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Lines 166-179.

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Fronte sub adversascopulispendentibusantrum,Under the opposite face (there is) a cave (made) from suspended stone,intusaquaedulcesvivoquesediliasaxo,within (are) sweet waters and seats (made) from living rock,nympharumdomus: hic fessas non vinculanavisthe house of nymphs: here not any (i.e. no) chains hold tired shipsullatenent, unco non alligatancoramorsu.No anchor binds (them) with its hooked bite.

Hucseptem Aeneas collectisnavibusomniAeneas enters here with seven ships gathered from the entireex numerosubit; ac magnotelluris amorenumber; and with great love of the landegressioptatapotiunturTroesharena,the Trojans leaving/disembarking take possession of the longed-for sand,et sale tabentisartus in litoreponunt.And place their limbs dripping with salt on the shore.

Ac primumsiliciscintillamexcuditAchates, 175 and first Achates struck a spark with flint,succepitqueignemfoliis, atquearida circumand took up the fire with leaves, and so gave dry nourishments around,nutrimentadedit, rapuitque in fomiteflammam.And seized the flame in the tinder.

TumCereremcorruptamundisCerealiaquearmaThen the grain (lit. Ceres) ruined/spoiled by the waves, and the tools for preparing the grain, expediuntfessirerum, frugesquereceptasthe (men) tired from the events (i.e. the storm) extricate, and the recovered produceet torrereparantflammis et frangeresaxo.And they prepare to roast (it) by flammes and to grind (it) with a stone.