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Free Powerpoint Templates
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Free Powerpoint Templates

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  1. Internet Radio networks Media Kit Free Powerpoint Templates

  2. Internet Radio Business Summary We have built an Internet Social Media Marketing company who just happens to own and operate a World-Class Internet Radio Station that is based in the Denver Metropolitan Area, To offer an eclectic blend of music from around the globe that is interspersed with stimulating talk shows that present a responsible forum for Discussion, Education and Entertainment. Mission Statement

  3. Shows MHR is music intensive, but not just any old music. Our playlist is over 16,000 songs deep with more coming all the time from INDIE artists and performers. We strive to have everything a listener could possibly want. We can be everything to everybody because we are that good and this is the new media frontier! Our musical guests will talk about their experiences and careers as well as provide incite into their music. Internet Radio *Variety *New Music *Business *Cars *Sports *Food *Relationships *Veterans *Wellness *Publishing

  4. Demographics Old Standards DO NOT APPLY !!! We cater to a worldwide audience Male & Female, 6 - 96 years old Educated & Employed Active & Mobile Internet Radio Why it Works? People naturally encourage their friends to tune in and hear their experiences. They support what they know! This format has produced listeners from all 50 states and 105 countries within a 90-days Homeowners Civic Minded Adults with children Employed Full Time Technology Embracers College Attendees & Graduates HHI $60,000 - $120,000

  5. Digital Statistics Internet Radio The Internet can host 1,000’s of live listeners at any given time. Everything depends on bandwidth & how many of our great followers are with us live versus how many choose to catch the show on demand. We have ridiculous levels of technology at our disposal. 9 megabytes per sec. “Upload” capabilities to ensure that Our streaming signal gets out to the masses with speed & precision. We are leading the pack by being the ONLY online station offering immediate playback AND downloadable podcasts.

  6. Social Media You can tune in via our website and get full access to the show hosts information -or- tune in directly through Facebook & Skype for real-time interaction. Internet Radio We have literally developed a coded program for a twitter campaign that automatically keeps our fans in touch by letting them know what shows are coming on at what times and the topics they will be covering. We are a FULLY INTEGRATED - Social Media Entertainmant Company

  7. Sponsors Internet Radio Radio is a great advertising medium! However, for it to be effective you need frequency that promotes instant recall. You should betired of paying $40 - $70 per spot for a radio ad that doesn’t work? We offer: Full SMO package Banner ad impressions On-air ad rotations Key placement for certain shows Couponing options Remotes available from anywhere in the world via microwave speeds and our 29’ remote broadcast RV.

  8. Contacts Internet Radio Parrish Douglas / Station Mgr. 303.810.1599