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Indirect Rule Day 2

Indirect Rule Day 2. Identify the people What does the man on the left want from the man on the right?. Yuhi Mutara Kigeli. Create a Genocide . Yuhi. Hutu Tutsi Division. Mutara. Rwandan Nationalism. Kigeli.

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Indirect Rule Day 2

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  1. Indirect Rule Day 2

  2. Identify the people What does the man on the left want from the man on the right?

  3. Yuhi Mutara Kigeli

  4. Create a Genocide

  5. Yuhi Hutu Tutsi Division

  6. Mutara Rwandan Nationalism

  7. Kigeli Rwandans wanted an end to the Rwandan Monarchy. In 1961, a vote led by the Social Revolutionaries ended the monarchy removing Kigeli from power. Kigeli was exiled and fled to several African countries before making it to the USA in 1992 Not John Starks but a US Army Captain

  8. Hutu Manifesto argues Hutu and Tutsi cannot share power. They would be on the political right Hutu Left Right Tutsi Left Right

  9. GregoireKayibanda 1960-1973 I am the first Hutu President of Rwanda. I was not in Night of the Living Dead. GregoireKayibanda Night of the Living Dead

  10. Hutu Groups Hutu Parmehutu: Created in 1957 with help of Christian missionaries. Creates Hutu Manifesto suggesting a governmental change. This is the first Hutu group to gain power. MRND: Controls Rwandan politics by removing Kayibanda from power. Group led by Habyarimana and in power until the genocide was stopped by the RPF. CDR: 1990 Hutu right organization believing no peace with Tutsi can ever be made. Educated and training of Interhamwe. InterhamweMilitia group consisting of young adults. Responsible for killings on the ground. FAR: Rwandan armed forces was the Rwandan military. Trained by Belgium and France.

  11. Tutsi Groups Tutsi RANU: Created in 1979 by exiled Tutsis trying to return to Rwanda. Group created in Uganda. Rwandan alliance for national unity in Uganda. Group consists of intellectuals. RPA: Rwandan Patriotic Army. A Tutsi army in Uganda that wants to return to Rwanda after being kicked out of Rwanda in 1959. RPF: Rwandan Patriotic Front created when RANU and RPA merge. The same organization to attack Rwanda in the early 90s. Credited for ending the genocide and removing Hutus from power.


  13. Rwanda Hutus kill Tutsi in 1994 Vs. Burundi Tutsi kill Hutu in 1972 THE DOUBLE GENOCIDE

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