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Input Devices. By: Chelsey Joubert 4 th Period. Keyboard.

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Input devices

Input Devices

By: Chelsey Joubert

4th Period


As with the mouse, people have experimented with how to make the keyboard more user-friendly. Most Keyboards today are the multi-function models that have added built-in "short cut" buttons which immediately allow you to jump to such functions as controlling video, audio, printing, scanning, or going online.

Foldable Keyboard

M ouse

The mouse is used for pointing, selecting, and highlighting things. You can see it on your monitor. Most mice used to have a mouse-ball under it to navigate around the screen. Now we have upgraded and now most mice sold today are optical mice, which use a laser for more accurate motion tracking.On the mouse there are two buttons at the top.  The left button is mostly used when you need to select or click on an item.  The right button is usually used to show the properties or options of what you’re clicking on.Mice now use the USB port to connect to the computer weather it is wireless or wired.

Wireless Mouse

Digital cameras
Digital Cameras

Unlike the old cameras , digital cameras do not use film. Digital cameras take the images digitally and place them on some type of media storage.  Most digital cameras now take video as well as still shots and connect to your computer through a USB connection.


Scanners allow you to convert anything it can scan to a digital image, which it then stores inside your computer. There are two scanners that have grown to common use among today's personal computers, the flat-bed scanner and the sheet-fed scanner.Scanners usually connect to your computer through a USB 2.0 or Firewire connection. 

Sheet-fed Scanners

Graphics tablet
Graphics Tablet

The Graphic Tablet is a great tool for those web designers and graphic artists who rely upon free-hand drawing to make graphics.The pen, also called stylus, takes over the duties of the mouse. The thing is the harder you press with the pen, the thicker the line becomes. The graphics tablet can take the place of your mouse as your only pointing and selecting device.

Web professions
Web Professions

Web Designer

Web Developer (Programmer)

Web Director (Manager)


Web designer
Web Designer

The web designer plans and builds the visual interface of a web site. It is their job to make the visitor’s interaction with the site’s programming as intuitive and user friendly as possible. They design the banners, buttons, images, color schemes, text, and all other visual aspects of a web site. One of the web designer’s primary concerns is to evoke a specific impression in the user’s mind about the site. If the web designer evokes the wrong feelings, the visitor may leave the site for one with which they feel more comfortable. Today a wide variety of powerful software is available to help web designers construct a site that appeals to the target audience, is highly functional, and will accomplish the purpose of the site as efficiently as possible.

Web Developer (Programmer)

These web sites allow you to navigate throughout the site, usually only displaying information. Once a web site becomes more interactive, the skills of a good web developer are needed. The general rule of thumb is, the more complicated your site is, the more programming will be involved. Travel sites such as Travelocity, Expedia, and Orbits all contain extensive programming that allows visitors to sort and review thousands of airline flights. Then the site allows them to select and purchase the flights they want. The amount of programming skill necessary to accomplish online purchases of this magnitude is truly impressive. Today’s web developer is well versed in the programming languages of the World Wide Web. The foundation language that every web developer must know is HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). Every web page uses some form or variation of HTML. The job of the web developer is critical to the success of the site.