussia = the strongest
    • Frankfurt Assembly = failed
  • Otto von Bismarck
    • Policy of “blood and iron”
    • Realpolitik
map skills
Map Skills
  • Which was the largest German state?
  • Which German state was next to Denmark?
  • Alsace and Lorraine border what country?
  • The two empires bordering the German Empire were…?
unification of germany1
Unification of Germany
  • 1867: Bismarck establishes the North German Confederation
    • Northern German states under Prussian leadership
    • Four southern states refused (Catholic)
  • Militarism: demonstration of military strength
  • Franco-Prussian War
  • 1871: German Empire established
    • King William I of Prussia
  • How was militarism closely linked to nationalism in Germany leading up to 1871?
the risorgimiento
The Risorgimiento
  • Italy: disunited, wanted to become one nation
    • Blocked by the French
  • Count Camillo Cavour
    • Provoked the Austrians into war with the French
  • Piedmont: controlled most northern Italian states
map skills1
Map Skills
  • The Kingdom of Sardinia was linked to:
  • Most of southern Italy was part of the Kingdom of:
  • The year in which most of the Italian states were united with Piedmont was:
  • The city of _____ did not become a part of the Italian nation until:
  • Two powerful nations that border Italy were:
garibaldi and the red shirts
Garibaldi and the Red Shirts
  • Giuseppe Garibaldi led1,000 soldiers called the “Red Shirts”
  • Captured the Papal States to include in Piedmont
  • 1870: Kingdom of Italy united under King Emmanuel I
  • What did Garibaldi do to help unify Italy?
  • What areas were added to the Kingdom of Italy in 1866 and 1870?