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Pinoy Sunday

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Pinoy Sunday. By 何蔚庭 Flows on Urban Margins. Outline. Introduction The Comic Form The Characters’ Desires and Want The Sofa on the move and in the flow The Taiwanese in the Film The Ending. Introduction: Foreign Laborer.

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pinoy sunday

Pinoy Sunday


Flows on Urban Margins

  • Introduction
  • The Comic Form
  • The Characters’ Desires and Want
  • The Sofa on the move and in the flow
  • The Taiwanese in the Film
  • The Ending
introduction foreign laborer
Introduction: Foreign Laborer
  • Foreign laborers– a different kind of flow – following the attraction of capital
  • 行政院主計處在2010在2月公布的2009年外勞人數中,合法的外勞人數為35.1萬人,約佔全台總人口的1.1%,其中印尼外勞最多,以印尼籍最多,有13萬9404人,其次為越南籍的7萬8千人,菲律賓的7萬2千人排名第三。
  • Filipino laborers: care-takers
  • Problems: abuse or Lack of understanding
  • documentary《望鄉》, film 《岐路天堂》


introduction pinoy sunday
Introduction: Pinoy Sunday
  • 2010金馬奇幻影展《台北星期天》作為開幕片首映
  • Best New Director at the 47th Golden Horse Awards
  • Commercial screening— 5 theatres
  • (According to the director) 某大連鎖戲院更以「不希望菲律賓人聚集在戲院門口」等有礙觀瞻之由,拒絕排入該戲院檔期。
  • 「語言使用比例」--Taiwanese film or not

(假全球化與真歧視-《台北星期天》映演之困 source)

plot summary
Plot Summary
  • Arrival
  • Working and desiring/dreaming
  • Their dreams being failed,
  • Moving Sofa –a journey in and around Taipei (1. how? By car or by foot 2. breakthrough 3. return home)
  • What do Manuel and Dado want and desire? How does sofa represent it?
  • In what way is this film a pleasant comic film?
  • How does it present the Filipinos? What do they have in common? And their relations with Taiwanese?
  • What do you think about the ending?
the film s comic form
The Film’s Comic Form
  • Bright colors – red, blue and yellow
  • Music – lively rhythm
  • Characters – a pleasant contrast in figure (thin vs. fat), skin colors and personalities.
  • Linguistic – an interesting mixture of English (e.g. “confidence,” “for special occasion”) and Filipino.
manuel and dado their desires
Manuel and Dado: Their Desires


  • “no Christine, no Celia, …all by himself.”
  • Romantic, wanting to be able to relax in the evening and to have a girl.
  • Simple desires: steak, sofa …


  • family back home, lonely
  • Realistic Concerns: does not want to be imprisoned, or deported.
  • Juggle between his girl friend, Anna, and his wife and children.
the filipinos
The Filipinos
  • Buddies, knowing each other since high school
  • willing to share (steak dinner) and compromise
  • Dado – stimulated to strive harder to scare away the dog
their fear and difficulties
Their Fear and Difficulties
  • Manuel and Dado: Missing the curfew 3 times, being fired and deported.
    • Bribing “the boss” (guard of the factory) with beetle nuts to get in.
  • Celia: being used sexually by her employer. 41:00
  • Anna: haven’t got a break for two months; lonely like Dado.
their dignity adaptability
Their Dignity & Adaptability

They are presented as individuals—not just in terms of their roles.

  • Anna: Just want to be happy
  • Dado and Manuel: Not all submissive to the superiors
    • Call the policeman and the “boss” dummy or idiot
  • Celia – beautiful, in and out of her social context
their attempts to move the sofa
Their Attempts to Move the Sofa
  • Part of their desire for a more comfortable living environment.
  • How?
    • A Truck  but they cannot afford it
    • Bus
    • Walking and daydreaming
    • A motorbike bumps into them
    • Police station
    • Taking a ride, only to be taken

To a garbage dump or recycle factory..

    • Using a shopping cart to move it
    • Crossing a river
    • Taking a bus home in the morning without the sofa
sofa class difference a grey city still developing
Sofa: class difference, a grey city, still developing …

A Trip that reflects their resilience and

many aspects of

Taiwanese society

their route
Their Route: 麗水街內湖(石潭路) 基隆

Lost in the Taipei Labyrinth. Where is their factory?

the dead ends of their trip their resilience
The Dead Ends of their Trip: Their Resilience

1. Garbage dump

  • Sofa --dampened1: 06
  • Singing and talking on it
taiwanese journalism taiwanese couples
Taiwanese Journalism; Taiwanese Couples
  • Journalism: Sensationalist and intrusive
  • Couples: not talking (Celia’s employers); arguing all the time (Anna’s employers and the couple that bought the sofa)

Returning home, eating everything “Filipino” …

Still dreaming: about setting up a furniture factory