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Newspaper Creative Benchmarking

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Newspaper Creative Benchmarking - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AUGUST 2011. Newspaper Creative Benchmarking. Methodology. Ads tested: Sydney, Three in total Research Sample: n=109, P16+ Benchmark: Newspaper Norm. Ad size: HPC Appeared: July 2011 Position: EGN. Executive Summary.

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Ads tested: Sydney, Three in total

Research Sample: n=109, P16+

Benchmark: Newspaper Norm

Ad size: HPC

Appeared: July 2011

Position: EGN

Executive Summary

  • This is a highly successful piece of communication which does an excellent job of communicating a serious issue, well
  • The ad has achieved significant scores for all six Roles of Newspapers, and is now our leading ad for the roles of Public Agenda, and Information
  • The ad generates significant interest and an intention to seek more information, with the use of a compelling ‘tool’ in the form of the checklist, that respondents appreciate
  • This ad has enjoyed some of the best results of ads we’ve tested in recent times, and as a result is now placed within Top Five rankings for key metrics collected since 2008


The ad has performed exceptionally well and has

exceeded all Role Map norms to significant levels. As we would expect, the role of Public Agenda is seen as very important.


Heart Foundation

All Newspaper Norms

Significantly different to Retail Average at 90% c.l.



Creatively, the ad performs well against all positive diagnostics and especially well against ‘Highlights an important feature’.

Main Message

87% of respondents were correct or

generally correct in their responses and understood the key message was around preparedness and identifying heart attack. A further 12% mentioned ‘heart attack’ in their response. This is an excellent result that reflects clear piece of communication.

“Plan to survive heart attack”

“How to recognise a heart attack and the actions to take”

“Recognise symptoms for a heart attack”

“I like that it gives good useful information that is believable.”

Opinion of the ad

The vast majority of opinion based verbatims were very positive and quite similar, reflecting the clarity and appeal of the message.

“‘The ad is more relevant than other ads since its focus is something that could effect me or people I know.”

“I think its a great idea as I work with patients who have had heart attacks and its scary how little they know.”


Topline Measures

A broader interpretation of ‘brand’ to include ‘blood bank’ would result in 100% brand linkage (n=20), reflecting a strongly recognisable campaign. Interest is significantly high.


Idea Gauge

The ad was viewed as being well written (performing to significantly high levels versus norms), clever and highly attention grabbing.



The Info Map shows that respondents found the ad to be convincing, believable and providing important information.

InfoMap ™


Creative Benchmark Comparisons

Newspaper Norms

The ‘Healthy Measures’ ad for the Australian Government achieved significantly high scores for Extension off the back of a high spend TV campaign and scored well above Norms on Public Agenda and Reappraisal. In comparison, the ad for the Heart Foundation has achieved high scores on all measures

The Government ad supporting Quitline achieved high scores for Affinity and providing Information. Verbatims showed that respondents appreciated the ‘factual’ approach. Similar feedback was received in relation to the Heart Foundation ad which also resulted in high Affinity scores.


Ad Outcomes

The ad has done an excellent job at driving awareness of the issue and has encouraged respondents to seek further information

Where this ad ranks in our database*

Newspaper Creative Benchmarking is a component of the Newspaper Effectiveness Metric, which is run by industry marketing body, The Newspaper Works. As at June 2011, we have tested over 320 ads, across many categories. To learn more about who we are, our testing methodology and to access further information, please visit us at

#1 highest result for ‘What the ad said was Interesting to me’

#1 highest result for Public Agenda / Role Map

#1 highest result for Information / Role Map

For more information on this ad and others in our Creative Benchmarking series, please contact

Rachael Lonergan on (02) 9692 6370 or email rachaellonergan@

#1 for ‘Highlights an important feature’


*Ads tested Since 2008