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October 10, 2013

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October 10, 2013. Table of Contents- 49. Merci, France!. EQ: Who were the key military, political, and social leaders of the American Revolution ? How did foreign support help the cause of the Americans in the Revolutionary War ?

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october 10 2013
October 10, 2013

Table of Contents-

49. Merci, France!


  • Who were the key military, political, and social leaders of the American Revolution?
  • How did foreign support help the cause of the Americans in the Revolutionary War?

Standard: UsH- 4…. GPS:SSUSH 4b, 4c, 4d- aspects of the American Revolution


Introduction- Complete the Dialogue between a P&L

Adam and Brian- showdown- Whose side are you on??!

The British and American soldiers

Merci, France!

declaration of independence
Declaration of Independence
  • Two major influences:
    • John Locke: life, liberty, and property

(Natural Rights)

    • Baron Montesquieu: preservation of civil liberties… the government has to protect people’s rights
thomas jefferson
Thomas Jefferson
  • Jefferson brought the ideas of both Locke and Montesquieu to write the Declaration of Independence!
whose side are you on
Whose side are you on???

Adam is in ninth grade. He doesn’t have many friends and those that he does have are always absent. He’s always been good at art and band, but before he entered into this contest he hadn't had much experience with contact sports. He has a younger brother and has the occasional front yard scuffle with him. Adam’s family is broke and he doesn’t have the best training supplies. He can’t even afford good wrestling headgear and shoes.

BUT Adam is really passionate and wants to kick Brian’s butt. There are some other seniors who hate Brian and are secretly helping to train Adam. He has one “trainer” who is co-captain of the wrestling team.

Brian is the most popular Senior in school. He is used to getting his way and doesn’t like be challenged by some loser freshman. Brian has tons of friends, and has even recruited some freshmen from Adam’s classes to fight against Adam. Brian has been taking wrestling and karate classes for most of his life and has the top of the line supplies.

BUT Brian lives fifteen miles from the location and will be forced to jog to the match that morning. He has also been getting some negative attention amongst the other seniors for fighting a freshman. Brian doesn’t care, he thinks it will be an easy win even though he hasn’t been working with a trainer and has never observed any of Adam’s practice fights.


Compare the British and American soldiers during the American Revolution. What differences/similarities do you notice?

the continental army
The Continental Army



not enough men

Never more than 20,000

Many served only 6 month terms

Not trained

Extreme shortages

Guns, gunpowder




Gov’t didn’t have the money to pay for the war

  • Great Patriotism and support for the cause
  • Help from France
    • 90% of gunpowder from Europe (France)
    • Marquis DE Lafayette trained troops
    • French sent some troops
  • George Washington was a great leader
    • Experienced in battle
    • Provided courage and confience
the british army
The British Army



Slow and costly to send men and supplies across the Atlantic

News reached England slowly

No big support amongst the British people

No good leader- he didn’t know the land, had never been to America, didn’t understand the people

  • Professional army of 50,000
  • 30,000 hired mercenaries (hired soldiers) called Hessians <germans>
  • Recruited many loyalists, African Americans and Native Americans
how did the french help the colonists
How did the French help the colonists?
  • The French wanted to help the colonists because they HATED the British.
  • The French helped the colonists by training the militia to fight against the British.
  • Marquis de LaFayettewas one of the main people who helped train the colonists to fight the British. The colonists would have not done as well if it had not been for him.
  • Benjamin Franklin negotiated this alliance! Brilliant!
benjamin franklin
Benjamin Franklin
  • Franklin wanted to better society… and to better society, you had to better yourself.
  • Social mobility: the ability to lead and improve society through new ideas.
  • Individualism: shows a commitment to education and skill development to make society better.
merci france
Merci, France!
  • On page 49 in your notebook, write the title above and draw & color the flag of France.
  • Write a thank-you note to France for all of the things they did to help us win the American Revolution. (make sure you also mention the role of Ben Franklin and Marquis de LaFayette)
october 16 2013
October 16, 2013
  • EQ- Who, What, Now What of the American Revolution.
  • USH4- The American Revolution

Table of Contents-

50. & 51. The American Rev. Notes

52. Revolutionary War Flip Chart


  • Notes and Videos on American Revolution
  • Create Flip Charts
  • Review Questions
george washington
George Washington
  • As a Military Leader:

Washington boosted the moral of his troops to fight off the British. He also sought out the help of the French to help win the war!

analyze the life of a common soldier
Analyze the life of a common soldier…
  • Lots of hardships
  • Professionally untrained and going up against the strongest country
  • Not enough food, weapons and other supplies
  • No uniforms
  • BUT-
  • Had a great leader (George Washington)
  • Were very passionate about the cause
  • Knew the geography of the country
major events
Major Events

1776- British retreat from Boston and move troops into NY (the middle colonies)

The British leader at the time Germain (he didn’t know about fighting a passionate unprofessional army and didn’t know the US terrain)

1st fight for NY- Continental army lost and retreated <still didn’t lose morale>

crossing of the delaware river
Crossing of the Delaware River
  • Washington wanted a surprise attack on the German Hessians (who were helping the British)
  • Washington led his troops across the Delaware River (into NJ) on Christmas Day and attacked the Hessians… Washington’s attack was a SUCCESS! The colonists won!

* This success was a REVIVAL for the colonists!!!

battle of saratoga
Battle of Saratoga
  • 1777
  • Continental army wins and gets more confidence
  • British army realizes this may not be as easy as they though
  • The French decide to join as an ally (send $, weapons, troops, warships, Lafayette)
  • Later Spain and the Netherlands also ally with Continental Army against England
valley forge
Valley Forge
  • Winter 1777-1778
  • Continental Army is outside of Philadelphia
  • British troops are in Philly
  • Cont Army is hungry, frozen, camping in tents
  • 2,500 die or desert by the end of the winter
  • George Washington uses the time to have Marquis de Lafayette (from France) to train our troops on how to fight professionally <good call!>
  • b/c of this the troops stayed busy and ended the winter feeling positive about their chances!
the war moves south
The War moves South
  • Gen. Cornwallis- now the leader of the British forces- plans to combat the Franco-American alliance by moving South
  • Fight a series of battles where both sides win some and lose some… then….
the battle of yorktown
The Battle of Yorktown!!
  • Yorktown was the last battle of the Revolutionary War!!
  • Lord Cornwallis was in charge of the British!! He thought that he had won… until the French showed up and helped the colonists win the war!!!!

*Yay!! The War is over!!!!!

treaty of paris 1783
Treaty of Paris, 1783
  • It recognized the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!
  • Florida belongs to Spain
  • Caribbean islands belong to France
results of the american revolution
Results of the American Revolution:
  • European countries recognize the USA as free and independent (we have street cred)
  • Spread of Egalitarianism (one social class isn’t better than the others) <still mostly just for white men, though some states start to end slavery and allow women to divorce>
  • Native Americans- lose more land, start to move West
  • Now how to figure out how to govern ourselves