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Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies. Go. Getters. Mufaddal Dahodwala. Debrup Chatterjee. MMS I. MMS I. Mornings-Its good for you. Big Ticket Idea: Project ‘ Poshan ’. Insights : Women seen as the nutritionist of the Indian family

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Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies







Mornings its good for you
Mornings-Its good for you

Big Ticket Idea: Project ‘Poshan’

  • Insights:

  • Women seen as the nutritionist of the Indian family

  • Taking inspiration from HUL’s ShaktiAmma which demonstrated local women’s ability to increase reach

Business Suggestions

Business Model

  • SEC B to SEC A in Tier I and Tier II Cities

  • Target are those who are always on the move and who miss breakfast due to lack of time or availability

  • Economic price points to compete with local offerings; profit model to drive high volume sale

  • Indianization of products to increase brand appeal

  • Saffola Oats based breakfast menu

  • Hot meals: Oats to be used in out of home morning meal preparation such as Dhokla, Idli, Dosa etc.

  • Branded Ready to eat meals: Cups containing saffola Oats mixed with natural flavours requiring only the addition of hot water to convert the mix to a nutritious meal

  • Ready-to-eat snacks: Oats can be given from kiosks setup in malls, parks, jogging track, etc.

  • Opportunity:

  • Increase out of home consumption through a network of women micro-entrepreneurs

  • Build brand through local influencers

  • Tap inaccessible areas: Increase penetration

  • High Energy Nutritious Morning Foods

  • Communication focus on health and zeal to create appeal and differentiation for driving morning sales

  • Products to be conspicuously branded with Marico names

  • Business model:

  • Select members as Poshan entrepreneurs

  • She receives stocks of Saffola Oats and drink concentrates from local retailer

  • After being trained, the Poshan entrepreneur then sells the nutritional breakfast meals to consumers

  • Breakfast Cereal Extensions- Extend Saffola Market Leadership from current 35% market share to over 50% and grow the market from the current 200 Cr to over 500 Cr by 2017

Marico advantage
Marico advantage

Upload your oats recipe and

Best one will get a chance

to meet KareenaKapoor

Strategically Gunning for the Low Hanging Fruit

Immediate Targets (Low Hanging Fruit)

Saffola 40gm pack

Now 15% extra!!

Medium Term Targets

(Challenging but scalable)

Long Term Targets

(Difficult but Strategic)

It would be advisable to use a moderate risk strategy by first implementing the suggestions with a high ease of implementation & later moving to the suggestions which are difficult to implement but are high on scalability and sustainability

Marico could enter and become a key player in the fmcg industry value chain backbone
Marico could enter and become a key player in the FMCG industry value chain backbone

Phase Wise Entry

First has to leverage “Saffola” brand image in the minds of people through aggressive advertising in order to make people aware about wholesome 40g packets

Target tactical locations in heavy congestion areas such as Bus stops, Railway Stations, School canteens and malls for people who look for food on the go

Tieups with doctors/dieticians

Advertise on social media



Infuse funds for

TieupsCampaigns like Kareena’s dietician RutujaDiwekar

Increase market share through institutional campaigns


Advertise through malls and retailers

Lead through aggressive marketing campaigns

Target Market Size & Defining the Target Consumer

Target Market Size- Healthy Cereal Lovers - age group of 15-55 years

Segmentation and Targeting


Wholesome and filling, delicious, hygienic Indian breakfast

Larger Towns to Metros

Age Group 15-30

Occasions: A refreshing stomach filling easy & quick to prepare evening snack to satiate the taste buds while also fulfilling Religious fasting needs of people

  • Shoppers of breakfast cereals(cornflakes, muesli)

  • Students

  • Couples

  • Anyone who enjoys filling meals

Core Target Consumer

Sales improvement in s affola oats through different interventions
Sales improvement (%) in Saffola oats through different interventions

Driving Brand Resonance

Occasions -Making them Better for You



Garner Profitable Trials, to Increase Customer Life Time Value

Target Special Occasions to Endear Brand and Create Brand Loyalty


Increase dominance in theatre segment

Generate upto20% increase in Marico revenues per theatre

We suggest Tie-ups with caterers to host Marico chat plaza counters in weddings and functions to penetrate the market which is worth more than Rs 1 Lakh Cr


Increase Brand Resonance

Increase in Revenues by 15-25k per wedding catered to

Bundle ready to eat products into a saffola Picnic Basket

Add a saffola Blanket into the basket to drive brand loyalty



Bundling to drive trials of new products

Incremental sales almost up to 2% of the T&L industry

T&L Partners to include Oats dishes in their complimentary breakfast menus

Use fact sheets to convert trials into regular customers

Travel & Lodging

Inculcate a habit for oats consumption by generating trials

Create a B2B channel with regular off takes

Reasons for threats to Saffola oats in


Opportunity Assessment exposes major entry areas like healthy food for breakfast and capture the oats market which is worth 200 crores

Entry Opportunities in Value Chain

Daily Extension services


Availability in malls


Threat from competitors

Online orders through various sites



Satiety potential of 40g packets

Marketing through Kirana stores


  • Leveraging benefits of safflower oil

Call centre service for consumers


Set up of extra awareness campaigns

Few of the entry areas in industry have a strong synergy with existing businesses of Marico

Source: Team Analysis