Network security tough love
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Network Security Tough Love. David Strom Sonicwall Sales Meeting 1/24/08 (new). Security industry trends. Exploits aplenty Vista is no cure-all , quite the contrary NAC going nowhere Managed services bonanza. Exploits aplenty.

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Presentation Transcript
Network security tough love

Network Security Tough Love

David Strom

Sonicwall Sales Meeting

1/24/08 (new)

Security industry trends
Security industry trends

  • Exploits aplenty

  • Vista is no cure-all, quite the contrary

  • NAC going nowhere

  • Managed services bonanza

Exploits aplenty
Exploits aplenty

  • Symantec, Trend, others show that hackers are getter smarter and more sophisticated

  • The browser is still a security sinkhole

  • IM and p2p vectors gaining prominence

  • Lots of zero-day attacks and bot nets

It is so easy to secure xp not
It is so easy to secure XP – NOT!

-install latest patches, and enable Windows Update

-disable file and print sharing, disable DCOM

-turn off several Windows services

-use autoruns and msconfig to disable more stuff

-disable extension hiding and file sharing in Explorer

-secure IE, then install and use Firefox & noscript plugin

-install a firewall

-install antivirus, antispyware, and Security Task Manager

-install a new hosts file to block ads and malicious sites

-create and always use an unprivileged account

-if my kids will be using the computer, then use Microsoft's Software Restriction Policies

(from SANS Internet Storm Center diary 10/17/07)

Vista is no panacea
Vista is no panacea

  • First off, few IT shops are buying

  • Built-in firewall still comes up lacking

  • SANS comments aren’t thrilling

  • Graphics resources required are immense

  • Why are we still dealing with driver issues nearly one year post-launch?

Nac is nowhere
NAC is nowhere

  • Cisco, Microsoft both losers

  • Agents everywhere and no one wants anything to do with them

  • One hacked laptop can still ruin an entire network

  • Major vendors are still on 1st generation tools, just barely

The bonanza of managed services
The bonanza of managed services

  • Hyper-specialization for different kinds of MSPs

  • Every small city now has its own MSP

  • Outsourced everything: data centers, applications, backup, servers, even virtual PBX’s

  • Get away from break/fix and box pushing

  • Two words: recurring revenue!

Old saying
Old saying

  • To keep your children totally safe: don't let them out at all

  • To keep your systems safe, don't do any business at all

    Now, let’s talk the real world and assess and manage our networks

Parental tough love
Parental tough love

  • When to say “no”

  • Let your kids make their own mistakes

  • Facing consequences

  • Blended families have special issues

When to say no
When to say no

  • How to block the wrong kinds of traffic (exploits and viruses)

  • How to block evil things like p2p and IM

  • When your clients are using the wrong gear

  • When yes really means no

Learning from one s mistakes
Learning from one’s mistakes

  • Understanding IDS and firewall logs

  • Know when to outsource your security

  • Know when Cisco and Juniper don’t have the right solutions for your clients

One var s product mix
One VAR’s product mix

  • Juniper for VPNs

  • Avaya for VOIP

  • Extreme for routers and switches

    Why isn’t Sonicwall in this mix?

Facing consequences
Facing consequences

  • Under-powered firewalls

  • Under-funded IT support

  • Virtualization can open up security loopholes

Blended family issues
Blended family issues

  • M&A doesn’t always work out

  • Cisco is still on a buying binge

  • Aventail now part of our family (but a distant cousin still)

  • Even HP is buying security companies!

More blended families the user perspective
More blended families: the user perspective

  • Merged IT systems means a lot of finger-pointing

  • Which alpha male dominates when it comes to security systems?

  • The user just wants to get his work done!

So how does this translate
So how does this translate?

  • Learn how to listen to your customers

  • Treat them as adults even when they act as kids

  • Don’t assume that security by obscurity will keep working for you

My potential sonicwall threats
My potential Sonicwall threats

  • Linksys will finally take hold of business markets

  • Symantec will figure out how to sell security hardware

  • Microsoft will release a secure version of Windows

  • Juniper will integrate Netscreen and Neoteris and become the NAC champion