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Resources on Local Housing Policy PowerPoint Presentation
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Resources on Local Housing Policy

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Resources on Local Housing Policy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Resources on Local Housing Policy
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  1. Resources on Local Housing Policy Jeffrey Lubell, Executive Director Center for Housing Policy March 11, 2011 National League of Cities Washington, DC

  2. Private Sector Nonprofits Gov’t Center for Housing Policy National Housing Conference Research Advocacy Analysis Convening of Stakeholders

  3. What We Do • NHC convenes its members, stakeholders and others to improve coordination of diverse agendas and build consensus on key housing issues. • NHC advocates for policies and legislation focused on meeting the full range of housing concerns • NHC broadens the constituency base of those actively involved in the fight for affordable housing. • NHC elevates national awareness concerning the importance of and need for affordable housing. • NHC honors the work of distinguished leaders in providing affordable housing • NHC conducts Webinars, Regional Forums, and National Policy Conferences

  4. Center’s Research Goals • Expand awareness of the nation’s housing challenges • Identify and disseminate information on proven and promising solutions to those challenges • Improve our understanding of the role that housing plays in advancing key societal goals, such as education, health, economic development, energy security and environmental sustainability • Lay the foundation for the next generation of housing policies

  5. Paycheck to Paycheck Interactive Database

  6. Vital Links: Housing’s Contributions to the Nation’s Health and Education Objectives Research has shown that decent, affordable housing can…… reduce health problems associated with exposure to allergens, neurotoxins, and other dangers in the home by allowing families to access better quality housing;…increase residential stability, allowing families to avoid unwanted moves that lead children to change schools, which may impair their educational progress; and…decrease residential crowding and other sources of housing-related stress that lead to negative developmental and educational outcomes for children.

  7. Creating Jobs and Fostering Environmental Sustainability • Affordable housing creates jobs and supports economic development through multiple pathways • Construction jobs – both direct and indirect • Induced jobs (worker spends $$s at local supermarket) • Residents have more to spend on local goods and services • Municipalities benefit from fees/taxes • Compact development that includes affordable housing near public transit and job/village/town centers • Increases ridership for public transit • Reduces infrastructure expenditures • Promotes equitable access to transit • Maintains diversity – select “Publications” then topic from menu on left

  8. Housing Research and Advisory Service • Customized research, including inquiry response service (through HSS), customized data runs, and policy assistance teams • Discount for NHC members • Learn more at

  9. For more information, visit or contact: Jeffrey Lubell Center for Housing Policy 1900 M Street NW suite 200 Washington, DC 20036 202-466-2121 x234 To join NHC, visit and select “Become a Member”