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L’école Park Street 3e Année 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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L’école Park Street 3e Année 2013

L’école Park Street 3e Année 2013

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L’école Park Street 3e Année 2013

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  1. L’école Park Street 3e Année 2013 Bienvenue les parents!

  2. 3e Année French Immersion Program • Program • Block 1 • Homework • Literacy • Reading • Math • English • Report card/communication • Expectations • Email • Flavas Fridays

  3. Program • Did you Know…? • There are 4 stages of language acquisition: • Confusion • Frustration • Comprehension • Oral communication

  4. Bloc 1 • 2 modules: • What makes me unique? • What is it like to belong in this place? • Focusing on literacy and language acquisition. • Project based approach • Integrate the other academic disciplines.

  5. Homework – Les Devoirs • Homework will be assigned after a few weeks and will usually consist of: reading, spelling and/or a math activity. • Homework will be a reinforcement of the day’s work and students should be able to complete it on their own (with a little support from you). Do not hesitate to let us know if there are concerns in this area.

  6. Literacy - Littératie • Working within a theme • Blocks of 180 minutes per day • Listening activities • Speaking • Reading • Writing • Games, interviews, art activities, songs, poems and discussions. • Final project at the end of each module.

  7. Writing • Your child will have many opportunities to write on a personalized topics. • The writing will be authentic according to activities. • However, for quite a while, writing will be modeled and less independent as it will be later on.

  8. Math • This will be taught for 300 minutes per week in French. • We are expected to cover the same outcomes as the students in the English program. • Grade 3 FI will also be participating in flexible math groupings this year. “According to research, math concepts taught in second language increases acquisition of the concept.”

  9. English • Your child will receive 150 minutes of English literacy instruction per week. • The topics covered will include: • Health • Social Studies • Science • Poetry • Writing Workshop focusing on: Reports, Narratives, Procedures and Persuasive Writing.

  10. Evaluation / Communication • Your child will receive their first report card in November. • It will be based on: • Observations in class • Evaluations / Assessments • Final projects • During the reporting period, you will be invited for an interview so we can discuss your child’s accomplishments.

  11. Expectations on the program • Please remember that each child learns at their own rate. • They may feel overwhelmed at the beginning, however, this feeling will be short lived. • We will work very hard to ensure that your child has a positive experience in the journey to learning a new language. • It is our expectation that you support your child and encourage their learning and progress.

  12. How to help your child • Ask your child to talk about their day. • Ask questions. • Read to your child or listen to your child read (song / poem book, little books etc). • Eventually, your child will bring home books in French, and even if you don’t understand, you can still encourage your child to look at the pictures, make predictions, etc. • Please make us aware of any concerns you may have right away so we can alleviate any further problems.

  13. Emails / phone calls

  14. Flavas Fridays Every Friday, students in the three FI classes will have the opportunity to order their lunch from Caribbean Flavas, a local cultural restaurant. Students can purchase samosas or chickies in a blanket from $1.25 each. The Ali family has made healthy eating a priority for their family and we are grateful they are passing this on to the Park Street family. Order forms will be sent home each Monday and the order and money is to sent back to school by Wednesday of each week (orders are placed Wednesday afternoon). Food arrives hot and fresh each Friday at lunch!

  15. Please join your child’s teacher in their classrooms for some further discussion!Have a great year in Grade 3 Immersion!Bonne chance 