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The Sparkle of Service

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The Sparkle of Service. For all your locum dental professionals. I ntroduction to Prochoice.

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The Sparkle

of Service

For all your locum dental professionals


Introduction to Prochoice

“Established in 1999, Prochoice Recruitment offers employers and staff in the East Midlands a professional and committed recruitment service. From our years of experience, we know that it is essential for both staff and employers to place the right staff in the right position; we know we are Providing People to People.

To employers in the dental industry we not only offer a dedicated service by recruitment professionals' but access to a large database of screened applicants. Whether you are looking for temporary or permanent dental staff - we will be pleased to assist.

To those seeking work we have a large and varied selection of dental positions across a wide area. We give a tailored and professional service whilst maintaining the "family" atmosphere so appreciated by our staff.

We hope this is the start of a journey that will lead to a long and successful relationship”

Michael White



Prochoice Recruitment is committed to the principle of everyone being allowed to play a full role in society. Wherever possible we promote diversity and eliminate social exclusion. We are committed to sustaining a recruitment policy, which actively encourages applicants from all sections of the community, who bring with them a wide variety of life and work experience. Monitoring, responding, and reporting is an integral part of our recruitment process.

Prochoice policies reflect all the areas of legislation that is required of a recruitment agency. Where we differ, is that for us, equal opportunity for all is not just a requirement, but a way of life.

“It was reassuring that you visited our premises to check that your staff were correctly briefed.

I was grateful that you kept in touch with us throughout and afterwards.

Alison Isaacs

our recruitment policies
Our Recruitment Policies
  • Data Protection
  • Disciplinary/Grievance
  • Alcohol and Drugs
  • Website
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Complaints Procedure
  • Smoking
  • Health and Safety
  • Customer Service and Quality
  • Temp Health and Safety
  • Environmental

“From the initial meeting the standard of service that we have received has been excellent. The staff come fully prepared, dressed to the standards as requested, reliable and with good work ethics.”

“Communication has been the key, and was an area that our other suppliers lacked; any issues have been promptly resolved, from last minute bookings to getting the right people for the tasking.”

Stuart Jacklin

our dental nurses
Our Dental Nurses

Good Dental nurses are essential for a dentist to operate effectively. From that first reassuring comment to a nervous patient, a broad smile to a family or even offering a professional respect to an elderly patient – a nurse can be a very important part of each practice.

Patients will readily return to your practice if they have been given a pleasant welcome, been valued whilst they are there and finally, a good bye with a smile.

Our Dental Nurses are used to working in different practices with different dentists working in different ways. They are adept at working with various modules of charting software and techniques.


A recruitment business providing high quality dental care.

Prochoice have constantly given good service over the years that we have used your recruitment service.

We know who to contact for the dental section, which makes our requests handled more effectively.

Carol Place

Practice manager

Place dental care


The majority of our nurses are qualified and registered with the General Dental Council.

Prochoice try and support up and coming Dental Nurses. If a Dental Nurse can prove some experience and are currently attending a dental course, we will support them by offering work. All our Clients are asked before we send an experienced nurse rather than qualified.

Many of our nurses skills in addition to the general dental nurse qualification. These can include:


Implantology both surgical and prosthetic



“Having used Prochoice Recruitment Services Limited recently I would not hesitate to recommend their services.

I found them efficient, courteous and the staff they supplied we’re extremely professional.

I would not hesitate to use their services in the future”

Donna Lambert

Practice Manager

St Thomas Road Dental practice, Derby

our hygienists
Our Hygienists

The primary duties of our dental hygienists include cleaning and polishing teeth, instructing patients in good oral hygiene habits and after care for dental treatments rendered. They may provide other preventative dental care, and work chairside as needed, with the dentist during examinations and treatments.

  • Our dental hygienists may also:
  • take X-rays
  • make moulds for crowns and dental prosthetics
  • remove sutures
  • polish fillings and other metal restorations
  • take/record medical history and medication lists

Most dentists hire dental hygienists for part time work so a dental hygienist may find it beneficial to work through an agency such as Prochoice. Many may have an employer already but seek extra days to increase their income. Having a flexible work schedule is a perk for many dental hygienists.


confidence in our staff
Confidence in our Staff

Our nurses are expected to arrive ten of fifteen minutes early to familiarise themselves with your practice. They will change into their uniform on your premises.

If it is the first time they have been to the practice or the first time they have worked for a particular Dentist, they may ask where items are kept. They will also check to see how the Dentist wishes to work.

At the end of the day, our nurses will ensure the surgery is clean and ready for the next days work.

Carrying out temporary work with Prochoice Dental isn’t just a job, we expect our work force to focus on customer satisfaction with the aim - always be asked to return.


“Their nurses have a high standard of cleanliness and taken on additional duties when required. .

Jenny Oldham

security clearances and checks
Security Clearancesand Checks

All our Dental Nurses will come into contact with vulnerable adults or children.

Some of our Dental nurses currently hold a CRB, but by April 2011 all our dental nurses will hold enhanced CRB’s.

Working around children, vulnerable adults or in high security areas…

Our staff who possibly could come into contact with children or vulnerable adults, may be required to possess a CRB. In areas of higher security, our staff may also need to have a police check.

Prochoice are able to arrange for both CRB’s and police checks to be carried out for our staff. If this is necessary for you please request this service and we shall ensure that you are suitably satisfied.

“‘Working in conjunction with Prochoice has ensured that the Hotel Services dept. of Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust is always able to deliver a comprehensive and professional service to its clients. All staff provided by Prochoice are trained to the highest standards and provide a reliable and proficient service at a realistic price.’

Louise WilliamsCoordinator,Lings Bar Hospital,

dental receptionists

New in 2011, Prochoice are seeking experienced professional dental receptionists to give you cover when you staff are unable to work.

Our receptionists have all worked in the dental industry before and be able to demonstrate a history of working within the sector..

This demanding position requires a good knowledge of dental, a friendly personality, an ability to work under pressure and good organisational skills

Our receptionists will prioritise calls and appointments ensuring that they treat all your Clients with respect and a smile as they arrive at your practice. Many a successful practice has owed much of its success to the relationship the receptionist has with the patients, and how the clients are greeted and spoken to during their visit.

temporary nurses

Prochoice Dental have a bank of temporary nurses living throughout the East Midlands Region.

The nurses can be a mix of people who already work permanently for dental practices, but who wish to work additional days to increase their income or nurses who work for only Prochoice, but enjoy working at different practices in different areas.

Prochoice will always try and send you a nurse who lives closest to you in the first instance. This is not always possible, and so it is not unusual to find that your nurse has travelled some distance to get to you.

Our nurses tend to be more flexible and have a wider knowledge than many nurses who work permanently for Dentists. The reasons for this are they are used to working for different Dentists with different styles, charting on different computer packages or even manually. Every practice is different and our nurses have to adapt to working from the most modern surgery to the most traditional.

Our pricing structure is fair, we charge according to distance the nurse has had to travel and do ask you to pay travel costs. Our Clients do find that in generally we are still cheaper than our main competitors and our nurses good value.

why use prochoice dental
Why use Prochoice Dental
  • We offer:
  • An alternative to cancelling patients causing loss of reputation and extra work for your staff.
  • An experienced Consultant who will be your dedicated point of contact.
  • A friendly approach
  • Competitive pricing, with high standards of `service
  • The reassurance that you are working with a `company that cares for both it clients and `work force.
  • An ability to search over 4000 records of potential permanent and temporary staff.
  • An efficient pay and invoicing scheme where `invoices and payslips are produced either `electronically or in a paper format.
  • Staff correctly dressed and regularly checked `whilst on assignment.
  • 24 hours call 7 days a week each day every day.

“I have worked with Prochoice Recruitment for five years and have found them to be an excellent agency that has delivered a consistent service over this period.”

“Prochoice is my first port of call when requiring staff and feel that some of my other agencies are way behind on the quality of service that they offer.”

Paul Lilicrap

‘We aim to offer our clients a simple, smooth and ‘stress free’ professional service’

Jon Audcent

Prochoice Manager

permanent nurses

More and more Dental Practices are finding that asking a recruitment agency to find a dental nurse is more cost effective and less time consuming than advertising and recruiting themselves.

Normally our fee for this service would be 15% of the first years salary received by the Dental Nurse. However we are currently offering a special offer of £1000 + VAT for each Nurse found.

newspaper or agency
Newspaper or Agency!

How many adverts!

Which is most cost effective!


  • Advertising can be very expensive – costs can be from £100 up to £500 for a standard advert.
  • Adverts generally have a short shelf life as newspapers are often read once and then discarded
  • You are likely to have to advertise each advert on more than one occasion increasing the costs.
  • Your advert may potentially not be read by suitable candidates
  • Slow turnaround time
  • Increased amount of paper work and administration in setting up the advert
  • Increased work load with unsuitable candidates calling, and extensive office time used up with interviewing candidates.

Costs whether successful or not!

Recruitment Agency

  • No payment due until a dental nurse is employed by you through the agency.
  • No costs incurred to advertise as the agency will incur all costs.
  • Access to numerous online cv libraries and advertising sites.
  • Costs nothing to ask the agency to look for a nurse for you.
  • The agency may know dental nurses in your area who are currently working and are unhappy but haven’t got to the stage of looking at newspapers yet.
  • Reduces the impact on company resources and time spent on recruitment.
  • Agencies can manage & pay contract workers and take care of tax issues
  • You will get a rebate for unsuitable placements within a specific period of time or be provided with another candidate
  • Expertise and knowledge in the Dental field.

Costs nothing unless successful!

areas currently supplied
Areas currently supplied !
















South Normanton

Market Harborough




Current Prices

Our Clients are responsible for the payment of our invoice at the below prices plus vat. Our prices include an individuals holiday pay, employers NI, SSP costs, allowances for maternity or paternity pay, and any administration costs incurred in payment.

Dental Receptionist

£12.98 - £15.98 per hour

(dependant on distance travelled)

Dental Nurse

£14.98 - £17.98 per hour

(dependant on distance travelled)

(rates may be enhanced for excessive distances ie over 50 miles)


£45.00 - £55.00 per hour

(dependant on specific hygienist)


how to find us
How to Find us

Our offices are conveniently located in the heart of Nottingham only 20 minutes away from the M1 and 30 minutes away from the A1.

We are 30 minutes away from Derby and 45 minutes away from Leicester.

If you would like to visit us to discuss your requirements in confidence, which sometimes can be more appropriate then we will email you additional directions if required.


3rd Floor

Century House

Chapel Bar



Tel: 0115 9501150

Fax: 0115 9508850