quality of life improvement in nyc n.
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Quality of Life Improvement in NYC PowerPoint Presentation
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Quality of Life Improvement in NYC

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Quality of Life Improvement in NYC - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Quality of Life Improvement in NYC. Abdus Salam Afolabi Aiyedun Sangeeta Bhowmick Kuo-Ann Chiao New York Metropolitan Transportation Council New York May 8, 2011. Quality of Life.

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Quality of Life Improvement in NYC

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quality of life improvement in nyc

Quality of Life Improvement in NYC

Abdus Salam

Afolabi Aiyedun

Sangeeta Bhowmick

Kuo-Ann Chiao

New York Metropolitan Transportation Council

New York

May 8, 2011

quality of life
Quality of Life

Quality of Life is a product of the interplay between social, health, economic and environmental conditions which affect human and social development.





Urban Air Pollution



Source: EPA at http://www.epa.gov/

safetea lu


  • Integrating land use and transportation planning-

requirements in statute and regulation

23 USC.

  • 134 (h)(i) and 135 (d)(1)(E)-Planning factors
      • (D) Increase the accessibility and mobility of people and freight
      • (E)(F) Protect and enhance the environment; Promote energy conservation; Improve the quality of life; Promote consistency between transportation improvements and State and Local planned growth and economic development patterns.



Plaza Development Program

Renewable Times Square

Green light midtown project

Manage roads more efficiently and reduce energy use

Reforest targeted areas of parkland

Promote non-motorized travel

Set a goal of reducing GHG emissions to 30% below 2005 levels by 2030

herald square
Herald Square
  • Before
  • After
nyc bicycle network
NYC Bicycle Network

In June 2009, NYCDOT completed 200 miles of bike lanes in all five boroughs in just 3 years and 1800 miles of bike lanes are planned to be completed by 2030

Provide bicycle parking, support facilities and safety

NYMTC established a bike mobility plan through the year 2015. This is a capital planning process which collects data for the region

nyc safe streets for seniors
NYC Safe Streets for Seniors

NYCDOT extended pedestrian crossing times at cross walks and shortened crossing distances

Altering curbs and sidewalks

Restricting vehicle times

Narrowing roadways

NYMTC will continually update these changes in NYBPM network

nyc safe routes to schools
NYC Safe Routes to Schools

Introduce new traffic pedestrian signals

Addition of exclusive pedestrian crossing time

Speed bumps

Speed boards

High visibility crosswalks

New parking regulations

nyc select bus service
NYC Select Bus Service

MTA NYCT has implemented BRT / SBS style bus service in NYC

BX12 and M15 operate as SBS using the “bus only” lane on designated roads

SBS reduces the travel time by 24 percent

SBS routes are relatively inexpensive ways to fill transit gaps and improve service

Cleaner fuel buses will improve air quality

canal area transportation study
Canal Area Transportation Study

Unique role of Canal Street as regional link between two boroughs and one of the major links with New Jersey

Reduced congestion on Canal Street; provided parallel arterials to Holland Tunnel

Addressed transportation-related safety issues

Canal area transportation study was undertaken using NYBPM

ny nj ct ferry service
NY / NJ / CT Ferry Service
  • Staten Island Ferry is a free service operating since 1905 carrying 65000 passengers per weekday
  • Expand ferry services that operate between Manhattan, New Jersey, Brooklyn, Queens, Rockland, Westchester and LGA.
  • Retrofit ferries and promote use of cleaner fuels
  • NYMTC coded ferry services in NYBPM
nymtc s air quality analysis
  • NYMTC performs semi-annual air quality analyses to ensure all projects conform with NAAQS
  • All these projects helped reduce non-attainment pollutants as per NAAQS and improved quality of life in New York City
national emissions trends
National Emissions Trends

Source: http:// www.fhwa.dot.gov/environment/air_quality/publications/fact_book/page15.cfm

nyc emission trends
NYC Emission Trends



(gm / mile) (gm / mile)

VOC 0.46 0.59

NOx 0.35 10.90

CO 9.13 4.39

national percent change in motor vehicle emissions demographics and travel 1970 2002
National Percent Change in Motor Vehicle Emissions, Demographics, and Travel 1970-2002

Source: http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/environment/air_quality/publications/fact_book/page05.cfm

  • Quality of Life which PlaNYC incorporated in NYC has helped to improve the social, health, economic vitalityand environmental aspects.
  • Conformity has ensured the integration of transportation, and air quality planning, while improving the Quality of Life.
  • Informed decisions have enabled Federal, State and Local officials to balance the important objectives of clean air, the economic well-being of communities, safety, and improved mobility.