2012 destination imagination training for score room n.
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2012 Destination ImagiNation Training for Score Room PowerPoint Presentation
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2012 Destination ImagiNation Training for Score Room

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2012 Destination ImagiNation Training for Score Room - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2012 Destination ImagiNation Training for Score Room
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  1. 2012 Destination ImagiNation Training for Score Room Manny Alvarez & Steve Donley Liberally plagiarised from many experts Thanks to all that have contributed!

  2. Useful email addresses Cell Phone Numbers Score Room Masters

  3. Important Websites • Destination ImagiNationhttp://www.idodi.org • Capital Region Destination ImagiNationhttp://capital.texasdi.org • Score Site http://www.nh-di.org/discoring • DI Appraiser Basics http://www.diuniversity.org

  4. You can’t tell anybody! You have to be get it correct (accurate !) You must stay all day (7am-finished) You will probably go crazy from looking at numbers You know who wins first! In charge of tournament. No score room = no tournament Free food! (breakfast and lunch) Good Vs. Bad of being part of the Score Room

  5. Overview of the Training • Score Room Mission • 2012 Challenges • Score Room Mission • Paperwork Flowchart • Scoring Guidelines • Individual Jobs for Score Room • Handling Problems • Final Thoughts

  6. 2012 Challenges

  7. Challenges & Texas Colors • A: Assembly Required Orange/Salmon • B: The Solar StageYellow • C: Coming Attractions Blue • D: News to Me Pink/Red • E: Hold it! Green • PO:The World Canvas Grey • IC     Purple • Score room   Black • Rising Stars Built to Last White

  8. Primary Mission • The primary Mission of a DI Score Room is to provide the announcer at the conclusion of a tournament with an accurate list of place finishes for the teams that competed at that tournament. • Help keep the tournament running smoothly • Get everyone home at a reasonable hour • Goal: All scores Complete 1 hr before the award ceremony • Accuracy • Efficiency • Timeliness

  9. Accuracy is foremost. The suggested procedures result in all scoring operations being done twice by independent people. These two people must agree on the resulting computation. Never erase a score Initial ALL changes Score Room Mission

  10. Efficiency is defined as computing the final scores by the time that the Tournament Director expects them to be done. Typically final scores are available about an hour or less after the last team performance. Score Room Mission • Efficiency is secondary to Accuracy.

  11. Score Room Mission • Timeliness • Process paperwork ASAP • Don’t Hold on to Packets! Process and move on to the next step, then file! • Have everything completed well before the scheduled awards ceremony

  12. Data Entry 1 Final Score storage area Paperwork Flow - Central Appraisers Appraisers Challenge Sites Appraisers Appraisers Appraisers Head Appraiser Appraisal Team Organizer Team Manager Runner Logs all Time(s) In Time(s) Out Score Room Gate Keeper Results TM, HA Checker Paper Work Manager File Manager Data Entry 2

  13. Data Entry 2 Data Entry 1 Final Score storage area Paperwork Flow - Hybrid Appraisers Challenge Sites Appraisers Appraisers Team Manager Appraisers Appraisers Head Appraiser HA & TM Copy Appraisal Team Organizer Checker (optional) Runner Check digits and / or USB Flash Drive electronic check Logs all Time(s) In Time(s) Out Gate Keeper Score Room Checker (optional) Paper Work Manager File Manager

  14. Objective - Non-averaged scores 0, 5, 10, 15 all appraisers agree Subjective - Averaged scores USS Appraiser ranges 1-30 will vary between appraisers Rounding – Score program does this for us 2 digits to right of decimal .666 > .67 and .333 > .33 Zero Score if element is not present all appraisers scoring that element must agree it was not there Deductions all appraisers must agree reason(s) must be noted Deduction Worksheet with highlighted entry Scoring Guidelines

  15. Individual Responsibilities • Appraiser • Appraisal Team Organizer- Site • Score checkers • Computer operators • Score runner • Gate keeper • Paperwork Manager • Score Room Challenge Master

  16. Appraiser • Complete the Appraiser Score Sheet • Must complete all assigned items and no more! • Must be legible • Must agree on all deductions, zero scores or non averaged scores (0, 5, 10, 15)

  17. Appraisal Team Organizer • Collect Appraiser forms, envelope and all paperwork from the team. • Check for legibility and any missing items • Place all paperwork in envelope, give to runner to deliver to checker & Computer Operator • Receive Head Appraiser and Team copies from computer operator - log times in for Head Appraiser. • Log times when team has received their copy

  18. Making up the Score Packet • Team label on the upper left corner of envelope • Please put the papers in this order—it really helps • Deductions worksheet • Weigh-in sheet (Structure only) • Weight held sheet (Structure only) • Appraisers sheets • in the order that they appear on the printed Appraiser Assignment sheet form • Prep area sheet • Everything else last • No score-relevant information • Stickies on the special stickies sheet stay at the appraisal site to give back to Team manager with team scores • ONLY positive comments! Trash inappropriate ones… Label Status Dots

  19. Score Checkers • Check incoming score sheets for completeness & legibility • Check Weight help calculation (structure only) • Write initials next to calculation if in score room • Check order of paperwork • Deduction Work sheet • Weigh-in Sheet (structure only) • Weight held sheet (structure only) • Appraiser sheets (in order) • Prep Area sheet • extra material last • Pass to Computer Operators. • Optionally trade off with Computer operators

  20. Checking Scores • Never have two team’s paperwork out in your work area at once! • If your Head Appraiser needs you to look at something, put the current team’s paper away! • After checking, please put the score sheets in the order that they appear on the printed Appraiser Assignment sheet form before sending to score room.

  21. Score Checker • Ensure Legibility • Common Errors • Subjective vs Objective • Objective all must agree • Range • Deductions

  22. Computer Operators • Will use provided Computers & Printers • Computer Proficiency very helpful! • Importance of accuracy in typing numbers • 1st Entry Operators • Enter scores from appraiser sheets • Check weight held calculation if not already initialed • Place all remaining paperwork in team envelope and pass to 2nd entry computer operator • 2nd Entry Operators • Reenter scores from appraiser sheets • Check is automatically done when saved • Occasionally enter bad data to verify check • Print 1 Team, 1 Head Appraiser and 1 Score Room Copy • Score Room Copy into envelope • Team and HA copies get returned to site in folder • Can download program and be familiar with it (http://www.nh-di.org/discoring)

  23. Tournament Summary Window • Scoreboard for the tournament • number of teams • number whose scores are incomplete • when they should finish • when the scores were printed • Drill down to a challenge level

  24. Drilling Down to Enter Scores • List of teams in a challenge level • performance time • status • being scored? • TC done? • IC Done?

  25. Enter Team Scores (Detail Mode with Appraisers) • Results in fewest errors • Requires data entry of all appraisers’ scores • No Number Cruncher needed (Appraisal team Organizer instead) • Computer verifies ranges • Verifies appraiser agreement for objective scores • Computer calculates it all • Computer scales the final results and prints them

  26. Error Checking

  27. Entering Item-Specific Deductions • Click on the square checkbox to the left of the item’s title • Fill in the deduction value and the reason • Note that deductions can be a percent of the awarded score (not the max score!) Click on “OK” to close the deduction dialog box

  28. Setting up or changing Appraisers 1 2 3 Best to assign a single appraiser for entering Other Deductions!

  29. Score Runners • Very Important Job! • Introduce yourself to Head Appraiser, Appraisal Team Organizer and Gate Keeper • Pick up completed score packets from competition sites • Team challenges • Instant challenges • Deliver score packets to score room check-in • Make scheduled runs

  30. Gate Keeper • Accept all incoming packets • Log in and out times on IC/TC Check Lists • Log out paperwork leaving score room for questions. • Do not let unauthorized individuals in score room

  31. Paperwork Manager • Pick up incoming folders from gatekeeper and transfer to the correct computer operator • Pick up completed folders from Computer Operators. • Deliver HA and Team score printouts to return folder • File folders in appropriate boxes by challenge and update checklist • If scores are pulled after filing, hand walk the returned envelope to computer operators and identify actions needed

  32. Score Room Challenge Master • Knowledge of • the challenges • scoring program • how calculations are done • all score room jobs • Recruit and train • appraisal team organizers • score room personnel

  33. How to Handle Issues • Talk with your score room leader • Mark team with an Issue in the program • Enter explanation in Modify Team dialog box • Print Appraiser Feedback form or use “yellow sticky” to describe issue • Put all paperwork in the package • Put on a red sticker • Log team red in the Check-In program • Return to team challenge room for correction

  34. Issues Form (Modify Team dialog)

  35. Processing Issues (cont.) When a red sticker packet comes back in • Log it in • Goes to head of the queue for the first computer • It is an older packet than those we’re processing • Could be from • A change we requested • A change the Head Appraiser is requesting • They can cover our green sticker with red

  36. Sticker Management Good packet after 1st entry – put a green sticker on packet Bad packet during 1st entry – put a red sticker on packet – return for problem resolution MJA Good packet after 2nd entry and check – initial green sticker – Send to File Bad packet during 2nd entry – add red sticker – return for problem resolution Problem resolved and re-run through 1st entry – add a green sticker Good packet after 2nd entry and check – initial green sticker – Send to file MJA

  37. Entering Item-Specific Deductions • Click on the square checkbox to the left of the item’s title • Fill in the deduction value and the reason • Note that deductions can be a percent of the awarded score (not the max score!) Click on “OK” to close the deduction dialog box

  38. Entering “Other” Deductions • Deductions are not normally editable as a safety measure. • To enable: • Right click in the score area • Select “Modify Deductions” • Or, “Alt-D” for you keyboard types • All deductions MUST have a reason • Entered in the second computer

  39. Instant Challenge • IC Scores can be calculated by the score program again this year. • 1st set instant challenge to be used • Note: No information about the challenge is shown in the score program. Preserves IC confidentiality • The rest works just like Team Challenge.

  40. Practice • Some people will not be doing data entry • Everyone should be familiar with the scoring program • In case of illness, etc. • If you haven’t used it before, please download it and practice http://www.nh-di.org/discoring/

  41. Scoring Goals • Ensure that every team gets the full credit they deserve for their challenge solution • And only the credit they deserve • Turn scores around promptly • Allows team managers to review them • Maintain the confidentiality of the scores • Never leave your paperwork unattended • Let everyone get home at a reasonable hour • Have fun in the process

  42. QUESTIONS! • Ask and we’ll see if we can answer.

  43. Thank You! … for your time. … for your generosity. … for your service.