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Huawei Storage Innovations PowerPoint Presentation
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Huawei Storage Innovations

Huawei Storage Innovations

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Huawei Storage Innovations

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  1. Huawei Storage Innovations Mohammad Moshref Sr. IT Storage Solution Manager

  2. Agenda 1 • Huawei Storage Innovations 2 • Storage Product Portfolio 3 • Growth with You

  3. The World is Changing 2020~ 40000EB WorkbrainZynga Mobile,Social 1800EB Baidu Cloud News Yandex Travel Music SolidFire Mainframe Minicomputer 2.6EB PC 15.8EB Desktop Internet 54.5EB Education cloudability Quickbooks SuperCam Sport Atlassian Big Data Games Atlassian NetSuiteQzone Bills of Material buzzd iHandy Foursquare Reference HP Plex Systems IBM Database Fijitsu Manufacturing Projects CRM EMC Training Billing Unifys Lifestyle Time & Rostering Google Burroughs Quality Control Heroku Time and Expense Mixi Microsoft CyberShiftDocuSignCloudSigma Engineering Sales tracking & HCM DCC Order Entry PLM NEC Xerox Yahoo! Hitachi Payroll Yandex Marketing Intacct OpSource Hyland Avid SCM Splunk Service Accounts Fixed Assets Activity Corel Khan Academy Inventory Elemica Management Tata Communications BYOD Virtualization Adobe Costing Twitter Saba New Relic Costing Taleo OpenText PPM SCM MRM Kinaxis Amazon Serif Configurator Datapipe Quadrem SugarCRM Changes to promote IT innovation IT innovation driven data changes Photo & Vido VirtualEdge Softscape SLI Systems Workday Kenexa Sonar6 CCC Alterian Saba Renren Mozy Scribd. Attendance MailChimp SSD AppFog Exact Online ADP Cornerstone onDemand Qvidian Pinterest Entertainment Business IntraLinksVolusion Toggl CyberShift eBayPingMe Navigation Bull Ah! Fasion Girl Cookie Doodle Xing CYworld NetReach RightScale Commissions Sonar6 Zillabyte NetSuiteQzone

  4. Challenges Posed by Ever-Changing Storage Profile Incontrollable Data Growth, Low Utilization Cross-Generation Upgrade, Difficult Online Migration 50% 80% of Data Is Inactive, Low ROI High Cost for Data Replication and Service Continuity, Low Reliability Mass Data Protection, Slow and Difficult Recovery Diversified Data, No Flexible Management 18:00 12:00 9:45

  5. Innovation on Demand Convergence for Future Smart Converged Storage Efficient Reduced data footprint and cost Agile Fast response to application changes Flexible Smooth performance and capacity expansion as business grows Unified Diversified applications running on a single system Storage pool

  6. Values Delivered by Huawei Smart Converged Storage Massive Scalability 90%+ Improved Utilization 300% Optimized Performance 200% 30 mins 10hrs Minimized Rebuild Time to Simplified Management 90%

  7. Huawei Storage Innovations • RAID 2.0+ • Decentralized &Distributed • X in One Life cycle management S3/NFS/CIFS Analytics Archive Storage DHT P1 P8 P1 P8 Self Organized Disks P1 P1 P1 P1 P8 P8 P8 P8 P15 P22 P15 P22 P15 P15 P15 P15 P22 P22 P22 P22

  8. Innovation : RAID 2.0+ Dramatic reduction of data rebuild time Traditional Huawei • Block-level virtualization: RAID 2.0, improve rebuild speed 20+ times • Volume virtualization:Storage Pool,Improve storage utilization 90%, quicken deployment 60% and lower management cost 90%

  9. Innovation : Storage, Analytics, Archive "X-in-one" Tradition Huawei Value Life cycle management Data loading Data Migration Analytics Archive Storage Storage Analytics Archive Reduce management complexity Storage Analytics Archive • self-storage, self-analysis • Eliminate the need for cross-device data loading and migration • Dynamic storage tiering in system,Efficiency by 5times

  10. Innovation : Decentralized & Distributed Architecture Huawei Traditional S3/NFS/CIFS Access circle Storage Nodes DHT Controller nodes Self Organized Disks Completely break the bottleneck of extension • Smart data layout algorithm achieve decentralized architecture • 5x+reconstruction speed, global hot spare space breaking down the rebuild bottleneck • Extreme Extension,EB Level scalability, 10 time bigger than others P4 P3 P2 P1 P6 P5 P7 P8 P9 P12 P11 P10 P14 P17 P15 P16 P13 P18 P24 P21 P20 P19 P22 P23

  11. Agenda 1 • Huawei Storage Innovations 2 • Storage Product Portfolio 3 • Growth with You

  12. Huawei Enterprise Solution Portfolio Enterprise Solution Portfolio IP UC IT Vertical Industry Services • Cloud Computing • Server • Storage • Data Center • Routers • Switches • Transmission • Access • Security • E-Government • Railway Comm. • E-Banking • Smart Grid • Smart Energy • Unified Comm. • IP PBX • Call Center • Video Conference • Video Phone • Telepresence • Video Surveillance • System Integration & Deployment • Network Design & Optimization • Customer Support & Maintenance • Training & Certification Platform & Common Components

  13. Over a Decade of Accumulation and Constant Input • New T Series unified storage launched • Dorado5100 solid state storage launched • HVS85T/88T high-end Storage, UDS Cloud Storage, N9000 big data storage launched • Direct input of 3000+ developers • Five research centers • Five joint innovation centers • Sharing between core technologies and platforms involving chips, networks, hardware, and software 2012 • New T series SAN published • Full SSD SAN Dorado 2100commercial launched • Media & Entertainment, data protection, Cloud solutions 2011 2010 • New generation SAN series commercial launched • Cloud storage solutions • Cloud storage were deployed in some Tele operators • SAN products were widely deployed in Tele systems • SAN and NAS were widely used in ISP industry 2009 • High end and Middle range SAN, NAS • Industry leading performance of SPC-1 and SPEC 2008 2007 • Joint Venture from Huawei and Symantec 2006 • Full series NAS/SAN/VISProduct launched 2005 2004 • Commercial launched the 4Gb SAN product. 2003 2002 • Commercial launched the first FC SAN product F800. • The first generation DAS product: D100 • Storage research

  14. Sustainable Huawei Storage Growth 976 Unit:Million USD • Serving over2000 key customers in 80 countries worldwide • Over ninety percent growth in revenue per annum over the last three years • Main contributor of industry standards CAGR: 93.8% 306 199 114 53 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012E • Huawei Technologies releases an annual report with consolidated financial statements audited by KPMG As of the end of December, 2010 Continuously creating long-term value for customers

  15. Storage Product Portfolio Unified Storage S6800T Dorado 2100 G2/5100 S2200T S2600T/S5500T/S5600T/S5800T SSD Storage SAN Storage NAS Storage 2 Controllers 1440 Hard Drives 2 Controllers 200K ~ 1000K IOPS 2U 204 Hard Drives 2 Controllers 276 ~ 1152 Hard Drives • Unified Storage, Simplified Architecture • Intelligent and Efficient • Simple to Manage, Easy to Use • Excellent Performance, up to 1M IOPS • Green Design and Energy Saving, Low TCO • High Stability and Reliability • High Performance, Linear Expansion Capability • Large Capacity, Up to 15PB • Multiple Storage Protocols, Unified Management N8500 • Cluster and Scale-out Architecture • 2 ~ 24 NAS Engine Nodes • Up to 15360 Hard Drives with 15PB HVS85T/88T 8 to16Controllers 3216 Hard Disks

  16. T Series: The Smartest Unified Storage System Efficient S2600T/ S5500T/S5600T/S5800T • Maximum number of disks and ports as well as SPC-1 tested performance 30% higher than the industrial level • No.1 data blocks + file cache (192 GB + 192 GB) specifications, caching capacity 4 times as the industrial level Smart • SmartQoS: Ensuring performance needs of key services, doubling resource utilization • SmartTier: Accurate hotspot statistics and relocation, tripling performance • SmartMotion: Dynamic scenario-based deployment adjustment, doubling disk utilization and cutting O&M cost by 60% Simple • Deploying 100 LUNs in one minute, boosting efficiency by 10 times • All storage devices by one management system

  17. Unified Protocols and Networking Databases File services Applications Digital media 10Gbit/s FCoE Fibre Channel iSCSI NFS CIFS Data block file A T series storage device supports IP SAN, Fibre Channel SAN, and NAS networking. Powerful Easy Reliable Flexible A T series storage device supports the protocols including iSCSI, Fibre Channel, NFS, CIFS, HTTP, and FTP. Huawei Storage – Perfect Solution! S5500T S5600T S5800T S2600T

  18. OceanStor N8500 Clustered NAS Storage N8500 Clustered NAS Storage System 4 1 2 3 High Performance Efficiency • Dynamic Storage Tiering • File System Mirroring • SPEC Performance Test • All Nodes Active Cluster Convergence Scalability • Linear Expansion, 16 NAS Engines • Large Capacity, 15PB • SAN & NAS Protocols • Unified Management Linear Expansion Challenges Performance Bottleneck Limited Scalability Complex Data Management Device Utilization

  19. N8000: Top Clustered NAS Product in the World The Fastest NAS SPECsfs2008 3,000,000 OPS N0.1 Flexible • World No.1 performance with 3 million OPS, double as peer products • Node scalability from 2 to 24, up to 15 PB storage capacity • Each file system of up to 256 TB capacity, supporting a maximum of 1 billion files Double performance as peer products Efficient • Dynamic storage tiering (DST) lowering TCO by 60% to minimize enterprise investment costs • File system mirroring generating multiple data file system copies to improve reliability of online data Integrated • Multi-protocol support meting diversified service application needs • One set of management software managing all NAS and SAN devices OPS refers to the number of supported concurrent requests per second

  20. Dorado: The Fastest SSD Storage System Million-level IOPS N0.1 • Access latency reduced by 82% • Number of concurrent access users increased by 23times • Data analysis time shortened by 72% Dorado5100 Robust Reliability Dorado2100 G2 • Redundant dual-controller architecture, preventing single point of failure • FRU hot exchange, online exchange without service interruption Innovative Technologies • IOPS: 1,000,000 • Latency: 500 µs • 4 enclosures × 24disks • IOPS: 600,000 • Latency: 500 µs • 4 enclosures × 24disks • Completely SSD-based flash array • Self-developed SSDs and controllers, with over 130 core patents • Intelligent wear leveling

  21. N9000 : X in one Big Data Storage System N9000 Flexible • 5 million+ OPS, 170 GB/s concurrent access, triple performance as peer products • Node scalability from 3 to 288 with a single file system of up to 45 PB, triple storage capacity as peer products Life cycle management Analytics Archive Storage Efficient • Intelligent load balancing, a single node expansion in one minute • X in one storage management, reducing data migration and raising resource utilization by 80% C B A Integrated • Architecture combining Storage, Archive, and Analysis • Full data lifecycle management, policy-based automated data migration NFS/CIFS VTL/LTFS XDBC/SQL Storage Archive Analysis Distributed file system * N9000 will be released in Q3 2013

  22. N9000 Hardware 2 U high 25 disk slots 2-channel hexa-core CPU 48 GB memory at least SSDs for storing metadata High-performance node: • The scene of frequent readand writesmall files Front view Rear view 4 U high 36 disk slots 2-channel hexa-core CPU 48 GB memory at least Front view High-bandwidth node: The scene of large file sequential read and write Rear view 4 U high 36 disk slots 2-channel quad-core CPU 16 GB memory at least Front view Large-capacity node: Near-line storage Rear view Acceleration node 1 U high

  23. HUAWEI 9000 — Adapting to Changes and Converging for Easy Management Extensive Flexibility Outstanding Performance Optimal Integration Streamlined Management • Distributed scale-out architecture • Integration of scale-out NAS, scale-out DB, and scale-out backup • Unified management of all nodes on a single interface • LCM • Scaling from 3 to 288 nodes • Support up to 40 PB of capacity • Linear scaling of performance and capacity • World's leading file system access performance more than 3 million performance

  24. N9000 Roadmap 2014 • Combination of three types of architectures, component feature enhancement, and LCM: • “3 in 1”,Realize the data flow between systems, the unit within the system; • NAS support data compression, global deduplication, NDMP, WORM,SMB2.0,and VMware VAAI and VASA interfaces; • backup and archive enhanced compatibility and encryption; self-developed VMware backup software; • Analysis support column storage DB, load balancing, and SQL 2013 Q4 Analysis feature version and NAS feature enhancement: Massively parallel processing (MPP) DB unified platform Performance analysis HDFS file system interface NAS valued-added features: remote replication and snapshot 2013 Q3 2013 Q2 • Backup feature version: • Backup and archive features • Inline deduplication • NAS and VTL host ports • Compatible with mainstream backup software and VTLs • LTFS • Scale-out architecture, 32 nodes • First version: for high-performing, large-capacity, and high-scalability NAS scenarios • SPECsfs: 3,000,000+; performance: 170 GB/s • 3-288 nodes; global namespace • DST, distributed RAID, quota, load balancing • Designed for high-performing, high-scalability, and large-capacity scenarios Huawei OceanStorN9000

  25. Huawei Storage Winning Wide Industrial Recognition • Always No.1 in storage performance tests TOP1 N8000 • Huawei Storage sales growth 65% in Q2 of 2012 • “Huawei has the ambition to become a worldwide market leader in enterprise storage… • …These product announcements indicate Huawei is betting its expansion on the cloud computing and converged infrastructure trends as well as well as future demand around big data applications ” 2012 World Record 600K IOPS 2012 WORLD RECORD 3 MILLION OPS Dorado/T Series 2012 World Record 250K IOPS with 2-node 2012 World Record 600K IOPS 2012 World Record 250K IOPS with 2-node 2011-2012 World Record In Middle Level 2011-2012 World Record In Middle Level 2011 WORLD RECORD ——Source from Gartner 2009 WORLD RECORD

  26. Agenda 1 • Huawei Storage Innovations 2 • Storage Product Portfolio 3 • Growth with You

  27. Over 2000+ Customers Use Huawei Storage

  28. UDS Helping ENRC Achieve EB-Level Data Storage Customer Challenges • Over 25 PB of annual data growth • High reliability and cross-region data protection • Long-term data storage and maximum total cost of ownership (TCO), especially operating expense (OPEX) Huawei Solution "CERN is hitting the technology limits for resource-intensive simulations and analysis. Our collaboration with Huawei shows an exciting new approach, where their novel architecture extends the capabilities in preparation for the Exascale data rates and volumes we expect in the future." said Bob Jones, head of CERN OpenLAB • Applies UDS' EB-level storage capacity to meet the growing data storage requirements. • Applies multiple data copies to enhance reliability of service data. Customer Benefits • Reducing OPEX by 45% • High reliability and no data loss • Distributed architecture and EB-level storage capacity meeting the storage requirements for the following 40 years • On-demand storage space allocation applicable to growing services

  29. T Series Optimizing SGCC's D5000 Intelligent Dispatch System Customer Challenges • Stable, secure, and normal operating of power grid and reliable power supplies • Efficient, secure, and stable supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) data Huawei Solution • Applies up to 1,000,000 IOPS of S5600T to meet the requirements of network dispatch and provincial dispatch databases. • Applies the SSD acceleration to improve storage system performance and maximize the return on investment (ROI). Customer Benefits • Reliable architecture design and excellent storage performance enabling the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) intelligent dispatch system to run correctly • Protected product intellectual property rights and ensured national information security

  30. Storage System for State Administration of Foreign Exchange of China of PBC Customer Challenges • Complicated data relocation, aging facilities, and inadequate reliability and storage capacity • Inapplicable to VMware, high installation requirements, and large scale and stable use Huawei Solution • Applies 4-fold performance of Huawei disk arrays to meet the requirements of service system I/O performance. • Applies unique HyperCopy to enable heterogeneous and online data relocation. Customer Benefits • Remarkably improved business response speed better enhancing front-end customer experience • Full-redundancy design of disk arrays ensuring service continuity and serving as a reliable service platform for the customer • Significantly improved operation and maintenance capabilities accelerating the unified deployment of People' Bank of China (PBC)'s branches in China and enabling a standard operation and maintenance system

  31. Huawei Storage Applied in ICBC Open Platform Customer Challenges • Fast growth of unstructured data urgent needs for storage • Low investment return use in high-end storage of unstructured data • Part of the data life cycle management needs to be improved Huawei Solution • Classify types of business according to the application level and the use of environmental classification • Using different levels of storage according to different types of business Customer Benefits • Huawei storage arrays deployed in more than 30 national-level branches and agencies data network of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to protect electronic records management system, OA, reporting system and other data storing and business to meet the rapid development of the needs of the business • Improve storage grading specifications and data lifecycle management

  32. Backup Solution for SwitzerlandCSS Versicherung Customer Requirements • Handling of large data amount • Multi-level disaster recovery deployment solutions Huawei Solution • Applies the VTL series to optimize the customer's disaster recovery and backup systems. • Delivers global deduplication and remote replication for remote disaster recovery. • Implements disaster recovery for some production data at the disaster recovery site. Customer Benefits • Improved overall backup system performance and minimized impact caused by service interruption • Reduced investments in storage devices and network bandwidth • Doubled data protection and recovery strengthening backup data protection • Enlarged storage space and enhanced online scale capability • Ensured service continuity and stability

  33. N8000 Improving CCTV Program Production System Customer Challenges • Support of over 2.2 GB/s throughput • High-speed access to hotspot files • Reliable and continuous data protection Huawei Solution • Applies N8500 to ensure fast data read/write for composition and rendering systems through 10GE network. • Centrally manages the customer's permissions by integrating the permission management into the customer' existing AD and LDAP domains. • Periodically backs up critical data to a physical tape library. Customer Benefits • Concurrent access of 120 rendering computing nodes providing customers with 3.6 GB/s compositing and rendering performance which is much higher than that of competitors • Reliable storage, scale-out architecture, and online capacity scaling • Comprehensive management of user permission and capacity quota, snapshots, mirrors, and backup securing multi-level protection for critical data

  34. Huawei N8500 Aiding Phoenix Television Customer Challenges • Second-level SLA of multimedia data transmission, fully understand the Phoenix TV needs and support the implementation • Complex IT environment, support abundant and different types data Huawei Solution • Beijing Center: N8500 supports 6 workstations and 20 NLE workstations ,up to 1 GB / s • Hong Kong Centre: N8500 supports 20 workstations, 20 NLE workstations, seven studio recording workstations, 150 news workstations, the entire WebOS system and 300 virtual desktop users • Taipei Center: N8500 supports 20 NLE workstations and sub-sites WebOS system Customer Benefits • Delivers seamless interconnection for service systems • Provides flexible and high efficient disaster recovery solution • Ease-of-use and energy conservation to reduce overall operation and maintenance costs

  35. N8000 Assisting IMG Media Project Customer Challenges • 90% programs are produced in the HD format. • Aging facilities, complicated IT environments, and various requirements Huawei Solution • Applies high-performance NAS storage system with an 800 MB/s bandwidth to meet the network requirements. • Applies centralized devices and unified management to simplify device operation and maintenance. • Applies unified data management, user authentication, and permission control. Customer Benefits • 4 EVS HD streams able to play out at the same time • Centralized management, application-based dynamic storage tiering (DST), and optimized system performance • On-demand storage space application meeting HD business expansion requirements

  36. Constant Innovation Contribution to Storage Standards and Patents 600+ Over 600 storage-related patents authorized and accepted 30+ More than 30 proposals made official standards Responsible for formulating standards in over 10 Chinese and international storage standardization organizations 10+

  37. Why Huawei Storage? Unified hardware platform ensuring maximum ROI Over 10 years' innovation and expertise in Storage technologies Vendor neutral or integrated without platform lock-in Constant pursuit of best performance and cost-effectiveness

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