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Jason’s Rules PowerPoint Presentation
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Jason’s Rules

Jason’s Rules

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Jason’s Rules

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  1. Jason’s Rules

  2. A photograph can show lots of things about you. Your school uniform, where you live and exactly what you look like to identify you in real life. Rule 1 Never post a picture of yourself or friends online you don’t want your Mum or Gran to see. And bingo. I can get all the information I need with a little Internet research. Kids don’t have a clue what “James Bond” here is up to. Isn’t she lovely. I got it from her boyfriend’s profile. Thanks for that mate, I owe you one.

  3. Rule 2 Make sure your user settings are kept to private so only your real friends can get in. I couldn’t believe my luck no passwords nothing. All it took was a few clicks and I’d got her email, IM account, mobile number. Pop in her address and I’ve got a bird’s eye view of where she lives.

  4. Rule 3 Make sure you know who is on your buddy list. Someone you think is your friend may not be a friend at all. I knew her every move. Watch she’s going to turn left and hang out at the shops for fifteen minutes We’ve had lots of chats online. We got pretty close.

  5. Rule 4 Report Abuse. There is someone I can tell without getting into trouble..

  6. Rule 4 Report Abuse. There is someone I can tell without getting into trouble.. I never thought anyone would use that stuff against me. I should have kept my profile private and should have known who I was talking to. Now my pictures are out there for ever and there’s nothing I can do to get them back I hadn’t thought about who else could see my stuff on my profile. I was just thinking how good I looked to my friends and my boyfriend in year 10. Poor old Justin. Turns out it’s his turn to have people pay him a visit. Now its his turn to get a nasty surprise. You see it took me a while, but I realised I had to do something. I had to make it STOP.