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Faithful Budget webinar

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Faithful Budget webinar - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome . Faithful Budget webinar . Faithful Budget Campaign All our faith traditions place people who are impoverished and marginalized at the forefront of concern.  The current fiscal debates – at their heart – are a struggle for the soul of our nation and its moral conscience .

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doug grace

Faithful Budget Campaign

All our faith traditions place people who are impoverished and marginalized at the forefront of concern.  The current fiscal debates – at their heart – are a struggle for the soul of our nation and its moral conscience.

We grieve at the soaring gap between rich and poor; faith and fairness require that we preserve and strengthen vital lifelines for people who are struggling to overcome hardship and poverty in the US and abroad. The faithful way forward to fiscal health calls for a focus on job creation, revenue increases, a shared commitment to the common good, and cuts in unnecessary military spending.

Doug Grace
aura kanegis

Director, Office of Public Policy and AdvocacyAmerican Friends Service Committee

Aura Kanegis

This Fall, join with faith communities across the country who will unite to pray and ask Congress for a just and compassionate federal budget; a “faithful budget.”

cnn money
House Speaker John Boehner drew a line in the sand on taxes on Thursday, saying that a special debt committee tasked with cutting at least $1.2 trillion from federal deficits shouldn't consider tax hikes.

"Tax increases, I think, are off the table," Boehner said.

CNN Money
“I’m off the committee” if there are deeper cuts to the military, [AZ Sen. John] Kyl warned at a forum sponsored by several conservative think tanks… “my point of view is that defense should not have any more cuts.”Politico
serving human needs makes economic sense

Every $1 of SNAP benefits generates $1.73‐$1.79 in economic growth.

  • Every $1 in refundable tax credits, like the EITC and child tax credit, generates $1.26 in economic growth.
  • Every $1 dollar on unemployment insurance benefits generates an estimated $1.63 in economic growth.
Serving human needs makes economic sense
rev j herbert nelson pc usa
Rev. J. Herbert Nelson  PC(USA)

Civil Disobedience in the Capitol

Religious Leaders pray for vulnerable people in the Capitol Rotunda prior to being arrested during the budget debate.

wisc faithful budget campaign timeline

Faithful budget prayer vigils each Tuesday at 12:30 Eastern. Join us, whether in body or in spirit. (Next to the nation’s Capitol on the lawn of the United Methodist Church Building.)

  • October 4& 5 - National call-in days to Congress
  • October 14 – Congress must send recommendations for deficit reduction to Super-committee
  • November 13th - Sunday “Super Vigil”
  • November 23rd – deadline for Super-committee to pass deficit reduction proposal
  • December 23rd – deadline for Congress to pass proposal, without amendment.
WISC Faithful budget Campaign timeline
congressional recesses meet with your members of congress at home

NOW through Oct 2 - Congressional recess.

  • October 7-10 – Congressional recess.
  • October 17-21 – House recess.
  • October 24-28 – Senate recess.
  • November 7-11 – House recess
  • November 21-28 – House recess
Congressional recesses – Meet with your Members of Congress at home!
faithful budget website
Faithful budget website


action toolkit make your voice heard

Organize a meeting with your Member of Congress As a constituent your views are important to Members of Congress. Schedule an appointment to let them know what you think. These resources will help you scheduleand carry out a meetingwith your Member of Congress.

  • Join the National Call-In Days on October 4&5! Ask members of your congregation and community to call your Members of Congress.
  • Host a public prayer vigil Organize an ecumenical prayer vigil at your local Congressional office to pray for wisdom for these decision-makers, demonstrating the concern of people of conscience. Sample litanies can be found here. Be sure invite your Member of Congress and their staff to join you in prayer and alert the media by sharing an advisory like this one with your local media outlets.
  • Letter to Congress from faith leaders in your community Send a letter to your Member of Congress sharing your views. Use this letter as a template.
  • Letters to the editor from people in your congregation Use our template to help you write your letter and make it personal. If you cite your Member of Congress by name, their staff is sure to see the letter and take note!
  • Educate your community with Sunday service additions
  • Join the super-vigil on November 13.
  • Learn more!
Action Toolkit: Make Your Voice Heard!