water climate and water cycles n.
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Water & Climate and Water Cycles PowerPoint Presentation
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Water & Climate and Water Cycles

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Water & Climate and Water Cycles - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Water & Climate and Water Cycles. Jack Miller John Elder Jack Trivas. Oceans and Climate. There are ocean currents all over the world Currents and wind move warm water from the Caribbean to Europe

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water climate and water cycles

Water & Climate and Water Cycles

Jack Miller

John Elder

Jack Trivas

oceans and climate
Oceans and Climate
  • There are ocean currents all over the world
  • Currents and wind move warm water from the Caribbean to Europe
  • Because of other currents, other places may be cooled. For example, cool water moves from Greenland to places such as the Caribbean.
oceans and climate1
Oceans and Climate
  • Areas around beaches are warmer in the winter because water temperature changes more slowly and cooler in the summer for the same reason
  • Oceans and other bodies of water spread temperature
  • Water and bodies of water shape our climate
oceans and climate2
Oceans and Climate
  • Water is cooler in summer then winter and warmer in the winter because it takes longer to heat up and cool down
  • Western Europe has milder climate compared to other places at the same latitude
  • Earths water is always moving
the water cycle
The Water Cycle
  • Water evaporates from rivers, creeks, streams, oceans, and lakes; the warmer the water and the more sun it has, the faster and more it evaporates
  • The water in the air condenses then precipitates, eventually flowing back to a body of water
  • Precipitation is rain, snow, or hail
  • The cycle is repeated
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