Niko shefer passionate for literature
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Niko shefer passionate for literature

Niko Shefer

Passionate for Literature

Niko shefer is an academic with a long career

Niko Shefer is an academic with a long career studying, writing about, and teaching English Literature.

He earned a Master’s degree from New York University and a Doctorate in English Literature from the University of Paris.

Dr. Shefer specializes in English Literature, but he also studies literature from other places as well, including from his native country, Africa.

After a long career studying, writing, and earning degrees abroad, he returned home in 2006 to teach English Literature at the University in South Africa.

Niko shefer has always been passionate about

Niko Shefer has always been passionate about books and his favorite authors.

He loves his job as an English professor because he can talk about many of his favorite authors and help his students discover them in their own way.

Helping them develop their own passion for English Literature is one of his favorite things about his job that he always looks forward to when he teaching them about what he considers the essential English authors.

Niko shefer teaches several courses

Niko Shefer teaches several courses favorite authors. at the University of South Africa, including African Literature, in addition to regularly publishing articles about both classic British authors and their works, as well as new and upcoming authors as well. He lives and works in South Africa.

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