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Challenges of Point Release Upgrade PowerPoint Presentation
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Challenges of Point Release Upgrade

Challenges of Point Release Upgrade

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Challenges of Point Release Upgrade

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  1. Challenges of Point Release Upgrade Oracle Application User’s Group

  2. Agenda • Introduction to Point release upgrade - AM • Why and When an Oraganization need to do a point release upgrade – AM • Considerations while doing a point release upgrade – AM,JW • Challenges of changing technology stack - JW • How to make down time less pain full - JW • Challenges in combining database upgrade or other enhancements along with point release upgrade – JW,AM • Incorporating new products / functionalities along with a point release upgrade –AM • Handling the function changes associated with a point release upgrade -JW • Sharing experience among audience Oracle Application User’s Group

  3. Introduction to Point Release Upgrade • Point release upgrade means upgrading the entire application within the 11i (11.5.x) e-business suite as Oracle introduces new releases • Updates the “Point” number in 11i. Examples • 11.5.7 to 11.5.9 • 11.5.9 to 11.5.10 • 11.5.4 to 11.5.8 This discussion will focus upon the techniques, technology, and experiences of upgrading Oracle E-Business Suite 11i. We will cover both functional and technical challenges experienced in recent E-Business Suite point release upgrades Oracle Application User’s Group

  4. Why and when an organization need to do PRU Why: • To keep up with the technology and being current • To resolve TAR issues Faster • To get fixes for lot of known bugs • To use new functionalities and new products • To get performance improvement When: • It’s recommended to do at least 1 point release upgrade per year. Ideally upgrade after every 2 point releases • It’s recommended to upgrade to the latest point release that has been in the market for at least 3 to 6 months Oracle Application User’s Group

  5. Considerations while doing PRU • Clear understanding of architectural changes and technology stack changes during point release upgrade • Impact to 3rd party systems • Impact to customizations • Full fledged System Integration testing • Unit testing of all the existing functionalities • Impact analysis on changes to common modules like FND, AD, Workflow etc to the entire e-business suite Oracle Application User’s Group

  6. Clubbing DB upgrade or other enhancementsalong with PRU • With Oracle adding more and more object in each of their point releases, it takes more number of hours to just upgrade the application itself • If a Database upgrade also need to be done, then it increases the total down time that may not be acceptable to business • It’s true that upgrading the application and database to the latest release, may reduce the number of issues during upgrade ( 11.5.9 and 9i upgrade) • Combing other enhancements / projects with a point release upgrade might complicate the testing process and needs more co-ordination It is recommended not to combine a Point release upgrade Along with other enhancements or database upgrade Oracle Application User’s Group

  7. Incorporating new functionalities during PRU • Oracle comes out with lot of new functionalities during each point release upgrade • Oracle also introduces few new modules in each of their point releases • Organization can maximize ROI on point release upgrade by identifying and start using the new functionalities that has either business benefit or system benefit • The only work to start using new functionalities is to do proper communication and training • Eliminate some of the customizations by incorporating new functionalities If you just do a plain point release upgrade without incorporating any new functionalities, you will end up in not using those functionalities for a long period time Oracle Application User’s Group

  8. Making Downtime Less Painful • No Substitute for Careful Planning • Limit Scope • Spread downtime over several periods • Database Upgrade • Technology Stack Upgrade • Applications Upgrade • Use multiple DBA’s and built-in features • Compile objects at end of all patches • Rehearse • Plan downtime during non-peak seasons Oracle Application User’s Group

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