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Niles Goodsite

Niles Goodsite

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Niles Goodsite

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  1. Niles Goodsite Stage Manager And Assistant Director

  2. 35 Years in Television Niles Goodsite has made his way through the television industry for over 35 years now. This hardworking production enthusiast from Chatsworth, California has dedicated his life to the film and television industry. He has been a part of many Emmy Award winning television productions such as Sesame Street, Live From Lincoln Center, The Others, One Life to Live and The Young and the Restless. Niles Goodsite has contributed positively to the film industry as a producer, assistant director and stage manager.

  3. Stage Manager Niles Goodsite continued his work as a stage manager after working on the TV special Pavarotti Plus. He worked as a stage manager for the television series I’m Home, which was about a pregnant 19-year-old’s affair with her mother’s maid’s son. His organizational skills and quick thinking is what always kept the show running smoothly. He also participated in a remake of the classic television show To Tell the Truth. Besides these projects, he was the stage manager for various sitcoms and daytime dramas including General Hospital.

  4. Film and Niles Goodsite As a stage manager in the film industry, Niles Goodsite was responsible for organizing and coordinating the production. It encompassed an assortment of activities, including organizing the production and coordinating communications between all personnel. Depending on the production, a stage manager is there to ensure that the director’s artistic choices are being portrayed in the actual performance. With his great sense of organization and quick thinking, Niles Goodsite was able to ensure that the production was done correctly.