who has nukes n.
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Who has nukes? PowerPoint Presentation
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Who has nukes?

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Who has nukes? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The countries in the world's nuclear club.

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Who has nukes?

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    1. Who has nukes?

    2. According to 2016 information from the Federation of American Scientists, the United States has an expected stock of 7,000 atomic warheads, with 1,750 of them deliberately sent. REUTERS/Jung Yeon-Je/Pool

    3. Russia is evaluated to have around 7,300 atomic warheads. Of these, an expected 1,790 are deliberately sent. REUTERS/Denis Sinyakov

    4. France has pared down its arms stockpile to roughly 300 atomic warheads. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

    5. China is evaluated to have around 260 key and strategic atomic weapons, and loads of fissile material adequate to create a much bigger arms stockpile. REUTERS/China Daily

    6. Britain's atomic stockpile comprises of around 215 weapons. The nation is present decreasing its stockpile, and by the mid-2020s it will be diminished to not more than 180. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

    7. India has formally announced itself an atomic weapon state. New Delhi is probably going to have fabricated weapons-review plutonium for no less than 100-120 warheads, which are not sent but rather in focal stockpiling. REUTERS/Indian Defense Research and Development Organisation

    8. Israel is broadly comprehended to have a sizeable atomic arms stockpile however keeps up a strategy of atomic uncertainty. Their stockpile is evaluated to be 80 warheads. In view of assessments of the plutonium creation limit of the Dimona reactor, Israel has enough plutonium for around 100-200 progressed atomic hazardous gadgets. REUTERS/Jerry Lampen

    9. North Korea has directed five underground atomic tests, as of late as September 2016, however there is no openly accessible proof that the nation has scaled down and operationalized atomic weapons ability. REUTERS/Stringer

    10. Pakistan is accepted to have an atomic stock of 110-130 warheads, however none are accepted to be sent yet kept away. REUTERS/Stringer