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Programming Soft Skills

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Programming Soft Skills - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Programming Soft Skills. Winning with Software Development. What are ‘Soft’ Skills?.

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Programming Soft Skills

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    1. Programming Soft Skills Winning with Software Development

    2. What are ‘Soft’ Skills? Soft skills is a sociological term relating to a person's "EQ" (Emotional Intelligence Quotient), the cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism that characterize relationships with other people. Soft skills complement hard skills (part of a person's IQ), which are the occupational requirements of a job and many other activities. --Wikipedia

    3. Some Programming ‘Soft’ Skills • Communication, Communication, Communication • Code Organization and Commenting • Documentation • Project Management • Sales Engineering

    4. Communication • Explaining technical problems in both technical and layperson terms, depending on the audience • Comments, Notes, Documentation and Phone Support • Being verbose is always better than being terse

    5. Why Communication? Everything in software engineering is knowledge based. The more knowledge you have available, the better the outcome – always. Proper communication reduces stress while it also reduces the TCO and increases the ROI for both the company and the client. Proper communication speaks volumes about your skills and qualifications – it’s literally what separates the boys from the men (the juniors from the seniors)

    6. Code Org and Comments Always comment your code. Period. Organize your code so that it is readable by other engineers. Use variable and function names that are explicit and make sense for the purpose they are used.

    7. Bad Coding Practice

    8. Good Coding Practice

    9. Why comments are good?

    10. Project Management Always leave verbose notes in any project management system. Describe what you’ve done, why you’ve done it, how you’ve done it, when it applies and who it applies to. (The who, what, when, where and why of your work) Be conversational to avoid writers block

    11. Good Notes

    12. Bad Notes