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granville exchange tuesday 10 th wednesday 11 th june n.
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Granville exchange- Tuesday 10 th & Wednesday 11 th June PowerPoint Presentation
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Granville exchange- Tuesday 10 th & Wednesday 11 th June

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Granville exchange- Tuesday 10 th & Wednesday 11 th June
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Granville exchange- Tuesday 10 th & Wednesday 11 th June

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  1. Granville exchange-Tuesday 10th & Wednesday 11th June

  2. In preparation for the trip • Passport= make sure you have a valid passport with you and you don’t require a visa to go to France- if passport from outside Europe please come and see me at the end • Luggage= brings suitable clothes for attending the French school, for example trousers or jeans, t-shirt, flat shoes but no shorts; it would be advisable to bring a waterproof along too in case of rain. • Pocket money= All cost of the trip are included (all meals) but you might want to take a small amount of euros to buy an ice cream or a few souvenir while in Granville but remember we won’t spend a great deal of time in Granville shopping so 20 euros might be enough • Auberge de Jeunesse= Rooms arrangement to be discussed at the end of this session

  3. Monday 9th June • you should meet the rest of the group at the harbour no later than 17.20 • bring your luggage and passport with you • bring a packed ‘dinner’ (packed in plastic or paper bags, not bulky Tupperware please) unless you’ve eaten your evening meal before

  4. On the night of the 9th • We will be transferred from the harbour in St Malo to our accommodation by coach and should arrive quite late; around 22.30 • We will go straight to our accommodation; as this is an ‘auberge de jeunesse’(Centre Regional denautisme de Granville) you will need to bring your own towel! Lovely sea views await you! •

  5. Tuesday 10th June • We will drive to Mont Saint Michel for the day with your penfriends- packed lunch will be organised for the day • One of France's most recognisable landmarks, Mont Saint-Michel and its bay are part of the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites and more than 3 million people visit it each year. • we will leave the Mont Saint Michel at 2 and will go back to Granville • We will go to town with your penfriends • We will then go to the ‘musée christian Dior’ and look at the beautiful dresses he has made. • We will then return to the Youth Hostel and play games on the beach, weather permitting

  6. Wednesday 11th June-morning • School day-from 9 Lessons in the morning at the ‘College Andre Malraux’ where you will follow your penfriend; make sure you listen carefully to what is being said to you and don’t panic if you don’t understand everything that is said. Lunch time- You will have lunch at the school canteen. You will see France has a very different way of having lunch!! Be curious and always try what you are being given VEGETARIANS?

  7. Wednesday 11th June- afternoon • After lunch we will have a short time to visit the town of Granville- WHEN GOING SHOPPING, YOU WILL BE GIVEN STRICT INSTRUCTIONS WITH TIME AND PLACE TO MEET WITH THE GROUP =YOU MUST ALWAYS BE IN A GROUP OF 4 WHEN WALKING WITH YOUR FRIENDS- YOU WILL HAVE THE TEACHERS TELEPHONE NUMBER IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY • We will leave Granville at 3 to go to the harbour

  8. Summary of the trip • BE ORGANISED= passport, luggage, towel and adequate clothing • BE CURIOUS= try new food and try to speak to your pen friend as much as possible; don’t hesitate to ask her/him questions 3. BE SAFE= make sure you stay in groups of 4 when shopping in Granville or in Mont St Michel