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Nilda Ruimy

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Nilda Ruimy
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Nilda Ruimy

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  1. Extended Qualia Structure Formal Constitutive Agentive Telic used_for used_as used_by used_against result_of agentive_prog agentive_cause agentive_experience caused_by source made_of is_a_follower_of has_as_member is_a_member_of has_as_part instrument kinship is_a_part_of resulting_state relates uses A G E N T I V E isa antonym_comp antonym_grad mult_opposition C O N S T I T U T I V E INSTRUMENTAL indirect_telic purpose TELIC disgusto, provare created_by derived_from ARTIFACTUAL AGENTIVE is_the_activity_of is_the_ability_of is_the_habit_of ACTIVITY casa, costruire DIRECT TELIC object_of_activity causes concerns affects constitutive_activity contains has_as_colour has_as_effect has_as_property measured_by measures produces produced_by property_of quantifies related_to successor_of precedes typical_of contains feeling pane, farina mohair, capra P R O P E R T Y senatore, senato proiettile, colpire bisturi, chirurgo manubrio, bicicletta medico, curare is_in lives_in typical_location LOCATION disgust, feel house, build bread, flour mohair, goat senator, senate projectile, hit lancet, surgeon handlebar, bicycle doctor, cure Nilda Ruimy

  2. Orthogonal dimensions of meaning Formal role is_a Constitutive role semantic type INSTRUMENT Telic role is_made_of used_for created_by Agentive role Nilda Ruimy

  3. musical_instrument is_a has_as_part used_for used_by is_made_of wood strings playing violinist make created_by Orthogonal dimensions of meaning Formal role violin Constitutive role Telic role Agentive role Nilda Ruimy

  4. Qualia relations expressing meaning dimensions Formal: isa botte Constitutive: made_of barrel Agentive: created_by recipiente Constitutive: made_of di legno traditional dictionary definition fatto di doghe arcuate tenute unite da cerchi di ferro che serve per la conservazione e il trasporto Telic: used_for di liquidi, specialmente vino Constitutive: contains Nilda Ruimy