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Northern Cambria Community Development Corporation (NCCDC) PowerPoint Presentation
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Northern Cambria Community Development Corporation (NCCDC)

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Northern Cambria Community Development Corporation (NCCDC) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Northern Cambria Community Development Corporation (NCCDC). Established in 1986 to assist with Economic Development after the local economic downfall caused by the fall in the coal mining industry in the 1980’s. NCCDC’s Sample Business Niche. Designated as a Pennsylvania CHDO

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northern cambria community development corporation nccdc

Northern Cambria Community Development Corporation (NCCDC)

Established in 1986 to assist with Economic Development after the local economic downfall caused by the fall in the coal mining industry in the 1980’s

nccdc s sample business niche
NCCDC’s Sample Business Niche
  • Designated as a Pennsylvania CHDO
  • Various types of housing including Elderly and Supportive Housing.
  • Property Management and Property Maintenance
  • Supportive Services and Case Management
  • Economic Development including facilities and programs to support job creation and spur business development.
housing portfolio
Housing Portfolio
  • NCCDC is either the Owner/Manager/Maintenance, Management Agent/Maintenance, and/or a Developing Partner in 16 different properties with over 240 rental units.
  • NCCDC is a developer that is very active in all phases of project construction from Design to Occupancy Permit. NCCDC also manages, provides maintenance, and supportive services to tenants.
elderly housing why
Elderly Housing?? WHY?
  • Business Market that will never dry up. There will always be Elderly Citizens.
  • The Elderly deserve proper care and a clean/safe place to live.
  • Good public perception and welcomed by neighbors.
  • Funding readily available.
  • Think of your Elderly family members and how You would like to have them living. Think of Yourself when You are Elderly and how You would want to live.
  • Elderly Market can be as young as 55+. Increasing market with widowers, disabled, single adults.
where to build elderly housing
Where to Build Elderly Housing?
  • In aging communities where there are elderly citizens. The elderly are very territorial.
  • Communities where the elderly will want to leave.
  • Aging Communities and populations because funding agencies have compliance periods where that population will need to be served over “X” number of years.
  • Communities that welcome the Elderly Housing.
types of construction
Types of Construction
  • Multi-Unit Apartment Building.
  • Duplex with a common interior marriage wall. Garages are an option.
  • Individual Cottages or Individual Homes (manageable sizes). Garages are an option.
construction considerations
Construction Considerations
  • No Steps
  • Handles on Cabinets, Lever Door Hardware
  • Age-in-place designs with accessible clearances and accessible controls. Abundance in lighting (cautions with glare)
  • Showers or Tubs in regional location with Shower Wands, extra grab bars around showers/tubs and toilets.
  • Community Rooms and Central Mail areas. Gardening areas and nature/picnic areas. Community Rooms should be flexible for easy change of use.
  • Pull Cords for Emergency notification and electronic devices to watch porches and lobbies near elevator (if needed).
construction considerations cont
Construction Considerations Cont.
  • Energy Efficiency to keep Utility costs lower.
  • Security Systems and Video Intercoms for larger buildings.
  • Set up the facility for future visual/hearing impaired tenants.
  • Parking usually is not a priority, but public transportation is.
  • Use of Interior colors that are friendly, but brighter than a conventional family housing development.
  • Use of Interior colors for orientation. Each Floor, hallways, common areas, apartments have different colors.
  • Lots of Directional Signage.
important factors
Important Factors
  • Design of Building, Parking Lot, Sidewalks, Landscaping. Future Maintenance Costs are Important to the Future Cash Flow of the Facility.
  • Lawn Size and Ease of Lawn Care.
  • Common Maintenance Materials through Facility.
  • Location to Recreation, Parks, Exercise, Public Transportation, etc.
  • Necessary Operating Costs. Water, Sewer, Taxes, Insurance, etc.
  • Type of Heat, Individual Electric Metered Apartments, Air Conditioning.
services offered to our tenants
Services offered to our tenants
  • Assist with Finances (If approved/needed)
  • Assist with Bills and Bill Paying
services offered to our tenants cont
Services offered to our tenants Cont.
  • Set-Up Personal Care Services
  • Meals on Wheels
  • House Keeping
  • Home Nursing Agencies
  • County Mental Health, Area on Aging, Other County Programs
  • Transportation- Public Bus Routes and Medical Transportation
  • Family Issues and mediation
  • If Other Services are Needed that we do not Perform, we Assist the Tenant to Locate and Start the Necessary Services.
quality of life
Quality of Life
  • Cohesion Amongst Tenants
quality of life cont
Quality of Life Cont.
  • Senior Centers
  • Guest Speakers
  • Senior In-House Activities
    • Cards, Wii, Puzzles,

Building Parties, etc.

problems and setbacks
Problems and setbacks
  • Lack of Communication with Management and Other Tenants
  • Tenants are Afraid to call and be a Nuisance
  • Visitors and Live-Ins
  • Family members Taking Advantage of the Elderly Person’s Housing
  • Drama
  • Excepting Change
    • New Tenants and Neighbor Change
    • Moving from a House to an Apartment