1 st canadian conference on positive psychology 2012 n.
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1 st Canadian Conference on Positive Psychology 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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1 st Canadian Conference on Positive Psychology 2012

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1 st Canadian Conference on Positive Psychology 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1 st Canadian Conference on Positive Psychology 2012. CPPA Conference 2012. Close to 300 people filled the Isabel Bader Theatre at the inaugural conference of The Canadian Positive Psychology Association on July 20 and 21 in Toronto . CPPA Conference 2012.

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Presentation Transcript
cppa conference 2012
CPPA Conference 2012

Close to 300 people filled the Isabel Bader Theatre at the inaugural conference of The Canadian Positive Psychology Association on July 20 and 21 in Toronto

cppa conference 20121
CPPA Conference 2012

The conference was held at the historic Victoria College, a unit of the University of Toronto – a beautiful oasis within the hustle and bustle of Toronto’s downtown.

cppa conference 20122
CPPA Conference 2012

CPPA board member and Conference Chair, Lisa Sansom welcomes the delegates the first morning of the conference.

cppa conference 20123
CPPA Conference 2012

CPPA President, Louisa Jewell welcomes the crowd and introduces Dr. Bob Vallerand

cppa conference 20124
CPPA Conference 2012

Dr. Bob Vallerand, President of the International Positive Psychology Association, delivered the first morning’s keynote address in which he summarized his research on passion.

cppa conference 20125
CPPA Conference 2012

An internationally renowned expert in appreciative inquiry, Maureen McKenna helped make the conference an interactive event by, for example, organizing a dream wall on which delegates wrote their visions of the future of positive psychology in Canada.

cppa conference 20126
CPPA Conference 2012

Our ever-present conference volunteers wearing bright green shirts helped delegates register, find rooms, keep sessions on time, and generally make the conference an overwhelming success.

cppa conference 20127
CPPA Conference 2012

Surpassing our wildest expectations, the inaugural conference brought delegates from around the world including India, UK, Australia, Africa and Asia!

cppa conference 20128
CPPA Conference 2012

Richard Miller, a former Wall Street investment banker who now runs a London-based consulting firm, presented an enlightening talk on wellbeing and the creative economy.

cppa conference 20129
CPPA Conference 2012

Louis Alloro, one of the first graduates of the Masters of Applied Positive Psychology Program at the University of Pennsylvania, discussed his work on using positive psychology to help develop leaders into change agents.

cppa conference 201210
CPPA Conference 2012

In addition to global experts, the conference featured a small number of promising students discussing their research in positive psychology. Here, Sarah Bassett, a student from the University of Kansas studies her notes before delivering a talk on happiness in pre-teen girls.

cppa conference 201211
CPPA Conference 2012

Daniel Bowling, a Senior Lecturing Fellow at Duke Law School and a Visiting Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Center, discussed the question of whether happy lawyers make better lawyers?

cppa conference 201212
CPPA Conference 2012

Conference participants in discussion mode during one of the sessions

cppa conference 201213
CPPA Conference 2012

Canadian Certified Counsellor Lara Cross answers the question ‘Where did theory come from?’ in her presentation on theoretical perspectives in contemporary positive psychology

cppa conference 201214
CPPA Conference 2012

Lunch continued our interactive theme. Groups made up of attendees with shared interests were asked to discuss positive psychology topics amongst each other.

cppa conference 201215
CPPA Conference 2012

CPPA Board member, Dr. Greg Evans ponders a question from the audience during his presentation on the success of the Applied Positive Psychology Program

cppa conference 201216
CPPA Conference 2012

Dr. Kate Hefferon, who runs the MSc. Program in Applied Positive Psychology at the University of East London discussed the overlooked role of the body in positive psychology

cppa conference 201217
CPPA Conference 2012

The duo of Jan Sparrow and Scott Asalone explained how

positive psychology can be used to foster high performance teams

cppa conference 201218
CPPA Conference 2012

CPPA honorary board member and co-founder of positive clinical psychology, Dr. Tayyab Rashid enjoys some give-and-take with the audience during his session on positive psychology interventions

cppa conference 201219
CPPA Conference 2012

Dr. ItaiIvtzan, from the University of East London speaks with

delegates after his presentation on how mindfulness meditation

impacts the gap between people’s actual and ideal selves.

cppa conference 201220
CPPA Conference 2012

The morning keynote address on the second day was delivered by Dr. Gary Latham from the University of Toronto. Dr. Latham had the audience members on the edge of their seats during his presentation on unconscious processes in goal setting.

cppa conference 201221
CPPA Conference 2012

One of the world’s leading experts on eudaimonic well-being, CPPA board member Dr. VeronikaHuta explained where the field needs to go in the future.

cppa conference 201222
CPPA Conference 2012

It’s standing room only before Louisa Jewell

and Janet Polivy’s session on building resilience

cppa conference 201223
CPPA Conference 2012

Skyping in from the U.K. where he was covering the summer Olympics

for CTV, Dr. Greg Wells delivered the closing keynote address

on the topic of achieving peak performance.

cppa conference 201224
CPPA Conference 2012

Conference participants enjoying some social time at our cocktail hour at the end of the day

cppa conference 201225
CPPA Conference 2012

CPPA board member, Dr. Tami Kulbatski gives out raffle prizes during the cocktail hour.

cppa conference 201226
CPPA Conference 2012

We did it! At the end of the conference CPPA President Louisa Jewell holds up her arms in celebration. The inaugural CPPA conference was an over-the-top success! We’re looking forward to the next conference which will be held in Ottawa in July 2014.