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Hello I’m Stephane Bern. PowerPoint Presentation
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Hello I’m Stephane Bern.

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Hello I’m Stephane Bern.

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Hello I’m Stephane Bern.

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  1. In 1558, Elizabeth came to the throne. She had a lot of ennemies because she was a protestant. The same year, Mary Queen of Scots had challenge her for the throne. But she had failed. And I’ll tell you the story of Mary Queen of Scots. Hello I’m Stephane Bern. I will come back! I swear I will!

  2. But you're only a child... The Scots finally prefered an alliance with France and married her to Francis, heir to the French throne. They became King and Queen of France, in 1559. Obviously he died one year later... So, she came back in Scotland... No! I'm almost 14 and a half! Oh God! They're all protestants now! Rejected by the Scots, She decided to marry her cousin Henry Stuart, heir to the English throne... Hello. It's me, Henry!

  3. But Henry was very violent and jealous of Mary's secretary: David Rizzio. He killed him in front of her eyes while she was pregnant... Oh! He's dead... Oh... Hi Henry... It's not what you think! No, please! Drop that knife! Oh Gosh, oh god! Stop!!! ARRRGGGGHHHHH... In 1567, Henry died in his blown up house. Three months later, Mary married the Earl of Bothwell, the chief suspect. Scots were outraged! So, she fled to England. I killed her husband and I married her. What else?! What?! You want my help Mary? Are you kidding me stupid Catholic!

  4. As soon as she goes out of the castle I shoot her in her protestant face. Indeed, Mary betrayed Elizabeth's trust. Letters between her and Thomas Babington, a Catholic, were found in 1586. They were making a plan to kill Elizabeth. As Mary wanted to kill the Queen, she was beheaded in 1587. I will come back again! I swear I will! That's all Folks!