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A Notso Perfect Pregnancy

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A Notso Perfect Pregnancy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Notso Perfect Pregnancy. By Gabrielle Ybarra. YOU’RE WHAT?!. That’s the reaction most people get when they are told that someone they know is pregnant, either good or bad. After People FINALLY Calm Down…. You need to know what to do to keep you and the baby healthy!. And to know that….

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A Notso Perfect Pregnancy

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a notso perfect pregnancy

A Notso Perfect Pregnancy

By Gabrielle Ybarra

you re what

That’s the reaction most people get when they are told that someone they know is pregnant, either good or bad.

after people finally calm down
After People FINALLY Calm Down…
  • You need to know what to do to keep you and the baby healthy!
and to know that
And to know that…
  • You need to do your research.
well i actually happen to know
Well, I actually happen to know…
  • About a paper that includes a lot of the information you need to know about pregnancy’s do’s and don’ts…
it s actually written by
It’s actually written by…
  • The one and only… ME! 
it includes
It includes…

Why you shouldn’t smoke,

  • Many other things. Read A Notso Perfect Pregnancy and find out all there is to know about being pregnant.
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